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Common problems are:

Internet 82%
TV 12%
Blackout 4%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

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About BendBroadband

BendBroadband is an American cable television and internet provider which runs its business in the state of Oregon. They are based in Bend, and serves the Central Oregon area. They are also known for their several television stations and a data center. In 2014, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. which is a Fortune 1000 company.

Live reports

Twitter sstenhjem

@sstenhjem @bendbroadband Just one wish! Please be proactive on outage notifications? I support folks working from home, they…

10.07.2020 16:52:18
Twitter djcoppedge

@djcoppedge @bendbroadband ANOTHER OUTAGE?! 97702 when is this one going to be resolved. I have deadlines to meet for work. Ser…

10.07.2020 15:35:48
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath Glad you guys had a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Offer @bendbroadband

10.07.2020 05:38:13
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath Not satisfied with my 30 day free trial @bendbroadband

10.07.2020 05:35:38
Twitter mdrabenstein

@mdrabenstein @bendbroadband Is internet out in Bend now? Is there an easy way for customers to check?

09.07.2020 15:12:21
Twitter aaron_davie

@aaron_davie @bendbroadband Lol ya I just left the office and the guy said nothing he could do. Even accused me of lying. I feel a law suite coming on

08.07.2020 18:01:52
Twitter BonesDragon

@BonesDragon Not sure if its @STARZ or @bendbroadband but Im watching: Dragon the Bruce Lee story and its really messing up.. k…

08.07.2020 04:16:04
Twitter Ace_Yanks86

@Ace_Yanks86 @bendbroadband Internet out in Redmond......again?

08.07.2020 03:20:58
Twitter Easycure

@Easycure @bendbroadband is terrible, but when you live in a rural area you are at their mercy. Not many choices.

08.07.2020 03:15:22
Twitter vandegrift_p

@vandegrift_p @bendbroadband Do you have an ETA on when you will call?

07.07.2020 21:23:21
Twitter vandegrift_p

@vandegrift_p @bendbroadband - really disappointed to call to get an update on the outage and your customer service refused to an…

07.07.2020 20:40:09
Twitter aaron_davie

@aaron_davie @bendbroadband thanks for stealing my money and shutting off my internet. Really appreciate that.

07.07.2020 19:56:28
Twitter BananaSlugLove

@BananaSlugLove @bendbroadband Outage in NE Redmond right now. 7/7/2020, 10:40am.

07.07.2020 17:41:09
Twitter coldstreams

@coldstreams @bendbroadband Internet down in south Redmond

07.07.2020 17:26:33
Twitter Bruce90379450

@Bruce90379450 @bendbroadband Why has there been so many outages lately with your service

06.07.2020 22:30:05
Twitter TheMetalLife1

@TheMetalLife1 @bendbroadband now it just spins and won't play @ktvz

06.07.2020 15:24:13
Twitter TheMetalLife1

@TheMetalLife1 @bendbroadband another all to common TDS error.. live TV not a recording.. passing them on as they occur.. please t…

06.07.2020 15:19:54
Twitter SkullyYTChannel

@SkullyYTChannel @bendbroadband @djcoppedge Can you fix your internet you idiots my internet sucks so bad I can’t play video games f…

03.07.2020 06:13:51
Twitter sunflowerHerr

@sunflowerHerr Can you guys fix your damn internet @bendbroadband

30.06.2020 20:43:19
Twitter bessielarue

@bessielarue @bendbroadband I was wondering if you could tell me when Century Link will be in my neighborhood so I can switch.…

30.06.2020 15:46:08
Twitter 8675309tru

@8675309tru @bendbroadband our internet is down again in SW Bend. Can you please let us know what's going on? Missed some impor…

30.06.2020 15:30:07
Twitter djcoppedge

@djcoppedge @bendbroadband another outage right now in Southwest Bend. Please communicate an update and estimated time to resto…

30.06.2020 15:14:27
Twitter lumberguy67

@lumberguy67 @bendbroadband Funny how I was chatting with a Rep named Roger and he said there were no reported issues!!! Why not…

30.06.2020 05:45:38
Twitter mpsConsulting

@mpsConsulting @bendbroadband Sure would be nice if you could send out another tweet confirming that everything is now fixed (assuming it is, of course).

29.06.2020 23:48:56
Twitter djcoppedge

@djcoppedge @bendbroadband These updates would be nice if they came out when the outage began instead of nearly 12 hour later.…

29.06.2020 15:35:21
Twitter jacksonrobertc

@jacksonrobertc @bendbroadband Service down again, right amount the same time as always.... what’s the deal?

29.06.2020 07:00:01
Twitter jacksonrobertc

@jacksonrobertc @bendbroadband I hadn’t lost internet earlier but just now lost service

29.06.2020 06:24:04
Twitter marksmithvr

@marksmithvr @bendbroadband And we are not surprised unfortunately.

29.06.2020 04:48:52
Twitter CougarLionVino

@CougarLionVino @bendbroadband Thanks for the update!

29.06.2020 04:08:34
Twitter BendTda

@BendTda @CalebWh23803581 @bendbroadband Looks like it, just drove by and 3 of their trucks there now.

29.06.2020 02:51:24