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Sarah 1 week ago
Out in Breckinridge County area. (40146)

J. Juhl 1 week ago
Out in Elizabethtown. Attempted to power cycle both router and modem. No connection. Connection lost approx 20 mins ago

R. Mead 1 week ago
40162, down as of 5 min ago, tried power cycle, no change on either 2.4 or 5ghz networks. Rineyville Ky.

Jonathan Meredith 1 week ago
Out in Elizabethtown

Alex 1 week ago
Down in Elizabethtown (42701)

Mark Holbrook 3 months ago
Router has zero power. Plugged and unplugged it. Tried resetting it. Used a different outlet. Zero lights are coming on, on the modem.

Elaine 3 months ago
Anyone else seeing wrong IP Address locations displayed on their devices? We can't get local news channels because our firestick thinks we're in Hopkinsville. Brandenburg 40108

Andi 3 months ago
Up and running atm - (42701 Etown)

Anon 3 months ago
Cyber attack or physical attack on hardware

Lex 3 months ago
Lost internet a little over an hour ago- Harned 40144

Brandi 3 months ago
Internet is down. 40117 Ekron

Anon 3 months ago
BBTEL support is well aware of the issue. This should be narrowed down and fixed within 2 hours as usual. Hopefully sooner. I too use brandenburg telecom bbtel.

Anon 3 months ago
Yes there is a widespread outage affecting a lot of Bbtel

Nate Fryrear 3 months ago
Internet down Mcdaniels Ky

Jaeleen 3 months ago
Internet is down- Brandenburg 40108

Jaeleen 3 months ago

Allen 3 months ago
Internet down. Elizabethtown 42701

Joey Galloway 3 months ago
Internet down. Westview 40178

Amanda 3 months ago
Internet down Vine Grove 40175

Ketia 3 months ago
No internet and display time on TV is off by 17mins. Elizabethtown 42701


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Brandenburg Telecom is a telecommunications company offering services such as dial-up internet, DSL, ISDN, phones and equipment. Brandenburg telecoms specifically serves the Kentucky area. Their customer support lines are open 24/7. Online payment can be processed easily via their website. If the connection goes offline or you face any issues, directly report the outages.
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Reported outages on 24.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Brandenburg Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Charlotte
Reported outages on 23.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Brandenburg Telecom. The most frequently affected cities were: Indianapolis

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