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Cassidy 2 years ago
97739 la pine wifi went out at around 1:49am

Kari 2 years ago
Internet restored at 3am on 7/8 here in LaPine.

Gina 2 years ago
Internet down most of afternoon and now super super slow, almost non existent. 97701 bend or

Cassidy 2 years ago
97756 La pine Oregon still down. when will this fix? it has been 5 hours maybe more

Katlyn 2 years ago
97701 bend Oregon o still down

Katlyn 2 years ago
97701 bend Oregon o still down

Stacy Hughes 2 years ago
LaPine out for hours. Newberry Estate

Val 2 years ago
97701 - Mtn View Internet and cable down since about 2:50pm. I hope it’s back up in time for Jeopardy

Christy 2 years ago
97707 OWW Down since 2:40 pm.

Jerry 2 years ago
BendBroadband internet down in LaPine 97739

Jim 2 years ago
Internet outage sunriver or since 2:40pm now over 30 minutes down

Drew 2 years ago
97701, Bend Out since about 2:40

Sean 2 years ago
97701 - Mtn View Internet went down about 2:55pm and has been down for about 20 mins

Shannon 2 years ago
97701 Mt View Neighborhood- Trying to work been down for 10 min now

Dan 2 years ago
Internet down 97701 in mountain view, bend

Kari 2 years ago
Internet down 97739

Rick 2 years ago
Down since 11:15 eagle crest 97756

Robin 2 years ago
Internet down La Pine State park area 97739

Angela 2 years ago
Internet is down. Crestview area.

Arin 2 years ago
Internet outage in Prineville 97754 down Crestview


About BendBroadband

Bend Broadband is a regional internet service provider that offers broadband internet, cable television, and other telecommunications services to residents and businesses in the Bend, Oregon area. Like any internet service provider, users may encounter various internet or network-related issues while using Bend Broadband services. Here are some common issues and solutions:

Potential Internet or Network-Related Issues for Bend Broadband:

1. Slow Internet Speed: Users may experience slow internet speeds due to various factors, including network congestion or issues with the user's equipment. Running a speed test and troubleshooting your home network can help identify and resolve speed issues.
2. Intermittent Connectivity: Sometimes, users may face intermittent connectivity where the internet connection drops or becomes unstable. This could be due to problems with the modem, router, or external factors like weather conditions.
3. Service Outages: Service outages can occur due to maintenance, technical issues, or other factors. It's essential to check for any reported service outages in your area and contact Bend Broadband for assistance.
4. Wi-Fi Problems: Wi-Fi issues, such as weak signals or dead zones, can impact internet connectivity within your home or business. Optimizing your Wi-Fi setup and considering equipment upgrades can help.
5. Account or Billing Concerns: Billing-related issues or account problems may affect your service. Contact Bend Broadband's customer support for assistance with billing inquiries.
6. Technical Support: Users who encounter technical issues or need assistance with their Bend Broadband services can reach out to the provider's technical support team for help.

What Users Can Do During Internet or Network-Related Issues:

1. Check Your Equipment: Ensure that your modem, router, and other networking equipment are functioning correctly. Restarting or resetting these devices may resolve some issues.
2. Contact Customer Support: If you suspect a service outage or need technical assistance, contact Bend Broadband's customer support. They can provide guidance and address service-related problems.
3. Secure Wi-Fi: If you're experiencing Wi-Fi issues, consider securing your Wi-Fi network and optimizing its settings. You can also explore Wi-Fi extenders or mesh systems to improve coverage.
4. Speed Test: Run a speed test to check your internet connection's speed and latency. This information can be helpful when discussing issues with customer support.
5. Stay Informed: Keep an eye on Bend Broadband's official website or social media channels for updates on service outages or maintenance activities in your area.

Remember that while some issues can be resolved on your end, others may require assistance from Bend Broadband's support team. Effective communication and troubleshooting can help ensure a smooth internet experience with Bend Broadband.

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