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TTV-VulgarVegas 7 months ago
Gahhh! I D/C mid raid in Escape From Tarkov!!! I died because of that!!! Mid stream too!! I’m salty right now.. also shameless plug for twitch… witch I’m not live on because it’s down AGAIN! So salty… call me Morton cuz I’m salty AF right now…84005.

JT 7 months ago
Out in 84005. also have AT&T (worst phone service it seems)

Matt 7 months ago
And we are out again here in Eagle Mountain, Really!

Peter 8 months ago
84005 eagle mountain. Been out for about 20 minutes now. No help after hours

Dave 8 months ago
84005 has gone down every night about 9:00 for the last week

Bruce 8 months ago
Down at 84005 since yesterday morning. Can’t send someone till Monday. Ridiculous

Sergio 9 months ago
Here in Preston without service since early today. Come on fix it

Kristina 9 months ago
83263 Preston has been out since 3 am. Tech support says no ETA so that’s really helpful. But when they want my payment I can’t say no ETA on that payment and keep my service.

Marsha 9 months ago
8326, Preston is having Internet issues as well.

Stacia 9 months ago
83254 Montpelier internet outage here as well

Julee 9 months ago
Our internet just went out for 84005 as well. It's true, no help from tech support with the number they list as 24/7 on their website. For people who work from home and can't afford to not have support assistance. Who's going to repay me for my pay I'm missing out on? Not very pleased with this at all and bummed it's the only internet provider for Eagle Mountain.

Sherri 9 months ago
Still down in 84005. It has been down for over 12 hours now!

Maddie 9 months ago
Still down since last night in 84005

Rebel 9 months ago
Outage still in 84005

Neely 9 months ago
Down in eagle mountain 84005 near ish to Ridleys for over an hour

Peter 9 months ago
Eagle mountain 84005. Internet been out for about an hour now. No eta on how long when calling in. No help

Lili 9 months ago
Down by 84005

ND 9 months ago
Eagle mountain 84005 it's down and 24 hour tech support just asks to leave message. No help.

Joni johnson 1 year ago
No tech support either

Joni johnson 1 year ago
Dixmont 04932 no internet


About Direct Communications

Direct Communications is a US internet provider five states with their largest coverage area being Idaho, Utah, and in Arizona. The DSL internet services that Direct Communications provides is made available to an estimated 141,000 people, which makes it the 57th largest provider of DSL broadband in the US by coverage area. Also, outside of DSL broadband, Direct also offers fiber and cable internet service. Its fiber service is available to approximately 141,000 customers. They offer Fiber Optic High-Speed Internet and is the main Internet Service Provider in Southeast Idaho that offers 100% fiber optic cable to customers' homes and offices.
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Reported outages on 13.04.2024:
There were a total of 5 outages at Direct Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Salt Lake City, Hudson
Reported outages on 12.04.2024:
There were a total of 25 outages at Direct Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Salt Lake City, Bullhead City, Sacramento, Sun Valley, South Jordan

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