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Asheley Kapelewski Avatar

Asheley Kapelewski 8 months ago
Middletown Springs VT 05757 Phone and internet were down this a.m., Tuesday, May 31st between 9:30 and 10:30 am. Just wondering why? Never seen them down at the same time unless the problem was in our system. Phone was the biggest concern since we have no cell coverage at our house.

Patti Avatar

Patti 8 months ago
Can’t record and cannot search since loss of tv over a week ago. 05035 Bridgewater

SandraMae Avatar

SandraMae 8 months ago
Live in Danby area as like everyone else, we also have not had TV for days, and yes it really does stink but Vtel is doing their best. I just want everyone to know that if you go to>network-status it does give us all updates and even a explanation as to what happened. All I can suggest is find something to do that you may have putting off (perhaps from watching to much TV LOL) and do it. Nows the time to do it, right? I must say that we've got a ton of yard work done over here :) so trust me when I say I can't wait to watch TV and the best part of it all is I can watch it and relax when it does comes back on because all my yard work will be done!! Please try not to blow up at Vtel, it truly isn't their fault. Unexpected things do happen in all our lives time and time again, and something my mother always said, "No sense in getting mad at something if you can't fix it because it isn't going to benefit you or change things by doing so, so just except it for what it is and have a better day".(shes a very wise woman).. BTW, I think our TV's might be working soon.When I turned mine on instead of it reading Vtel it now says Connecting with registration server, has anyone else got this on their screen? What does it mean?

Mark B Avatar

Mark B 8 months ago
05602 Middlesex — Would love an estimate on when service will be restored to the Bolton tower. Also, is there a way to let tech support know when there is a system issue? I spent a half hour on the phone with tech support, who had me restart my modem and outdoor antenna, etc. When I got off the phone, I checked my email on my phone and saw that VTel had sent an email out 2 hours earlier, explaining that the issue was a power outage that had affected part of its network. How was tech support not informed of this? That would have saved them and me a bunch of time. Maybe change your protocol and inform tech support whenever there are known system issues?

Kelly Avatar

Kelly 8 months ago
Had to move back into parents because of serious health issues. Unable to move around due to move car accident that left me paralyzed from waist down and TV is the ONE THING I look forward to and now I don't have that either!! What is wrong with your engineers, apparently they never received their license....Its been 3 days Vtel, STILL NO TV!!! Your going to lose A LOT of your customers and don't be surprised if we dont pay our bill on time next month,or should I say the entire bill. I hope your considerate enough to take at least 40% off our bills due to the fact YOUR ENGINEERS cannot only fix the problem but take into consideration the hassle and stress you've put on us all...way to go Vtel, might want to consider lighting a flame under their asses, perhaps then they'll fix the problem!!

Pam Novak Avatar

Pam Novak 8 months ago
When will tv be back going on 3 days! Hope there will be a credit! Bridgewater Corners vt 05035

Alison David Avatar

Alison David 8 months ago
I would love an update by email. Thank you. Chester, 05143

Deanna  Avatar

Deanna 8 months ago
I asked for an update via email and they have responded - no estimate of return yet.

Patty  Avatar

Patty 8 months ago
05143 Chester. Hey Vtel, how ‘bout an update? Closing in on 24 hrs…

Charlie Avatar

Charlie 8 months ago
Pawlet 05761. TV has also been out here since yesterday afternoon. We got one email when it started and nothing since. It would be nice if they sent out and update or listed something on their website.

Constance Swenor Avatar

Constance Swenor 8 months ago
Middletown Springs vt 05757 changed to your company cause of all the outages on direct tv and no communication it seems your company doing same. You have to know what going on and why my internet is so slow can not even stream I hope you plan on giving everyone a refund on days out

Q Avatar

Q 8 months ago
Chester, VT 05143. TV has been down since mid-day 5/21. No notices or communications from VTEL.

William Hammond Avatar

William Hammond 8 months ago
Cable tv has been out in 05143 Bartonsville since early afternoon 5/21. Is this being worked, could status be poster, the outage map is useless, WTF!

Russ Avatar

Russ 8 months ago
Grafton 05146 Common channels are unavailable only streaming services. Has been out since mid afternoon.

Scott Avatar

Scott 8 months ago
No TV in Athens all day and still not on.

Tom Avatar

Tom 8 months ago
Wallingford, VT 05773 Our TV has been out since 2:30 PM 5/21/22 and as of 8 PM it is STILL out. Now the internet has SLOWED DOWN to a crawl (28 mbps)! Not what I am paying for. Time to switch to Comcast??

Kathy Avatar

Kathy 8 months ago
I pay a lot for tv/phone/internet with Vt Tel. Over the past year my wifi and telephone signal has gone out a few times. They don’t tell you why or how long the outage will be, only “we’re working on it”. Today, it’s been down since 2:30 pm or before. It is now 7:00 pm and to atull not working. I’m disgusted. Chester 05143

Mary  Avatar

Mary 1 year ago
Coventry Vermont 05825.. I have called and have been told our internet is working, yet it's Not And we are paying for it. Someone needs to get up here and fix it or return all our money Thank you


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Reported outages on 05.02.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at VTel Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: Chester, Springfield
Reported outages on 04.02.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at VTel Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: East Hartford
Reported outages on 01.02.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at VTel Wireless. The most frequently affected cities were: Cuttingsville, Sherburne Center