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Common problems are:

Internet 96%
TV 3%
Website 1%

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About Cable America Missouri

Cable America Missouri is an American telecommunications companys that is in the business of offering internet access to its clients in three states: Arizona, Michigan, and Missouri. Cable internet from Cable America Missouri is made available to an estimated 147,000 people in these states which makes them the 41st largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. They provides Internet, TV and Digital Telephone services for their residential and business customers.

Live reports

Twitter MrsNickieGay

@MrsNickieGay @cableamerica is there an outage in the Willow Springs, mo area?

03.08.2020 01:27:48
Twitter godly_champion

@godly_champion @cableamerica why am paying you for this?

28.06.2020 21:25:40
Twitter BrentJamesJack

@BrentJamesJack @cableamerica I don't even understand. Had issues since day one with your point to point system.. and literally nobody can figure it out.

16.06.2020 03:51:28
Twitter SonGokuRules

@SonGokuRules @mrkozmoz @Infinite_Eureka @cableamerica @SNOWSOS1 fucked a ghost once

13.05.2020 19:25:28
Twitter mrkozmoz

@mrkozmoz @Infinite_Eureka @cableamerica Cable providers lately possessed by ghosts

13.05.2020 18:52:06
Twitter Infinite_Eureka

@Infinite_Eureka @Dekuton @cableamerica True, I am starting to get internet again, as I said "whyyy"

13.05.2020 18:19:09
Twitter Dekuton

@Dekuton @Infinite_Eureka @cableamerica Possible. Weather hasnt been the best either

13.05.2020 18:18:28
Twitter Infinite_Eureka

@Infinite_Eureka @Dekuton @cableamerica Maybe the lines are being fitted for summer right now.

13.05.2020 18:17:46
Twitter Dekuton

@Dekuton @Infinite_Eureka @cableamerica Aye that i am

13.05.2020 18:16:47
Twitter Infinite_Eureka

@Infinite_Eureka @Dekuton @cableamerica You currently out?

13.05.2020 18:16:18
Twitter Dekuton

@Dekuton @Infinite_Eureka @cableamerica Happened to you too huh?

13.05.2020 18:16:00
Twitter Infinite_Eureka

@Infinite_Eureka When the internet goes out right before a 24 hour stream 🙃 @cableamerica why does this happen to mee

13.05.2020 18:15:17
Twitter Porkjack

@Porkjack @cableamerica Internet outage for over an hour without anyone answering service calls. What's going on?

30.04.2020 20:35:09
Twitter Surelockholmes

@Surelockholmes @cableamerica what's going on with your service for Saint Robert, MO? I cant even call your local offices or servic…

30.04.2020 20:00:16