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Common problems are:

Internet 86%
TV 9%
Blackout 3%
Phone 2%

Affected cities:

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About TDS Telecom

Headquartered in Madison in the state of Wisconsin, TDS Telecom has been providing high-speed internet, voice and entertainment services for almost 50 years. It also offers cable, copper, fiber and DSL broadband solutions. TDS Telecom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. Hundreds of residential customers in suburban, urban and metropolitan areas benefit from TDS Telecom’s services.

A contractual agreement signed between TDS and Nexstar Media has boosted the telecom company’s television services. The company also offers the Classic Voice Package that is bundled along with TDS TV. In addition to standard voice features, this package allows users unlimited local calls and 30 minutes of long-distance calls.

TDS is a fast-growing technology company that delivers internet speeds to the extent of 1 gigabit. The telecom company continues to remain focused on broadband innovation and developing new technologies.

Regional Availability

TDS Telecom has extended its outreach across the country. About 4.2 million people have access to their services. Its cable broadband service is used by almost 476,000 people while its fiber service reaches out to about 487,000 customers. Its 1 Gigabit fiber service is restricted to certain select areas.

The company’s internet service is available in 31 states across the country. The states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin have the greatest coverage. Customers in the states of Utah, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado have access to TDS Telecom’s high-speed internet, phone services and, TV bundles. Businesses in 73 zip codes avail of its copper internet service.

TDS Metrocom is the local arm of TDS Telecom and provides all services to 5 states in the Midwestern United States.

Error codes / network problems

Sometimes the TDS TV system can malfunction and error messages may be displayed. Depending on the nature of the error code or message, either wait and retry later or choose an option that appears in the dialog box.

If the TV is to function normally, the Internet should be up. In case there are problems and the Internet is down, then you get an error message with an error code inside. Then the Internet service needs to be restored.

If the wireless connection to the modem is not working, it may be because of a faulty network card or server problems. Troubleshooting might help resolve the issue. If that doesn’t work, get help from tech support.

Troubleshooting yourself

To fix your TDS TV- Reboot the gateway. Unplug the device from the power output, wait for a while and plug it back. Most internet problems should resolve.

If that doesn’t happen, contact TDS technical support at 1-866-44- TDS TV.

If your internet is up but TV is down, then

  • Disconnect your set-top box from the power
  • Wait for half a minute
  • Re-connect the set-top box

In case the wireless connection to your DSL modem fails

  • Turn off the wireless feature
  • Enable network card and connect to the network
  • Restart computer

If problems persist, call tech support at 1-888-call TDS

For phone problems, reset the phone system. Unplug everything that’s connected to the phone, wait for a while and reconnect once again, one device at a time. If it’s not resolved, call TDS Repair 1-888-273-2295.

In the case of outages, you are likely to face issues so long as it lasts. So be patient.

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