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HB 1 week ago
Hot Springs AR outage on 11-27-2023, no ETA for repair

Jess 4 weeks ago
71964 Whitfield rd. Internet has been out for approx 2 hours, lost power for a bit after loss of Cablelynx service but has since restored.

Allen Hosey Sr 1 month ago
No connection now, it has been in and out since yesterday evening 71913

Christopher 2 months ago
Internet down in Piney/Hot Springs since I got home this evening. 71913

Winston 2 months ago
Internet down since 10 pm - no notice from resort. Hot Springs AR

Brittany 3 months ago
71968 our internet has been down for 4 days now, really need to get someone out to fix the issue resetting the router has done nothing.

Karen 3 months ago
71901 Hot Springs. Internet intermittently off since about 1 am 8/30/2023. It will go out only for about 5-10 minutes but still annoying.

WhatTheHell 5 months ago
71913 Hot Springs by Tanaka, STILL without service. "No estimated fix time or date". What!?

Not yet 5 months ago
Still down Garland County by Diamondhead. Entergy and Cablynx both. Always unreliable. The top corpos will get theirs in the end though. Praise God.

Hot Springs WFH 5 months ago
Hot Springs 71913 is back online

Dee 5 months ago
Hot Springs 71913 6/28. 7:40am Yay! Internet is on!

Anthony 5 months ago
Let's get this internet back on, people have work to do hot springs 71913

Cait 5 months ago
This is getting ridiculous, I'm going to hope there was an unavoidable issue where they had to take down the line to fix it. No wonder no one can get through. The whole state is out. 71913

Michael 5 months ago
Hot springs 71913 internet finally came back on

Heck now 5 months ago
Back on

Tom Thornton 5 months ago
No internet 71913

Preston 5 months ago
No internet since midnight. Never been this long without it.

sab 5 months ago
is there a site or link we can follow that will give us any info about when service is anticipated to be restored? I can't seem to get through to anyone by phone - 71913 - Hot springs

Mitch 5 months ago
This is getting ridiculous! Monopolize the internet business and treat the customers like garbage. Still out and no answer. Need more internet providers here 71913

Tee 5 months ago
Still down here, nothing showing on the site. This is ridiculous. 71913


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Reported outages on 03.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cablelynx Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Benton
Reported outages on 30.11.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at Cablelynx Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Memphis, Dallas

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