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me 7 months ago
Hotspot isnt working on Xbox/tv in ashland Ks

me 7 months ago
67831 Ashland ks

Shaun 7 months ago
Hotspot is down in garden city 67846

Roger Koehn 10 months ago
No internet service in Montezuma KS

Deborah Hernandez 10 months ago
Lakin internet down and can not get hold f any of the numbers to talk to the helpdesk.

Trent 10 months ago
It's out in Ashland

Chase 10 months ago
Internet down in Spearville

Rachael Temaat 10 months ago
Internet is down. Cimarron, ks 67835


About United Wireless

United Wireless is a cellular telecommunications company based in Dodge City, Kansas. United Wireless mainly offers well-curated data plans and nationwide unlimited voice packages. They have outstanding customer service and one can choose from the wide variety of plans available. If any issue persists one can just report the outages directly.
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