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Common problems are:

Mobile Phone 67%
Login 11%
Mobile internet 11%
Text messaging 11%

Affected cities:

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About Virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile is a wireless communications brand that is used by eight independent brand-licensees across the world. Virgin Mobile branded wireless communications services are available in Australia, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, France, Saudi Arabia, Poland, South Africa, México, and the United States. These entities all act independently from the other, thus the handsets, service plans and network radio interfaces vary from country to country and so does the price. In any given country, the Virgin Mobile wireless entity is usually a partnership between Richard Branson's Virgin Group and an existing mobile network operator or mobile virtual network operator in that country providing nationwide, prepaid, wireless voice, messaging and broadband data products and services.

Live reports

Twitter blighty123

@blighty123 Shocking customer service @virginmobile all day trying to get through to someone yesterday, today they have cancell…

10.07.2020 22:18:44
Twitter Hussansyed

@Hussansyed Really really poor service from Virgin mobile. It's taken them over 6 months to register my updated billing details…

10.07.2020 17:18:51
Twitter RussPeers

@RussPeers Glad I switched to @virginmobile cos now I can’t use my phone in my house.

10.07.2020 09:45:56
Twitter GrumpyLondoner1

@GrumpyLondoner1 Can't believe the customer service for @virginmedia & @virginmobile - took up a bundle deal. I am being charged for…

07.07.2020 15:15:03
Twitter VoodooRit

@VoodooRit @virginmobile can I just clarify, was the free data you gave me recently due to covid lockdown time limited as it s…

06.07.2020 08:45:23
Twitter VMCcare

@VMCcare @Warrender OH, that Shawna Kay :( We also have all this awesomeness ♥

03.07.2020 17:54:16
Twitter emmahul58821729

@emmahul58821729 @virginmedia @virginmobile ordered 4 mobiles from @virginmobile a week ago, not arrived, phoned three times to be t…

30.06.2020 16:11:03
Twitter sparkssss28

@sparkssss28 @virginmobile who can i make a formal complaint to via email please

27.06.2020 05:49:04
Twitter NickAKramer

@NickAKramer #SadlyUnconnected. @virginmedia @virginmobile If I believed in conspiracy I would wonder if losing the 10 GB boost…

25.06.2020 11:05:33
Twitter hjulie05

@hjulie05 Is #virginmobile down too?

25.06.2020 09:21:33
Twitter Expatica

@Expatica 🇬🇧Looking for a SIM-ple way to get a UK mobile number? Read our expert guide @O2 @EE @vodafone @three @virginmobile…

18.06.2020 14:03:51
Twitter ephymol14

@ephymol14 RT @LindaGinya: @ephymol14 @virginmobile Yep with their incredible deals on voice and data bundles..

15.06.2020 19:42:25
Twitter LindaGinya

@LindaGinya @ephymol14 @virginmobile Yep with their incredible deals on voice and data bundles..

15.06.2020 19:39:26
Twitter ephymol14

@ephymol14 Is @virginmobile still existing in South Africa?

15.06.2020 19:30:26
Twitter RubyTinkerbell

@RubyTinkerbell FINALLY going to be able to use my mobile to make/received calls & texts, & be able to use the internet, now that I…

12.06.2020 18:54:42
Twitter RubyTinkerbell

@RubyTinkerbell FINALLY going to be able to use my mobile to make/received calls & texts, & be able to use the internet, now that I…

12.06.2020 18:40:43
Twitter WilliamBanham

@WilliamBanham @virginmobile Trying to get a PAC code via text and online for the last 24 hours. "Sorry, our bad. We're having a f…

12.06.2020 16:41:06
Twitter MC_Ryder

@MC_Ryder @virginmobilecan Pfft... these guys raised my rates by 20% right when #covid19 hit. On principle I left.. and found…

08.06.2020 04:35:39
Twitter Natalyaa89

@Natalyaa89 I wish @virginmobile did not use @YodelOnline to deliver parcels as they are incapable of delivering a parcel on ti…

07.06.2020 06:44:06
Twitter liam__whu

@liam__whu @hysteriahanks @virginmedia @virginmobile Dm me quickly

05.06.2020 17:43:47
Twitter Jjaninecallen

@Jjaninecallen RT @cazpegg: @Jjaninecallen @virginmobile It’s appalling @virginmedia #reportingyou #appalling #lackofcare

04.06.2020 19:18:20
Twitter cazpegg

@cazpegg @Jjaninecallen @virginmobile It’s appalling @virginmedia #reportingyou #appalling #lackofcare

04.06.2020 18:26:17
Twitter Jjaninecallen

@Jjaninecallen @cazpegg @virginmobile No they won't help me

04.06.2020 15:59:38
Twitter cazpegg

@cazpegg @Jjaninecallen Have you had any joy with @virginmobile yet?

04.06.2020 15:26:23
Twitter hysteriahanks

@hysteriahanks Quick add to the ‘oh sorry our staff were rude/incompetent because there’s a pandemic’ excuse bandwagon. Spent 4 ho…

04.06.2020 07:43:50
Twitter SpencerB99

@SpencerB99 Dear @virginmobile your mobile website is a disgrace to your company

29.05.2020 11:29:59
Twitter tgvashworth

@tgvashworth The absolute worst thing about this (@virginmobile) is that it *silently truncates what you paste* to 10 characters. Abysmal.

28.05.2020 10:45:17
Twitter dawnakaboo

@dawnakaboo @virginmobile what has happened to your customer service in the last few months?! Don’t buy shares everyone as they…

27.05.2020 09:07:13
Twitter PWRFitness

@PWRFitness I still haven’t heard from @virginmobile regarding the reported little to zero phone signal in my home area.

25.05.2020 11:05:53
Twitter Tapperon

@Tapperon @virginmobile hi there I wondered when you are fixing the mobile network so we can use our phones? I’m in Scotland…

20.05.2020 13:51:47