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Internet 91%
TV 8%
Phone 1%

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Shentel, is officially known as Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, and is a publicly traded telecommunications entity that is headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It runs a digital wireless and wireline network service for rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shentel operates its wireless division as a Sprint affiliate and serves over 1,006,874 subscribers. In 2016, Shentel acquired its competitor Ntelos for $640 million, getting 297,500 more subscribers.

Live reports

Twitter alexgarner55

@alexgarner55 Huge shoutout to @Shentel for fixing our WiFi issues free of charge 🤗 #SorryForComplaining

20.11.2019 16:04:16
Twitter RebaDeyerle

@RebaDeyerle @MeaganShelton @Shentel If you need me to call and help you fight anything, just let me know. I will make the time for you. 💜

18.11.2019 22:42:39
Twitter RebaDeyerle

@RebaDeyerle @MeaganShelton @Shentel Who is cable through? Did you ask to speak to their supervisor?

18.11.2019 22:38:47
Twitter slestergtx

@slestergtx @WDBJ7 No we have @shentel cable and we lose it every time. Out right now.

18.11.2019 16:03:01
Twitter StarbndSandwich

@StarbndSandwich @HTMLpage @Shentel I love my Shentel service too. As a streamer myself I wish the upload was higher on the packages…

16.11.2019 23:20:24
Twitter HoellywoodFN

@HoellywoodFN @Shentel Can y’all just get this technician to my house been without internet for no reason for almost 2 days thanks

14.11.2019 18:03:19
Twitter RMcCoy30

@RMcCoy30 @Shentel @KrysMcFly Nah. I got a voicemail the day before that was really broken up and choppy and I assumed it was…

14.11.2019 16:01:49
Twitter RMcCoy30

@RMcCoy30 @KrysMcFly And of course they were supposed to be here between 5-7 last night and never showed up. Thanks @Shentel

14.11.2019 12:34:09
Twitter Danielzilla

@Danielzilla @Shentel Run it to my house and I will gladly get it

14.11.2019 00:04:56
Twitter NapalmX_1

@NapalmX_1 RT @HoellywoodFN: @Shentel love how only mine and one other motem in my surrounding area went out and you can’t even get a technician here…

13.11.2019 21:45:22
Twitter ErikaSky11

@ErikaSky11 RT @Shentel: For a limited time, get a free gift card with every new Shentel service you add. Bundle Internet, Phone and Cable TV for up to…

13.11.2019 20:15:12
Twitter HoellywoodFN

@HoellywoodFN @Shentel love how only mine and one other motem in my surrounding area went out and you can’t even get a technician here till tomorrow

13.11.2019 18:44:55
Twitter CentralChartsEN

@CentralChartsEN $SHEN #SHENANDOAHTELECOM - Daily: @Shentel In the short term, there could be an acceleration of the basic bullish t…

12.11.2019 22:35:02
Twitter PoppySnoop

@PoppySnoop @Shentel i would if your wifi wasn’t terrible and i had at least a 5 upload speed

12.11.2019 20:14:54
Twitter farahhkristinee

@farahhkristinee @Shentel my wifi keeps cutting out every 15 minutes. fix this please 😡

12.11.2019 06:33:36
Twitter TravisLeeHarri3

@TravisLeeHarri3 @Shentel That's okay thank you, it came back after an hour or so so it may have been just me. Thanks for your respo…

12.11.2019 06:07:53
Twitter CryptoSage

@CryptoSage @Shentel internet down. Guess I should take my happy butt to bed for the night. Night all!

12.11.2019 05:48:14
Twitter JoshuaSteffey1

@JoshuaSteffey1 @Shentel internet down again in lebanon va

12.11.2019 05:35:26
Twitter MountainXeer

@MountainXeer @Shentel Ok, for the past month though there have been almost weekly issues. This is getting ridiculous.

11.11.2019 19:53:35
Twitter MountainXeer

@MountainXeer @Shentel When will outage be resolved in Bedford County VA? Been offline for an hour already... both my wife and I work from home

11.11.2019 17:49:04
Twitter ATrancucci

@ATrancucci @Shentel i would like to also complain about your disgustingly unprofessional customer service member “David”. Horr…

11.11.2019 03:49:47
Twitter ATrancucci

@ATrancucci @Shentel hey no internet here in Christiansburg, VA. Called this morning and you guys helped me reset stuff but it’…

11.11.2019 03:29:29
Twitter coltonmoon7

@coltonmoon7 @Shentel Is internet still down in forest va? Hasn’t worked since Thursday evening.

09.11.2019 16:44:52
Twitter sparkyxpo

@sparkyxpo RT @baileysb16: Thank you, @Shentel, for keeping me from watching the @WVUhoops game tonight because it’s blacked out online because I’m in…

09.11.2019 02:29:11
Twitter baileysb16

@baileysb16 Thank you, @Shentel, for keeping me from watching the @WVUhoops game tonight because it’s blacked out online becaus…

09.11.2019 00:02:39
Twitter HTMLpage

@HTMLpage @Shentel I haven't had any issues lately out of my internet. When we do we normally give Shentel a call and it's fi…

08.11.2019 22:42:24
Twitter BetterForNow

@BetterForNow @Shentel Radford VA 24141 is that enough info? It’s still going on this morning.

08.11.2019 12:33:18
Twitter Bob0738

@Bob0738 @Shentel Is there an outage in the town of Bedford,VA? I do not have service.

08.11.2019 05:37:00
Twitter Tfalwell

@Tfalwell @Shentel ETA on the broken firmware provided by @Arris that breaks network bridge in your modems? It has been month…

08.11.2019 03:20:30
Twitter BetterForNow

@BetterForNow @Shentel what’s going on guys!? Yesterday and today the internet is in and out, literally, making it useless. No st…

08.11.2019 00:53:20