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Alex Avatar

Evansville 47720 No service since Nov 4th. No eta of when it will be fixed.

2 weeks ago
Katie Avatar

No internet since Oct 15 in the evening. I see there is an outage in Ohio. Does that affect 44836 Green Springs?

1 month ago
Debra Avatar

Our internet is out almost every weekend & it is horrible. I wish you all would fix your towers in the rural areas, some people do work from home. Also, you should have technicians who aren't so rude with their customers and constantly blaming the customer, when the problem is not on our end! We are the ones who donate to their paycheck. Maybe you shouldn't charge such a high monthly fee for part-time service...

3 months ago
Amber Avatar

Yoder 45798 my internet has been out for 2 freaking days now every time i call over an hour hold i will be credited for this cause i just paid my bill or all hell will break loose i have no tv and no internet so someone somewhere better call me or fix it asap this is bs i never had this problem when i lived i. The city and that was comcast prepaid so freaking fix it oh and ur customer service sucks and i cant call till Monday i auggest u wanna be a big and good company u get better staffing and have 24/7 customer service cause thats all i have heard is how bad customer support is

3 months ago
Shannon  Avatar

My internet service has been up and down for 2 months. I called this evening to try and get the problem resolved. Initially was told that it would be a 26 minute wait, so then I push 1 to have my number put in line for a call back, but of course that is not working, so I wait on the line. Finally get up to 8 minutes and 22 second hold to then be told it was now back to a 26 minute wait. After an hour and a half of waiting for someone to answer, I finally hung up and called back to speak to an operator to be told the wait time was actually three hours and the best part was she had no idea where the outages were, because she does not actually work for Watch. So tomorrow morning, I will be calling the Rushville facility and you will be giving me a credit for my time, which is not cheap! If you do not work with me then I will be more than happy to see you in court along with all of the other customers that you are screwing over.

4 months ago
Jessica  Avatar

Well I don't no what to tell you but if am to advice you I will say you should DM dionysius_helios on Instagram and tell him what your problem is,I promise you, you will come looking for me to thank me,

4 months ago
Ryan Hossler Avatar

Ryan Hossler
47711: This is the 4th outage within 30 days and 9 months of not receiving the speeds I pay for. What is the point of a business that isn’t able to provide its services?

4 months ago
Jim Avatar

I haven't had internet since May 21st. Have been trying unsuccessfully to get a technician since then. This week I asked a customer service representative to just be honest with me. Her response was that she was worried about her job, she was taking phone calls all day long just like mine.

5 months ago
Devin  Avatar

47648 Fort Branch- Been without internet for 3 days. Sent 2 emails with no response. Contacted support yesterday in which the automated voice said i could have them call me back in 31 minutes. I finally got the call 3 hours later. The person said he would put in a ticket for level 2 and said they would contact me with 48 hours. Completely unacceptable.

5 months ago
Ted Avatar

Remington In. 47977- internet is down again and has been all day. Finally got through to customer service or whoever calls you back. She said all of watch Communications network is down with no answer on when they will have it restored. I’m counting down the days when we can finally get a real internet provider in our area! Watch is no different than the others with “over selling and under delivering!” Our monthly cost is ridiculous for this kind of service. Pretty sad when you have to go sit at McDonalds to do a meeting.

5 months ago
Lisa Avatar

Woke up to no Internet in Tiffin Ohio 44883. No one answers the phone either. Just wondering when service would be back up??

5 months ago
Michelle Duffy  Avatar

Michelle Duffy
Our internet has been down since early this morning, when will it be fixed? Rushville, IN 46173

5 months ago
Jenny Avatar

46714 Bluffton Internet quit working around 11:30 am today and is still down.

5 months ago
Lori Sudduth Avatar

Lori Sudduth
46740 Geneva IN-Internet was working then went down about an hour ago. When I call it says "No one is available to take your call" and website will not come up. I assume the entire system is down.

5 months ago
Kristina Avatar

Arcadia,IN 46030 Does anyone know if there is an outage in my area? I noticed my internet was out in the middle of the night and trued to call tech support all morning now and tried 3 numbers and it won't even ring through. One number says line busy and the other two numbers says no one can take your call now and then hangs up. I have no idea where to go from here. This is getting old. Service I have received thus far is definitely not worth my 80 bucks a month.

5 months ago
Amber Smeltzer Avatar

Amber Smeltzer
Bluffton Indiana 46714 Always have internet problems .. can't catch signal in half my house when we do have internet up and running.. Its always towers or something... Multiple times a month... Really gets old

5 months ago
Christina Avatar

I have been without internet for about a week. Watch Communications says that it is due to the Westminster Tower and they have no timeline when it will be back up. When trying to alert others that there is an outage, Google tried to say I was a bot. Lima, Ohio 45806

6 months ago
Matt Avatar

Upper Sandusky. 43351. Had installed 3 weeks ago. Had 2 days without internet. It is now very very slow. Sometimes it doesn't connect at all. Would appreciate an explanation. Thank you

6 months ago
BK Avatar

Watch in north western ohio is AWFUL. Internet has been down multiple times a month for days at a time. It's not completely down I still get .007 download and 2.28 upload. That's totally worth the 100 a month for 15MBPS right???? Fuck this company, tech support will leave you on hold for hours. I wish I had other options but rural areas cant get anything else around here. What do we pay them for if we cant get decent speeds in 2022??? If this was 1998 then I'd be perfectly happy with my speeds. But fuck you watch. Fuck you in your shitty ass. 45889

6 months ago
Janice Avatar

Internet always dropping and they always say it's my router. Well I've replaced 3 of them so now what Watch? Terrible service. Never any help and won't send a tech out. Not worth the 85 bucks a month but I have no other options living in the country.

7 months ago


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WATCH Communications provides blazing fast internet services to the rural areas and businesses in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. WATCH communications have been offering their services since 1992 and their HQ is based in Lima. Apart from their Internet plans they also offer TV and voice services. The business plans start at $59 approx.

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There were a total of 5 outages at WATCH Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago, Atlanta, Brooklyn
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There were a total of 2 outages at WATCH Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
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There were a total of 4 outages at WATCH Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Atlanta
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There were a total of 1 outages at WATCH Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Brooklyn