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Alex 3 days ago
42701 Elizabethtown internet down

steve 4 months ago
brandenburg 40108 some horseshit keeps going in and out, i dont know why i even use this internet i pay more for less up and down than other competitors, i work from home and havent been able to get any work done because it goes up for an hour and then goes down for an hour, its been like this for the past 4 days, bullshit

Bobby 5 months ago
is there another outage 40146

Sarah 5 months ago
Still no internet in Irvington KY 40146

KIM 5 months ago
no internet in Irvington 40146 also can't get ahold of any tech

Taylor Jaggers 5 months ago
Out in Rineyville 40162

Lori 5 months ago
Terrible service. I work from home. Always issues. 42701

J 5 months ago
Down in Cloverport(40111)

Tina 5 months ago
Outage in 40152 Westview/McDaniels

Natalie Dennis 5 months ago
No connection in Hudson (40145)

Tiffany 5 months ago
Out in vine grove/ meade county

Kim 5 months ago
40146 irvington

Dewayne 5 months ago
Out in Radcliff 40160

Margie 5 months ago
Elizabethtown 42701

Brad 5 months ago
Out in Vine Grove 40175

Paul 5 months ago
Elizabethtown 42701, this is by far the worst internet ive ever had, im paying 90$ for 25 megabytes, up and down. Why is this internet so shit. Other internet companies in the area offer a gig up and down for cheaper, so why do i get a very small fraction of the speed for more money. Not to mention the unreliability.

Bill 5 months ago
40117 Ekron... OUTAGE

Chad 5 months ago
Down in McDaniels 40152

Tina 5 months ago
Down in Brandenburg/Ekron

R Bryan 5 months ago
Down in Elizabethtown


About Brandenburg Telecom

Brandenburg Telecom is a telecommunications company offering services such as dial-up internet, DSL, ISDN, phones and equipment. Brandenburg telecoms specifically serves the Kentucky area. Their customer support lines are open 24/7. Online payment can be processed easily via their website. If the connection goes offline or you face any issues, directly report the outages.
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Reported outages on 20.02.2024:
There were a total of 7 outages at Brandenburg Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Louisville, Star City, Lexington, Lewisburg, Indianapolis

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