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Joni johnson Avatar

Joni johnson 1 month ago
No tech support either

Joni johnson Avatar

Joni johnson 1 month ago
Dixmont 04932 no internet

Ron Avatar

Ron 1 month ago
Internet out 83254

Dylan Sellers Avatar

Dylan Sellers 6 months ago
Anyone else having issues today with very spotty or slow internet (unable to do Zoom calls)? I reset my router and did not see any improvement. Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

Les Avatar

Les 7 months ago
97535.... it been out for a hour now..

miles Avatar

miles 7 months ago
84005 eagle mountain. uhm…. can somebody fix this already… direct communications is so useless they just bounce their ass on the keyboard without doing any real work…. wouldn’t shed a tear if every direct communications location got bombed and blasted to smithereens with nothing but dust to look at.

ggnoobslayer2424xx Avatar

ggnoobslayer2424xx 7 months ago
84005, here I am. Enjoying a nice round of competitive 3s. I took the ball up the side and finessed it to my teammate who had a shot on goal. Only to find out I lagged the entire time. What is this!? Fix the internet

Ron Avatar

Ron 7 months ago
No internet for about 10 min now. Overland

Chase Avatar

Chase 7 months ago
why the fuck is direct communications so fucking shit like omfg fix the internet 84005 Eagle Mountain

Bert Avatar

Bert 7 months ago
Out over here too. 84005

Bert Avatar

Bert 7 months ago
Out over here too. 84005

Brandee Avatar

Brandee 7 months ago
Seriously again?!? Down in City Center

Almar Avatar

Almar 7 months ago
Down Eagle Mountain, Utah. 84005

Christian  Avatar

Christian 7 months ago
Internet down. 84005 Eagle Mountain

James Avatar

James 7 months ago
Down. 84005 eagle mt

Steven Avatar

Steven 7 months ago
Internet Outage. 84005 Eagle Mountain.

G. Larsen  Avatar

G. Larsen 8 months ago
Why is it at 11pm every night for the past 3 weeks my internet speed is throttled down and eventually won't even connect until the following morning...? 84005, Eagle Mountain

Travis Moldenhauer  Avatar

Travis Moldenhauer 8 months ago
Internet outage American Falls, Idaho 83211

Alexis Sheffey Avatar

Alexis Sheffey 9 months ago
No internet since yesterday afternoon, Montpelier Idaho. 83254

Elizabeth Avatar

Elizabeth 9 months ago
Internet down for two days, automated message on DirectCom office line Paris 83261


About Direct Communications

Direct Communications is a US internet provider five states with their largest coverage area being Idaho, Utah, and in Arizona. The DSL internet services that Direct Communications provides is made available to an estimated 141,000 people, which makes it the 57th largest provider of DSL broadband in the US by coverage area. Also, outside of DSL broadband, Direct also offers fiber and cable internet service. Its fiber service is available to approximately 141,000 customers. They offer Fiber Optic High-Speed Internet and is the main Internet Service Provider in Southeast Idaho that offers 100% fiber optic cable to customers' homes and offices.

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Reported outages on 21.03.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Direct Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Salt Lake City
Reported outages on 20.03.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Direct Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Caldwell