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Internet 86%
TV 12%
Phone 2%

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Shentel, is officially known as Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, and is a publicly traded telecommunications entity that is headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It runs a digital wireless and wireline network service for rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shentel operates its wireless division as a Sprint affiliate and serves over 1,006,874 subscribers. In 2016, Shentel acquired its competitor Ntelos for $640 million, getting 297,500 more subscribers.

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Twitter Thexare

@Thexare @Shentel why did you all discontinue DSL in Woodstock? I think there's something wrong with our cable hookups and I'd like stable internet.

12.12.2019 03:30:15
Twitter Look_ComeOn

@Look_ComeOn @Shentel @CBSSportsNet @CBSSports @LibertyFootball @CureBowl Campbell County

11.12.2019 16:23:31
Twitter Look_ComeOn

@Look_ComeOn @Shentel does your cable package not have @CBSSportsNet @CBSSports? Are we not going to be able to watch…

11.12.2019 11:50:11
Twitter TickerStick

@TickerStick @Shentel YES you've been here and been her and been here and the last one said I need a new line and he'd put in th…

10.12.2019 12:06:45
Twitter Kweena_

@Kweena_ @shentel really needs to get their internet services together. i have the fastest package they offer in my area yet…

10.12.2019 08:34:17
Twitter TickerStick

@TickerStick .@Shentel is shit tel, here I sit AGAIN with internet dropping. So sick of all the excuses when the last tech guy s…

09.12.2019 13:07:38
Twitter Smitty2117

@Smitty2117 The key to stopping companies like @Shentel from exploiting rural poverty and isolation is to have these communitie…

07.12.2019 04:28:10
Twitter CoyPowers

@CoyPowers Been 5 days since my last update. @Shentel still hasn't gotten to us.

02.12.2019 21:35:51
Twitter XdEast

@XdEast @Shentel Bring internet to my area plz

30.11.2019 22:41:43
Twitter leopercer

@leopercer Thank you, @Shentel, for your exceptional customer service! I always get the help I need when I call, and I am grateful! #ShentelShines

30.11.2019 18:55:11
Twitter MelissaGridley

@MelissaGridley @Shentel Are you down in the Appomattox area?

30.11.2019 17:32:04