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Common problems are:

Internet 67%
Phone 17%
TV 8%
Blackout 8%

Affected cities:

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About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is an American cable telecommunication company. It is the second largest cable network operator in the United States in sales according to Comcast. The company headquarters is located in the Time Warner Center in midtown Manhattan, New York City, and with other corporate offices in Stamford, Connecticut, North Carolina and Herndon.

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Twitter lesliesydnor

@lesliesydnor new equipment since we were legacy @timewarnercable customers. She did not explain that the only way to get Epix w…

17.01.2020 23:14:57
Twitter BK009_Chi

@BK009_Chi Here's hoping @NBCUniversal @timewarnercable and others sue @TiVo over their pre-roll ads. Up until now TiVo was th…

17.01.2020 04:05:05
Twitter VValentinNYC

@VValentinNYC I used to think @timewarnercable was the worst provider but @optimum is awful. They promise promotions to get you t…

12.01.2020 21:19:03
Twitter C0C0kachoo

@C0C0kachoo @Disney @comcast @timewarnercable THEY ARE ALL MONOPOLIES THAT RAPE AMERICANS!!! There is no alternative. Is the US…

08.01.2020 20:27:07
Twitter Cerebrojh

@Cerebrojh @timewarnercable Do you offer any deals for new customers since @Uverse and @ATT lie and won’t keep their promises…

07.01.2020 17:07:22
Twitter FangxLight

@FangxLight #TheLastTimeIWentToTheMall I had to replace my modem with @timewarnercable.

05.01.2020 03:30:50
Twitter klevette2u

@klevette2u I have one of the most expensive cable companies and still my internet be buffering smdh @timewarnercable spectrum . I’m switching asap

03.01.2020 02:34:31
Twitter FabienDebies

@FabienDebies If you got any other cable besides @timewarnercable or @GetSpectrum don’t even give me the remote.... matter fact d…

25.12.2019 22:15:54
Twitter davsolute

@davsolute @BilldeBlasio @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayorsOffice @nycgov - @GetSpectrum spectrum (@timewarnercable) ranked a “F” with…

20.12.2019 18:51:47
Twitter theweirdcouch

@theweirdcouch @GetSpectrum @timewarnercable I pay for 1Gbps Internet, which you say is about 940 Mbps true speed. Question, why c…

19.12.2019 06:09:02
Twitter findlawrence

@findlawrence @WilliamsSonoma #fail at @timewarnercable building nyc has lost our 🎁 by sending via @USPS —where they can’t be tra…

12.12.2019 21:22:01
Twitter findlawrence

@findlawrence @WilliamsSonoma customer service at @timewarnercable nyc needs some work— missing packages 📦 shouldn’t be this diff…

12.12.2019 21:10:05
Twitter AntoniPorcelli

@AntoniPorcelli @Ask_Spectrum @timewarnercable unfortunately my alarm system that I paid a lot of money for is not compatible with…

11.12.2019 05:35:44
Twitter Kathy49759128

@Kathy49759128 #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts @timewarnercable @HBO @CNN Folks dont believe these PEOPLE they…

10.12.2019 15:59:15
Twitter DannyOConner69

@DannyOConner69 I really thought I would have better customer service when @Ask_Spectrum took over for @timewarnercable Nothing like the old bait and switch

06.12.2019 23:19:59
Twitter BREW_MATHs

@BREW_MATHs @crew_this @Brewers @fswisconsin @Dodgers @timewarnercable I don’t know all the details of these deals (or how they…

06.12.2019 17:41:36
Twitter crew_this

@crew_this @BREW_MATHs can you help me with some math please? The @brewers get $21 million a year from @fswisconsin and the…

06.12.2019 17:29:27
Twitter nickwelp

@nickwelp @Ask_Spectrum @timewarnercable @GetSpectrum my internet has been out for ~20 min, I've reset the router. NW Austin, TX.

30.11.2019 01:51:05
Twitter sarahxxiang

@sarahxxiang @ATTHelp you said you were looking into it 9 hrs ago. No resolution or update since then. I still don’t have intern…

29.11.2019 08:15:36