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Jacob 2 years ago
65459 Dixon, been going out at midnight last few nights very annoying

Vic 2 years ago
Dixon mo on hwy 28 every night at 12 midnight cable and internet goes off. This is not good. I may change to dish

NABSTER 2 years ago
This is bullshit can't do nothing wtf get your shit right or starlink here we come booty willow springs 65793

MsTats 2 years ago
Waynesville, 65583. Even the cat is upset that the internet is down. She is taking this personally.

Jen 2 years ago
Is this a nightly thing now? Not sure if anyone stayed up to see when it came back on last night, but if you did, please let me know. Trying to figure out if I should wait it out.

$2Titday 2 years ago
I feel you KFC. This is ass man I work hard for my $2 and y’all gonna hide out in your office at midnight and flip the switch. I’m gonna fuck around and go join SPLASH network. Shout out to all my team weckless members. Also down Hunter may be down? I don’t know? I think you do…. 65583 waynesville

KFC 2 years ago
This is ridiculous shits dog ass.down again,but hey they did recommend I go upgrade my plan …why so I can give you more money and miss out on 2 dollar tty Tuesday because I thought I was gunna game all night 65583 Waynesville

Yo Mama 2 years ago
This internet is trash. Google fiber needs to move in ASAP. Might mess around and drop this for T-Mobile’s internet plan.

Ky 2 years ago
St. Robert Mo 65584 This shit happened last night too…. But you best believe my bill will still be the same

Daniel Smith 2 years ago
Linn Mo 65051 Shits still out g fuck this

Ashley 2 years ago
Down yet again in Dixon Mo.

Daniel Smith 2 years ago
Linn mo 65051 This shit crazy asf bro I just wanna game but y’all the only ones playing

Me 2 years ago
Republic 65738 out again

Daniel Smith 2 years ago
Linn Mo 65051 the wifi is going in and out wth is going on

Mitch 2 years ago
WTF, here we go again with this unreliable shit

Josh Nichols 2 years ago
Sorry to inform but shits still very down

Daniel Smith 2 years ago
This shit wack

Daniel Smith 2 years ago
Linn mo 65051 Shits still down broskis

Josh Nichols 2 years ago
Shits still down Linn Mo 65051

Josh Nichols 2 years ago
Linn Mo 65051 Shits down


About Cable America Missouri

Cable America Missouri is an American telecommunications companys that is in the business of offering internet access to its clients in three states: Arizona, Michigan, and Missouri. Cable internet from Cable America Missouri is made available to an estimated 147,000 people in these states which makes them the 41st largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. They provides Internet, TV and Digital Telephone services for their residential and business customers.
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Reported outages on 09.04.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Cable America Missouri. The most frequently affected cities were: Columbia, San Jose

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