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Heather DeLaPena Avatar

Heather DeLaPena 1 month ago
Internet down in Tonopah 85354.

Renee B Avatar

Renee B 3 months ago
Down in Tonopah since the storm took out the power last night. Power back on, internet still down.

Stephanie Avatar

Stephanie 3 months ago
Internet is down. It's been going up and down the past few hours, but has been down for twenty minutes now. #Storms

Jodie  Avatar

Jodie 6 months ago
Internet is currently down in Buckeye Arizona. It has been done for 3 days. I cannot seem to get through to a rep. My Wi-Fi works but the Internet hinders any ability to to work from home or anything else that I need to do. While it has been worse over the last 3 days this is an all the time occurrence this problem needs to be solved ASAP

Michelle  Avatar

Michelle 6 months ago
Wittmann 85361- been down for 21 hrs

Andy Avatar

Andy 6 months ago
Down in Wittmann from last nights monsoon flare up. What a mess!

Sara Avatar

Sara 6 months ago
Outage in wittmann az 85361

Vanessa  Avatar

Vanessa 6 months ago
Outage in Tonopah past 12 hours. 85354

Stephanie Avatar

Stephanie 9 months ago
Wittmann AZ ... Out all day

Stephanie Avatar

Stephanie 9 months ago
Three outages since the end of March 2022

Jean Avatar

Jean 1 year ago
Outage in Wittmann, Arizona

Sara Avatar

Sara 1 year ago
Outage in wittmann 85361

Jacob Grimes Avatar

Jacob Grimes 1 year ago
Outages at least 20 times a day 85354 tonopah az

John Avatar

John 1 year ago
Internet down in Tonopah, Arizona 85354


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