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Brent Bay 9 months ago
Internet shuts off while im gaming with a friend for 3+ hours the last few days. No idea when it will be on 99003 Chattaroy

Danny & Dana Morvan 1 year ago
75640-Diana our internet is out. I can’t work from home. This is becoming a common occurrence.

Garland Wayne Shott 1 year ago
75647, Gladewater, no internet. Power cycled the router and modem to no effect.

Skynet customer 1 year ago
Hello, just an update, it is now the next morning for zip code 77511 and I’m unable to clock in for work due to my internet STILL being down. Thanks skynet for possibly getting me fired in the future since I’ve had to call in four times in the past already due to internet issues.

Skynet customer 1 year ago
I’m in zip code 77511 and my internet has been down for the last 5 hours. I’ve attempted to disconnect the router and plug it in again after leaving it disconnected for about 2 minutes and my router has a red light. I’m not sure what’s going on but hopefully it gets fixed soon because otherwise I can’t work since I work from home

mary rutigliano 2 years ago
Skynet down since Thursday, 7/27/21. Reset Sunday, 8/1/21, no help. Kilgore,tx. 75662


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