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danderson 4 months ago
Windstream internet outage going on day 6. Broken Arrow Ok 74014

Blanche 8 months ago
Just to be on hold for hours *

Blanche 8 months ago
Our internet is out can't watch TV can't do nothing been out since last night and calling someone just to be on hold for house Sanford NC 27332

Philipe Juan julio 8 months ago
Cleveland hub is down, yo. That's it fo No Go kinetic by Wimpstream...or do it be Go Pathetic by Windtrickle?

Billy 10 months ago
79510 Clyde Tx Windstream is always down. I’m going to make a lot of posters not to get this service. It’s really bad. You pay for something you don’t get to use.

Howell 11 months ago
Oh, forgot. Sugar Land TX, 77479.

Howell 11 months ago
Internet down for 5 days and counting..I'm tired of it. I have papers to submit. Resumes. Oh, you're "working on it"? Doesn't seem like you are, seems you just forgot about your customers and are saying that to save face.

Larry 1 year ago
74012. In downtown Broken Arrow, OK, This is a business location. Internet has been down since late friday 23 June 2023. I have been placed on hold on 4 occasions for over an hour. customer service appears to be some foreign call center and the people just tell you there is an outage in the area. One person told me to go online and check the status. They didn't seem to grasp that the Internet was down. Told to reboot modem.

Joe Pettis 1 year ago
Inter mutant at best for months.

Audra 1 year ago
Audra 1 second ago I have been without service for 3 days and I can't seem to get anyone to help me with it.. I am getting upset. Letona Ar 72085

Audra 1 year ago
I have been without service for 3 days and I can't seem to get anyone to help me with it.. I am getting upset

Clint lowry 1 year ago
Internet has been out since 6 am live oak FL

Stephanie 1 year ago
Oh forgot to add my zip and city to my comment!!! Blairsville GA 30512

Stephanie 1 year ago
Windstream fiber optic internet has to be the worst service. My internet is always going on and off. Or losing service completely. And then they want credit your account but want to charge you a ridiculous price monthly. It’s time to make a complaint to the FCC.!!!

Susan Lewis 1 year ago
My cell service has been affected for the last 2 weeks ,when windstream came and checked my land line , that was also out of service, lineman said most likely problem related to recent lighting strike ,so my land line is working but still not my cell ph or internet

American Underwater Services 1 year ago
76035 Zero internet or phone ????????‍♂️

Katie adams 1 year ago
Prague 74864 Windstream internet is down

Joanne 1 year ago
Internet down in westford pa

Mike 1 year ago
Internet and landline down since yesterday morning February 3rd how much longer is this going to go on?

Mike 1 year ago
Waverly nebraska internet and phone down since 2:00pm jan 25th


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