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Common problems are:

Internet 82%
TV 9%
Phone 6%
Blackout 3%

Affected cities:

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About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is an American cable telecommunication company. It is the second largest cable network operator in the United States in sales according to Comcast. The company headquarters is located in the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan, New York City, and with other corporate offices in Stamford, Connecticut, North Carolina and Herndon.

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Twitter PaulMJacobs

@PaulMJacobs @timewarnercable tv station outage in North Conway, NH. Some higher channels are on but no lower channels. IE chann…

04.07.2020 13:55:45
Twitter BobbyPickles4

@BobbyPickles4 @YouTubeTV Much the same way @realDonaldTrump (Donnie the Commie) wants to cancel our health insurance, Google want…

01.07.2020 19:32:40
Twitter denisewinsock

@denisewinsock @MagicJohnson @timewarnercable @BarneysNY @CocaCola @Ford @NBA @Verizon @NASCAR @BestBuy @iMFoundation_ Boycott t…

01.07.2020 16:56:38
Twitter saintelise666

@saintelise666 @BachBone42 @ProcterGamble @BuzzFeed @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBS @nytimes @timewarnercable @AOL @Google Fox News is just…

01.07.2020 03:39:32
Twitter BachBone42

@BachBone42 @ProcterGamble @BuzzFeed Withdraw your ads from ALL #FakeNewsMedia Outlets: @CNN @MSNBC @ABC @CBS @nytimes…

30.06.2020 20:02:32
Twitter aapsle200

@aapsle200 @mattyglesias Very true, however the @timewarnercable service in my old building in midtown Manhattan was slow and…

30.06.2020 00:33:18
Twitter WarThisis

@WarThisis I remember my 1st IT job at @timewarnercable they fired IT Director new Director fired my whole department EVERYBOD…

26.06.2020 23:11:42
Twitter chipslaughter

@chipslaughter @Gap congratulations! You’re customer service is officially worse than @timewarnercable or @GetSpectrum or whoever…

24.06.2020 20:05:05
Twitter BluvcatLynn

@BluvcatLynn RT @TheTrueChannel: Common Sense gone for most of Pedowood, Democrats run by the @CFR_org >MainstreamMedia run by 6 companies @Disney @news…

19.06.2020 04:25:07
Twitter betheawakenig

@betheawakenig RT @TheTrueChannel: Common Sense gone for most of Pedowood, Democrats run by the @CFR_org >MainstreamMedia run by 6 companies @Disney @news…

18.06.2020 19:03:45
Twitter TheTrueChannel

@TheTrueChannel Common Sense gone for most of Pedowood, Democrats run by the @CFR_org >MainstreamMedia run by 6 companies @Disney…

18.06.2020 11:06:14
Twitter trilbysink

@trilbysink @timewarnercable Why are you allowing the advertisements on your tv app to be twice as loud as the program? I’m sur…

07.06.2020 03:56:31
Twitter Linda_Eve_G

@Linda_Eve_G @Disney @Pixar @TedTurnerIII @timewarnercable @hgtv @CMTNashvilleTV PLANNED It, Y'all Absolutely NONE Of It

04.06.2020 17:24:56
Twitter nuneviolin

@nuneviolin @NYPDMTN SHAME on your corruption as the @timewarnercable @WarnerMedia worker lullabies the ears of the officers o…

25.05.2020 20:26:24
Twitter ClaudiaCPaul

@ClaudiaCPaul @stefanradtke @optimum @OptimumHelp Our @timewarnercable service has been excruciatingly slow as well !!!

23.05.2020 19:47:57
Twitter Gabriel4026

@Gabriel4026 @RealJamesWoods @generalelectric @newscorp @Disney @ViaCBSGlobalDst @timewarnercable Illusion of Choice: 6 Media Co…

23.05.2020 02:05:34
Twitter ain_tain

@ain_tain @StateFarm Insurance @Symantec Corporation @TexasInstruments Incorporated @TimeWarnerCable @UnitedLaunch Alliance…

19.05.2020 20:51:01
Twitter bekklett

@bekklett Wow. @timewarnercable really trying to charge 70/month JUST FOR INTERNET 👀👀👀

14.05.2020 21:34:48
Twitter DebbiePonticel2

@DebbiePonticel2 RT @moke_master: @seanmdav @ATT @timewarnercable It’s past time to fire @JeffZuckerCNN & the rest of the ‘journalists’ at CNN. They’ve d…

13.05.2020 11:16:53
Twitter urmom45150344

@urmom45150344 @addisonelisec @timewarnercable fuck you

12.05.2020 17:04:25
Twitter bandibooh

@bandibooh @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum @timewarnercable this what it took to get services transferred. In what world is this ev…

29.04.2020 03:18:38
Twitter sk_omis

@sk_omis I know what you mean, I saw the broadcast and the media is fully to blame for the lies, that includes @ABCNetwork…

25.04.2020 21:47:14
Twitter sellers_diann


21.04.2020 16:46:33
Twitter RI_Roger

@RI_Roger @IngrahamAngle @ATT @timewarnercable shareholders should dump their shares due to revenue losing @CNN and reinvest…

19.04.2020 10:36:26
Twitter marinewife50

@marinewife50 @timewarnercable thanks for increasing our internet bill#no u I t wasn’t a promotional rate

18.04.2020 23:44:31
Twitter EvanSpotswood

@EvanSpotswood @CoxComm @CoxCalifornia Hey @timewarnercable what you doin later?

17.04.2020 16:14:55
Twitter ChampagneNow

@ChampagneNow @spectrum Why don’t you waive cable fees for 3 months?!!! @coxxcable @timewarnercable

17.04.2020 04:11:20
Twitter ShitAmorSays

@ShitAmorSays @timewarnercable my mom died of Covid Friday, I’m trying to cancel her cable account; unfortunately there’s no way…

06.04.2020 14:19:36
Twitter AlyseCatluvr999

@AlyseCatluvr999 @TimeWarnerCable Please remove Fox from my Time Warner Cable channel lineup. I do not want to pay for lies, partic…

02.04.2020 05:51:17
Twitter kato808

@kato808 So hard to reach anyone by phone now - @target, @timewarnercable @GetSpectrum - all over 30 minutes wait. Just now…

01.04.2020 21:56:40