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Steven 3 months ago
Internet been out since yesterday afternoon

VA-VIS 3 months ago
St. Robert 65584 - Down since just before midnight. Reported it, and now waiting to hear back. Have to begin remote work in 3 hours.

AMBER 8 months ago
Why is the internet not working at 12am it turns off for 2 nights now what are we paying for 65584

Christian 9 months ago
Internet has been very slow for a few days now. Much slower than what speeds we are actually supposed to get. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. 65583, Waynesville

Georgeanna 9 months ago
Internet has been messed up since yesterday,,following a situation on the 2nd an 3rd of August when cable was out an no one at cable America would tell what the problem was, so we are wondering, has the internet been hacked with a virus an malware ? 65583 Waynesville

Jamie Hall 10 months ago
Internet down in Houston, MO

David 11 months ago
65473 Fort Leonard Wood. It's still down.

Jen 11 months ago
65473 Ft Leonard Wood. It's been down for about 30 min now. Their office are conveniently closed and it's more than frustrating. Why are they such a horrible service? I'm switching after this. This has hairbrush countless times and I work from home which is why this is so rediculous.

Brian McClung 1 year ago
cable America down in republic mo 65738

Megan 1 year ago
65631 clever internet outage

Tim 1 year ago
Slow upload speeds in licking MO. Been averaging a whopping 1 Mbps all week

Carla Webster 1 year ago
Keeps going out. Why am I forced to pay $75/ month for this?? Going to switch companies, have had enough.

Maleia hubbard 1 year ago
Republic 65738 Seriously I am losing money left and right not being able to work with these outages. I lose 300 with of wages and I end up getting a 50 dollar credit at the most

Ashley H 2 years ago
65583, internet has gone down twice this month for extended periods of time. Also without warning. In the middle of some work stuff that I’m going to have to start all over if and when the internet comes back.

No 2 years ago
65459 Dixon Mo is still down. What's the plan here?

Price 2 years ago
Any updates 65459 Dixon mo

Upset user 2 years ago
65584 - internet down and unable to work... we are going to receive a refund for the period of time this was not working correct??

Ron 2 years ago
still down second day cableamerica internet richland mo wtf?

Lucretia Diane harmon 2 years ago
St Robert, 65584. I work from home. Internet is down. I don't get paid, you don't get paid.

Gary Miller 2 years ago
65459/ Dixon WTFO?! This is three nights in a row that the internet has gone down at midnight. This time for a longer period. Can you guys fix this BS or feel free to lower the bill. I'll definitely be calling in the morning.


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Cable America Missouri is a American company that specializes in providing internet access to its clients in three different states: Arizona, Michigan, and Missouri. The internet via cable from cable America in Missouri is accessible to an estimated 147,000 individuals in these states, which makes them the 41st largest provider of cable broadband in the U.S. by territory. They offer internet, television and digital phone services to both residential and business customers.
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