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Common problems are:

Internet 79%
TV 14%
Blackout 4%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

Affected cities:


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About BendBroadband

BendBroadband is an American cable television and internet provider which runs its business in the state of Oregon. They are based in Bend, and serves the Central Oregon area. They are also known for their several television stations and a data center. In 2014, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. which is a Fortune 1000 company.

Live reports

Twitter MaryLDoyle

@MaryLDoyle Wondering why my tv channel provided by @bendbroadband just changed my channel to FOX Business channel when I was w…

23.09.2020 22:32:55
Twitter jeffreymagner

@jeffreymagner @bendbroadband Well it's been 6 days. That's not really as soon as possible. How about hiring some folks to help customers out??

23.09.2020 18:46:22
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath Had a great in person visit with my local @bendbroadband location to fix my account issues. I just had wished it wa…

23.09.2020 15:42:14
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband @GamerDadTx Yeah no I've done been doing that.

23.09.2020 14:25:06
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband your subscriber agreement clearly states in sec 33 that if I go over my 'allowance' in my billing pe…

23.09.2020 05:07:28
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband Data caps - cant log in to view how much data I've used towards hitting my 'allowance' Bills - cant…

23.09.2020 04:58:34
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband I have contacted your repair team. I have contacted your customer service team. I have contacted you…

23.09.2020 04:56:02
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @GamerDadTx @bendbroadband I havent been able to, other than the phone option, which I dont want, cause of the 'con…

23.09.2020 04:13:52
Twitter GamerDadTx

@GamerDadTx @IchibanDeath @bendbroadband How are you paying the bill?

23.09.2020 04:11:29
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @GamerDadTx I've called @bendbroadband 3x+ times trying to gain access to just SEE my bill and my DATA usage, and I…

23.09.2020 04:06:55
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband @jeffreymagner Decent customer support. Not wait times. Once you have the customer on the phone HELP THEM.

23.09.2020 01:29:38
Twitter IchibanDeath

@IchibanDeath @bendbroadband I've tried to gain access to my account 3 times with your representatives without success. Now my se…

23.09.2020 01:19:37
Twitter djsnluv

@djsnluv @bendbroadband 9/21 lost internet at 9pm and did all i could do to get it up & running but nothing. To make it wors…

22.09.2020 06:39:21
Twitter Alphakanybody_

@Alphakanybody_ @Foreverlost1o1 @bendbroadband Nah this is bullshit, cut her bill and up her mbps now

21.09.2020 08:32:07
Twitter rookiegolfer66

@rookiegolfer66 @bendbroadband It has been over 24 hours since I have been able to get MSNBC. It says "this channel is not current…

20.09.2020 19:33:17
Twitter Cyninbend

@Cyninbend @bendbroadband once again, MSNBC is just a black screen. Other channels all work. 3d time in one year. Sounds lik…

20.09.2020 15:07:53
Twitter KMcD10

@KMcD10 @bendbroadband Channel 549—MSNBC—has not been working for days. All other channels ok. Please fix!

20.09.2020 15:06:59
Twitter THEKitMann

@THEKitMann Hey @bendbroadband - Your "advisors'" have hung up on me TWICE tonight. Care to explain? I doubt you will because…

20.09.2020 03:48:00
Twitter bujeeboo

@bujeeboo @bendbroadband an announcement would be nice. At least that you’re working on the problem.

20.09.2020 00:10:14
Twitter Foreverlost1o1

@Foreverlost1o1 @bendbroadband Thank you for responding but it was back online when I woke up. 🙏🏼

19.09.2020 23:54:28
Twitter pilotbrian

@pilotbrian Can’t wait to stand outside in February waiting for @bendbroadband customer no service at their Bend office. How ab…

19.09.2020 20:31:15
Twitter pilotbrian

@pilotbrian @bendbroadband customer service is terrible. Can talk to someone in Jamaica or New Mexico but nobody in Bend. Hello???? #bendbroadband

19.09.2020 20:30:19
Twitter arcticmother

@arcticmother @bendbroadband @bendbroadband why is @msnbc frequently have outages? It happens at least twice monthly. When will it be back online?

19.09.2020 16:43:04
Twitter Foreverlost1o1

@Foreverlost1o1 @bendbroadband hey, uhhh... what’s up with the WiFi man? I’m tryin to game with the boys...

19.09.2020 08:17:13
Twitter GregPDX

@GregPDX How can I watch the @TimbersFC game in Bend. I don't see Fox 12 plus on @bendbroadband . Is there any way to watch? #RCTID #timbersarmy

19.09.2020 04:32:22
Twitter treeashford

@treeashford How about @bendbroadband makes outage info available like @PacificPower_OR? We’d record an issue, know we’re not al…

18.09.2020 23:19:20
Twitter TAEhrenstrom

@TAEhrenstrom Having accessed wifi in all over the US, I feel like I can safely say that @bendbroadband has the worst uptime of a…

18.09.2020 19:32:31
Twitter pilotbrian

@pilotbrian @jeffreymagner @bendbroadband The poor service from @bendbroadband has NOTHING to do with coronavirus. Everything i…

18.09.2020 17:04:08
Twitter jeffreymagner

@jeffreymagner Why can't internet providers pull it together and actually offer decent customer support. @bendbroadband is notorio…

18.09.2020 00:11:43
Twitter laurelandhardly

@laurelandhardly @BeermeBend @VisitBendOR @bythebbl @DowntownBend @bendbrewdaddy @bendaletrail @bendbroadband @BendOregonHomes…

17.09.2020 22:37:05