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Lyla Severns 4 weeks ago
No internet a 546 State Highway WW 65803

S anderson 1 month ago
No internet 65616 Branson

Alene Coan 1 month ago
No internet at 8467 Placer Ln in Willard

Brenda Adams 1 month ago
Still no internet. 65725 Pleasant Hope

Angela Moeller 1 month ago
No internet just north of Springfield

Rl 1 month ago
No internet in fair grove MO

Rl 1 month ago
Fair grove 65648

Larry Richter 1 month ago
No internet in Fair Grove

Irina Zubenko 3 months ago
There is no internet Fair Grove , MO 65648

Carolyn Schroeder 6 months ago
No landline phone services almost 48 hours. Call at 9:59 pm 3/2/2023 and update 3/32023 with no results 4:45pm 65648 Fairgrive, Missouri

Lisa 10 months ago
Fair Grove, Dallas County 65648 - lost internet connection - unable to find Total High Speed network

Aunt Pretty 11 months ago
65669 Highlandville at O hwy & Montague have not had service since 10/13/22. This is day #6. No ability to contact Total Highspeed Internet. I pay $178/mo. for 2 mgb and unreliable service. This is criminal. I’m filing a FCC complaint.

Mark Mallian 11 months ago
Marionville/Republic MO area 65705 Total highspeed has been nothing but problem after problem, they say this has been going on for only a few day and that is BS it has been like now for the last 7-8 days and was acting up every day for the time I have been customer, definately not getting my money's worth and there communication sucks how do I check my email when I do not have internet??? Cannot wait for another service to becomae available. They owe all pf us a rebate for this terrible service. I heard they saud that one of their routers went bad and now the second one did, my question if the routers are key to produce the internet to us why would they not have two three or four back up routers to expedite the repairs instead of waiting for them to order. Terrible business and customer service. Worse I have ever had.

Kelly 11 months ago
65765 Turners The site states “ no problems” however cannot stay connected. The phone number to High Speed is still busy. I’m a remote worker and now using my PTO as I can’t work without internet.

Stalzer 11 months ago
Ozark 65721, my internet has been mostly off for over a week now. I pay alot of money for total Highspeed and this is really irritating. They need to fix it ASAP

Travas Gale 11 months ago
Came out to fix towers on mine and my folks (Barbara Gale) roofs a couple weeks ago and the internet has been virtually none existent since. Tried with level 1 and 2 techs and got nowhere......

Barbara Gale 11 months ago
69669 Highlandville The internet has been in and out since October 10. Not it is totally out. Please fix soon. Barbara

Alicia 11 months ago
65738 Days internet either fully out for hours or just loading then going back down in minutes. You cannot get total high-speed on phone always busy website Says no outages remote worker huge issue and pay Way to much for bad service and No Communication At All

Erik 11 months ago
As of 5pm on 10/14/22 HW 125 N of Strafford has been down, and the last couple of days has been very intermittent. :( hopefully they get it fixed soon!

Al 11 months ago
65689 Cabool MO has been down a large part of the day and intermittent most of the week and down parts of last week. Right now it's down and has been since 3pm totally.


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Reported outages on 26.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Total Highspeed Internet. The most frequently affected cities were: St Louis
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There were a total of 3 outages at Total Highspeed Internet. The most frequently affected cities were: St Louis, Saint Charles, Eureka

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