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Common problems are:

Internet 83%
TV 15%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%

Affected cities:

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About Shentel

Shentel, is officially known as Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, and is a publicly traded telecommunications entity that is headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It runs a digital wireless and wireline network service for rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shentel operates its wireless division as a Sprint affiliate and serves over 1,006,874 subscribers. In 2016, Shentel acquired its competitor Ntelos for $640 million, getting 297,500 more subscribers.

Live reports

Twitter darbianSRL

@darbianSRL @Shentel Dealing with some frustratingly slow / non-responsive upload capability for extended times during the the…

01.06.2020 01:06:42
Twitter Christinelpearl

@Christinelpearl @Shentel And why is the responsibility on me to call for a credit? Y’all have a well documented proof that my servi…

31.05.2020 21:35:06
Twitter Christinelpearl

@Christinelpearl @Shentel Yeah if only the person I talked to friday had let me sign up for a visit then. Maybe I wouldn’t have to w…

31.05.2020 21:34:19
Twitter Christinelpearl

@Christinelpearl @Shentel has to be the worst cable company ever. The cable hasn’t worked in over a week, the guy I talked to Fri re…

31.05.2020 14:47:54
Twitter itsHamiii

@itsHamiii Shentel is the worst internet service provider in the world. Literally it is unreal. @Shentel you’ve never gotten i…

29.05.2020 04:59:12
Twitter RoanokeAustin

@RoanokeAustin RT @RoanokeChamber: Craig Venable from @Shentel joined us on today's Chamber Chat to discuss their entrance into the Roanoke market, a new…

27.05.2020 15:06:43
Twitter RoanokeChamber

@RoanokeChamber Craig Venable from @Shentel joined us on today's Chamber Chat to discuss their entrance into the Roanoke market, a…

27.05.2020 14:45:39
Twitter BetterForNow

@BetterForNow @Shentel okay guys what is going on in radford y’all have been down and horrible for three days now I can’t do any…

27.05.2020 01:06:06
Twitter RettPXP

@RettPXP @Shentel any update on the Virginia outage?

26.05.2020 04:26:50
Twitter Lilc1973

@Lilc1973 Anyone use @Shentel ISP and run their own modem? Or any carrier but run your own modem for that matter? If so which modem?

24.05.2020 21:26:10
Twitter markvhri

@markvhri @Shentel Hi is your system down? We are unable to connect for two days now and we are having a problem getting in touch with you.

24.05.2020 06:05:17
Twitter TC_Baby_

@TC_Baby_ @Shentel I hate you

24.05.2020 01:31:49
Twitter ShellyL73637520

@ShellyL73637520 @sapinker You know the deep state aka Illuminati is toast&you are freaking out Luciferian/I worked for the evil hou…

22.05.2020 23:55:32
Twitter TremendousRage

@TremendousRage @Fr4gs__ @Shentel i thought you had fios?

22.05.2020 23:20:32
Twitter Fr4gs__

@Fr4gs__ I'd appreciate it if you did provide me with terrible internet @Shentel

22.05.2020 22:55:06
Twitter KevKsbrugh

@KevKsbrugh @Shentel @HISTORY Did you know that internet in Clifton Forge va is not working at the moment

22.05.2020 12:22:58
Twitter AnonymousBlogYo

@AnonymousBlogYo @Shentel why yo internet cutting in and out in VA rn

22.05.2020 04:46:24
Twitter ronald_809_

@ronald_809_ @DiaMariesbeat @richie_anaya 3rd 5G city, or news about @Shentel

21.05.2020 01:07:10
Twitter ShellyL73637520

@ShellyL73637520 @Shentel is run by the deep state aka Illuminati and tied to the main house of cards in the NGO arena @AFPIHQ ... R…

20.05.2020 15:53:36
Twitter ShellyL73637520

@ShellyL73637520 Monopoly @Shentel since 1983 a status given by Judge Green/I was framed by the deep state for knowing they were dum…

20.05.2020 15:51:15
Twitter acioletti04

@acioletti04 @Glaedrsflame I’m not paying @Shentel another dime. They already rip us off lol. Gotta love monopoly’s 🙄

20.05.2020 00:42:23
Twitter peachypr1ncess

@peachypr1ncess love when a door to door @Shentel salesman knocks, I don’t answer, and he proceeds to PULL ON MY DOORKNOB. unacceptable

19.05.2020 21:14:22
Twitter BamaGirl1969

@BamaGirl1969 Hey @Shentel! I’m having a terrible time trying to get my cable and internet installed. It’s been three weeks since…

18.05.2020 16:13:04
Twitter gamercop556

@gamercop556 @Shentel Will you guys suggest anything other than resetting modem or having a technician come out? Because I don’t…

15.05.2020 18:58:11
Twitter fmojeda

@fmojeda @Shentel It came back on. Was out for maybe 15 minutes.

15.05.2020 00:35:32
Twitter fmojeda

@fmojeda @Shentel is there an internet outage in Christiansburg area?

14.05.2020 22:48:55
Twitter dalekchaan

@dalekchaan @Shentel I really hope that someday there’s a way I can switch to another isp. You guys are garbage. My internet ha…

14.05.2020 04:08:08
Twitter ImKevinFoster

@ImKevinFoster @Shentel I need a review in writing of what changes were made to my account via Customer Service telephone call 5/1…

13.05.2020 18:04:58
Twitter mbellamy1028

@mbellamy1028 @Shentel Disney+ not working while using Shentel. Works on everything else.

13.05.2020 00:32:58
Twitter gamercop556

@gamercop556 @Shentel PLEASE can I have an answer as to why I am unable to stream onto Twitch without dropping frames?! I pay $2…

12.05.2020 15:34:01