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Common problems are:

Internet 84%
TV 14%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

Affected cities:

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About Shentel

Shentel, is officially known as Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, and is a publicly traded telecommunications entity that is headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It runs a digital wireless and wireline network service for rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shentel operates its wireless division as a Sprint affiliate and serves over 1,006,874 subscribers. In 2016, Shentel acquired its competitor Ntelos for $640 million, getting 297,500 more subscribers.

Live reports

Twitter Suck_My_Niick

@Suck_My_Niick Oh shentel you’ve been cap cappin @Shentel with yo unverified ass, no wonder you charge for data

18.02.2020 22:02:13
Twitter JonFinley1

@JonFinley1 @Shentel The Gig one with unlimited Data

18.02.2020 18:17:48
Twitter JonFinley1

@JonFinley1 @Shentel Forest, VA

18.02.2020 18:16:11
Twitter JonFinley1

@JonFinley1 Dear @Shentel 10 mbps up is miserable, is there ANY way to get like at least 25?

18.02.2020 16:59:01
Twitter jacksonhuhn1

@jacksonhuhn1 @Shentel i used to get spikes in my video games that would go to 500 ping for like 3 seconds, i didn’t care about i…

18.02.2020 01:18:09
Twitter coltonmoon7

@coltonmoon7 @Shentel no internet in forest..

17.02.2020 18:38:14
Twitter OVOJordans

@OVOJordans @seanstefaniak @Shentel Yep till 4 am.

14.02.2020 05:37:08
Twitter seanstefaniak

@seanstefaniak @Shentel down again in Virginia? 24073 and 24141 down?

14.02.2020 05:24:50
Twitter MrReconnectRyan

@MrReconnectRyan @Lit_CandiesV2 @Shentel just get comcast

13.02.2020 23:17:09
Twitter Lit_CandiesV2

@Lit_CandiesV2 Can’t stand shentel wifi it goes out every couple hours they’re so useless @Shentel you’ve been offline more than online

13.02.2020 23:03:47
Twitter marketmettle

@marketmettle How will the @sprint - @TMobile mega-merger affect regional providers? @Shentel stands as one potential benefactor…

13.02.2020 14:15:13
Twitter SouperSide

@SouperSide Sorry @Shentel users, your crash tonight was my fault, was playing @TESOnline and quest for random dungeon for a fr…

13.02.2020 06:45:16
Twitter tamsalu97

@tamsalu97 @Shentel for the love of god can you peons fix the internet service in radford I’m about to lose my mind

11.02.2020 03:25:07
Twitter minisszn

@minisszn boycotting @Shentel

09.02.2020 04:07:17
Twitter minisszn

@minisszn @Shentel fix your internet please

09.02.2020 03:01:07
Twitter KirstenDrogo

@KirstenDrogo What the hell is going on with @Shentel internet this weekend? It keeps cutting out. It's happened at least 12 times in the last 24 hours!

08.02.2020 22:44:20
Twitter JustBlameMe2802

@JustBlameMe2802 It wouldn't be Friday night without a nice cold beer and a @shentel internet outage.

08.02.2020 01:50:14
Twitter Jacobsiner

@Jacobsiner I try not to curse much but @Shentel is about 90% of the reason I do sometimes

08.02.2020 00:58:29
Twitter rjroark

@rjroark @Shentel I guess I have my answer.

06.02.2020 00:16:52
Twitter dalekchaan

@dalekchaan @Shentel can you please let me switch to another isp? You are terrible. #monopoliesarebad

04.02.2020 03:15:58
Twitter __sayyestojess

@__sayyestojess RT @MajorMangos: @__sayyestojess It’s local :( ours gave us Shentel, and some website called

03.02.2020 01:09:18
Twitter MajorMangos

@MajorMangos @__sayyestojess It’s local :( ours gave us Shentel, and some website called

03.02.2020 01:05:20
Twitter rodneygalloway

@rodneygalloway @Shentel BEWARE... Shentel Took payment out of my bank account twice. This making me bounce six small checks costin…

02.02.2020 14:16:54
Twitter KevKsbrugh

@KevKsbrugh @Shentel been having download speed problems I'm on the 50mb unlimited plan. The speeds are so slow. Clifton Forge…

01.02.2020 17:26:44
Twitter Adocts

@Adocts @Snrgyy @Shentel Facts

01.02.2020 00:39:57
Twitter Snrgyy

@Snrgyy @Adocts @Shentel They need to get they shit together so you can stream :)

01.02.2020 00:39:07
Twitter Adocts

@Adocts @Snrgyy @Shentel My internet is shitting the bed right now..LOL

01.02.2020 00:38:45
Twitter Snrgyy

@Snrgyy @Adocts @Shentel Lmao what did they do

01.02.2020 00:22:37
Twitter Adocts

@Adocts fuck you @Shentel

01.02.2020 00:22:01
Twitter jdreichenbach

@jdreichenbach @Shentel @Fwest26 @verizon Shentel bought out BigSandy Broadband in Eastern Kentucky. Never had problems before bu…

31.01.2020 04:21:14