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John Pisarsky Avatar

John Pisarsky
Been going in and out several times a day for like a month here in rolla 65401

4 weeks ago
Jeremie Lee Guffey Avatar

Jeremie Lee Guffey
65793 willow springs mo internet in and out when up it goes from low to high to low. Wish they would expand fiber in the area.

1 month ago
Tanner Avatar

Internet in and out all day, just like yesterday. Literally have internet for like 10-15 min at a time then it goes right back out. Linn, 65051

1 month ago
Sherry Avatar

Internet off and on all day...currently out again. Cant get through even 1 show. 65051 Linn

1 month ago
Jon Avatar

65483 internet down

1 month ago
Chris pelate  Avatar

Chris pelate
Internet is not working

1 month ago
Sarah Avatar

65631. Clever

2 months ago
Sarah Avatar

Plume says it has been out for 4 hrs. Hope this isn't the norm.

2 months ago
Toni Pickens Avatar

Toni Pickens

2 months ago
Allison Avatar


2 months ago


About Cable America Missouri

Cable America Missouri is an American telecommunications companys that is in the business of offering internet access to its clients in three states: Arizona, Michigan, and Missouri. Cable internet from Cable America Missouri is made available to an estimated 147,000 people in these states which makes them the 41st largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. They provides Internet, TV and Digital Telephone services for their residential and business customers.

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Reported outages on 22.07.2021:
There were a total of 1 outages at Cable America Missouri. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn
Reported outages on 18.07.2021:
There were a total of 2 outages at Cable America Missouri. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn, Chicago