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Fred Avatar

Fred 1 year ago
Twn has over sold their services to such a degree that internet is not even available at peak hours. Down to 250k download speed! Has been going on for months! Valle Vista 86401.

Klayton Bearup Avatar

Klayton Bearup 1 year ago
Internet out Silver City 88061

Dawn Avatar

Dawn 1 year ago
Internet down. Silver city 88061

E Szukala Avatar

E Szukala 1 year ago
85940 internet down. Snow and high winds

Scott Avatar

Scott 1 year ago
No internet in Dragoon Az 85609

Berl Ancell  Avatar

Berl Ancell 1 year ago
Internet is down 87035 Moriarty NM

veronica padilla  Avatar

veronica padilla 1 year ago
Internet is down, Polvadera NM 87828

Steven Vassey Avatar

Steven Vassey 1 year ago
My internet is out since this morning 6:30 when my power came back on its 11:30 and still no connection. McLean tx 79057

Daniel R Gauss Avatar

Daniel R Gauss 1 year ago
Internet intermittent all day, now down completely Deming NM 88930

Debi Avatar

Debi 1 year ago
85630 - internet isn’t working

Scott Avatar

Scott 1 year ago
Outage in 85609

Mark McElhaney Avatar

Mark McElhaney 1 year ago
Internet outage in 85602

Karen Avatar

Karen 1 year ago
Internet down. 85638

John smallwood Avatar

John smallwood 1 year ago
No net 24hrs hasn’t worked properly in 6 weeks came out minced antenna no help

Mara  Avatar

Mara 1 year ago
I am in rural Tucson near Three Points AZ. The internet has been intermittent for 3 days. However, it's down now. I called TWN customer service they claim there is an outage. Something is afoot throughout the world there are way too many internet outages. Perhaps Starlink is responsible. Whatever it is let's hope what's ahead is better than the last year and a half.

Pamella A Guthrie Avatar

Pamella A Guthrie 1 year ago
Wabash 46992 No internet.

Diane Avatar

Diane 1 year ago
Deming, NM 88030…no internet. Anyone else with a problem?

Nunya Fuquinbusenas Avatar

Nunya Fuquinbusenas 1 year ago
If you have the option of using TWN for your isp, or finding a random rock in the woods and expecting it to work, you will probably have a better time with the rock. 666999

marsha j cardinal Avatar

marsha j cardinal 1 year ago
internet down for 3 days, 85615, sierra vista

Howard DLCB Avatar

Howard DLCB 1 year ago
I was on a call with tech support and the call disconnected or dropped. We don't have internet service via TWN the rep was checking for outages in our area but I don't see the problem. Please call back.


About TWN Communications

TWN Communications brings broadband and telecommunication services to rural areas where these services are unavailable or scarce. Founded in the late 1990s, the company has been partnering with rural cooperative corporations to fulfill data and mobile service requirements. TWN also started its network in 2005, which today offers coverage of more than 250000 square miles. The serviced areas currently include New Mexico, Indiana, Texas, and Arizona.

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Reported outages on 08.02.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at TWN Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Phoenix
Reported outages on 07.02.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at TWN Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Odessa
Reported outages on 06.02.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at TWN Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Tucson
Reported outages on 03.02.2023:
There were a total of 5 outages at TWN Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson