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peut-être 5 months ago
In other websites such as, people are talking about damaged cables from vandalism/cable theft. We have lost internet for about 15 hours. At 6:45pm Pacific Time, the company's estimated time to recover was 9:30pm.

Discus2023Silverdale 7 months ago
If Astound had to compete head to head with any other broadband providers they'd be so f*c*e*. Every other day the service drops and I have to reset EVERYTHING, and Comcast is locked out of this side of Silverdale. I've never wanted a company to fail but....I hope they fail and are absorbed by Comcast. And the "human chat"? Ridiculous! Ten minutes for ONE response, and stupid s*i* only asks idiot questions such as "how are you?" "what is your problem?" (after you just input ALL that information), and then....repeat. Worst G*d*a*n service EVER. 98383 Silverdale

Piper 8 months ago
Internet real slow on Camano Island sense 2:30 pm today

Nancy 8 months ago
Out in Edison 98232

Melody G 8 months ago
Wave is down in my area. Since 5:30 am today. Lakebay WA 98349

Jim 9 months ago
Wave down in Silverdale since 1pm also

Darren 10 months ago
Wave down around 1:00PM in echo lake WA area. I live in Snohomish WA, 9826 (Seattle area).

Hope 1 year ago
Wave has been out in Concrete Wa since last night tje 3 rd of July 2022


About Wave Broadband

Wave Broadband is a U.S. provider of residential, business and enterprise cable television and broadband Internet and telephone services to approximately 455,000 users in Washington, Oregon and California.

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Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Wave Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Seattle, Federal Way
Reported outages on 19.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Wave Broadband. The most frequently affected cities were: Camano

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