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Common problems are:

Internet 82%
TV 13%
Blackout 3%
Phone 1%

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About BendBroadband

BendBroadband is an American cable television and internet provider which runs its business in the state of Oregon. They are based in Bend, and serves the Central Oregon area. They are also known for their several television stations and a data center. In 2014, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. which is a Fortune 1000 company.

Live reports

Twitter Cazztr0

@Cazztr0 @bendbroadband Any word on this? I just moved back to town. Set up my modem and no signal. Is the outage still going on or what?

29.03.2020 09:40:18
Twitter mesudharma

@mesudharma @bendbroadband Contacted Repair team.... too long queue, waited for 15 mins. Why there is no call-back option?

29.03.2020 04:30:16
Twitter mhuz46

@mhuz46 @bendbroadband Still down in Bend. This is really frustrating

29.03.2020 00:59:05
Twitter leslie_renken

@leslie_renken @bendbroadband TV outage in Sisters Oregon. 541-549-2963.

28.03.2020 17:58:15
Twitter LindseyH541

@LindseyH541 @bendbroadband This tweet is from 12 hours ago. Is an outage from 8 AM in Bend the same issue?

28.03.2020 17:12:38
Twitter sstenhjem

@sstenhjem @bendbroadband @bendbroadband I am at better numbers this morning. Thank you for reaching out. that was frustrating…

28.03.2020 16:23:18
Twitter TylerRPF

@TylerRPF @bendbroadband @mesudharma your not the only one shane having bandwidth issues we should all get discounts if they…

28.03.2020 12:48:41
Twitter mesudharma

@mesudharma @bendbroadband DM sent.

28.03.2020 06:47:42
Twitter mesudharma

@mesudharma @bendbroadband Internet outrage. Getting less than 1 mbps speed. Please rectify. Area: Bend, OR

28.03.2020 04:22:57
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband pls get ur shit together I have nothing to do but stay inside and play videogames and I can’t do tha…

28.03.2020 00:20:07
Twitter sstenhjem

@sstenhjem @bendbroadband I am paying for 300Mbps, does this look right to you? What is happening? Took a minute for Twitter t…

27.03.2020 23:57:21
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband hey can you guys like handle your shit a little better? Internet is down again

27.03.2020 22:45:49
Twitter notcayden_

@notcayden_ @bendbroadband I'm going to kill myself and its going to be your fault

27.03.2020 21:29:43
Twitter pspreier

@pspreier @morris_kr @LarsLarsonShow @OregonGovBrown They are doing a similar thing here in Bend, Oregon. IPads instead of ch…

27.03.2020 13:31:40
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @DLeckband @bendbroadband No problem boss😂

26.03.2020 22:37:32
Twitter GermGermTheWerm

@GermGermTheWerm @jolie70871654 @bendbroadband How dare they try to continue to build their business during these hard times...

26.03.2020 20:11:54
Twitter StrTygr

@StrTygr @Destinywlf @OSUsmokey @bendbroadband ney you I am trying to reach you and can't. send my you phone# again. i have a twitter now so..

26.03.2020 19:29:35
Twitter DLeckband

@DLeckband @its_Grimace @bendbroadband You have no idea how hard this made my girlfriend and I laugh this morning. Thank you…

26.03.2020 15:42:20
Twitter DLeckband

@DLeckband RT @its_Grimace: @bendbroadband come fix my net ill let you poke me hag

26.03.2020 15:38:08
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband if you’re ever in a bad mood and need some cheering up just cruise over to your google reviews page…

26.03.2020 07:59:41
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband come fix my net ill let you poke me hag

26.03.2020 07:57:01
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband your internet is about as good as your logo

26.03.2020 07:55:17
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband hey guys is the internet back?

26.03.2020 07:54:43
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband hey guys it’s quarantine and you can’t even provide Internet consistently smh

26.03.2020 07:53:15
Twitter its_Grimace

@its_Grimace @bendbroadband I think your coat hanger fell over might wanna fix that real quick

26.03.2020 07:38:05
Twitter BonesDragon

@BonesDragon @bendbroadband The cable is doing that sound cut out again. It was fixed for quite a while, but it's doing it again…

23.03.2020 04:04:17
Twitter hugejob

@hugejob @bendbroadband Why do I keep getting emergency alerts on my TV with no picture or message?

23.03.2020 01:28:01
Twitter Destinywlf

@Destinywlf @OSUsmokey @bendbroadband This is good your suspending caps, where you have them, currently in la pine Oregon, you…

22.03.2020 23:54:45
Twitter bigal4272

@bigal4272 @TinaLA1969 @bendbroadband All good thanks. Neighbor caught a tree on fire and melted the phone & cable lines next to it. #Oops

22.03.2020 18:43:41
Twitter TinaLA1969

@TinaLA1969 @bigal4272 @bendbroadband Having phone issues on south side of town already called phone tech support they say ther…

22.03.2020 17:11:56