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Dawn 1 year ago
Internet up and down like crazy in 46217 area in Indianapolis.

Larry 1 year ago
TV down in 60455

beezine 1 year ago
Internet down 77381 (Spring, TX) since 9am today

Jack O'Lantyrn 1 year ago
Down all day in Houston. Just keep the shit off, internet was a mistake

SS 1 year ago
93626, Friant CA No Internet + TV for 2 full days so far. There doesn't seem to be a timeline either. No customer service communication from Comcast either which is pretty much standard fare.

Claudia rodriguez 1 year ago
The worst sercie in miami comcast

Freedom Pa area no picture or sound just a message in a foreign language 1 year ago
No picture or sound just that bienido message

Andrea 1 year ago
Arlington Heights, IL Internet disruptions all day. I need it for work. Toggling on mobile hot spot is too slow for my needs.

Reid 1 year ago
72207 Little Rock, AR

Jessica 1 year ago
He's very determined in what ever he does and hacking account is one of the things he does best. I want to say thank you to @hephaestuslock on Instagram for his contribution in getting me back into my account.Your commitment has been exemplary and your hard work is an inspiration to everyone around you.

sacredappleseed smith 1 year ago

sacredappleseed smith 1 year ago
For the rest of this year I will occupy a Comcast employee with endless questions about HBO which will cost them way more than the two day refund the THEIVES refused to credit explain HBO to me again cause employees cost money which package has HBO? Fifty calls a day or refund for outage your choice!

Might try earthlink 1 year ago
down in stockton 95219 ca for day number 2 working on day 3

Dan 1 year ago
34952 Port St Lucie, FL Up and down fro the last several days now. Facility where I work not happy campers. Football weekend coming up and many angry folks here

Derek 1 year ago
Lost your internet service again Sunday still waiting what's going on??

EG 1 year ago
33953 we have been without internet and TV for 4 weeks. DO SOMETHING!!!

Mrig 1 year ago
33042, lost services at 4pm on 10.24, still nothing at 9pm, message on xfinity app says service should be restored by tomorrow, 10.25 by 2am??? What in the world happened??

Emily Henson 1 year ago
34231 I have been without cable or internet since Saturday 10/22 about 10 am. They nay have it fixed by the end of the week.

Faith Keeton 1 year ago
live in the 33952 ZIP , Port Charlotte Florida. Been without T.V ( occasionally will play one random channel for a bit ) and Internet ( which I would call a flickering connection 2-3minutes max) since the Hurricane Ian. On September 28. This has just been gasoline on a fire as far as trying to recover from this disaster. Business and people think we are lying about why we are unable to connect with them . ?? And fill out and send information to get the help we need to fix the damages from this storm. IT ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT HELP THAT COMCAST/XFINITY IS SAYING THAT THERE ARE NO OUTAGES IN THE 33952 AREA. ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORS ARE HAVING THE SAME ISSUES. .

Cheryl robinson 1 year ago
comcast came back up in 33903 on 10/14 after being out since 9/28, only to go down again on 10/17 and it is still out as of 10/18/2022.


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Xfinity is an American telecommunications business segment and a division of Comcast Corporation. It is used to market the company's cable television, Internet, telephone and mobile phone services to consumers.
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