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Ivars k strautins 7 months ago
My check tel line light on my Phone is flashing it been for last 4 days or so indicating a connection issue or defective equipment 4860 lehnenburg road kintnersville pa 18930

Michael Franks 8 months ago
No Internet it went down around 7:45 PM eastern time for Bethlehem, PA. Service electric is the provider.

Chief Barbara Stebulis 8 months ago
Total blackout Revere pa 18953. Seriously affecting EMS. UNABLE TO ACCESS BUILDING. 8716 Easton Rd. Please prioritize this address.

Jenn 11 months ago
No internet No cable 17851

Sally Swaldi 11 months ago
17851 internet and TV down 6 22 23

Sherry 2 years ago
17872-Shamokin Last night my internet was going out several times over a two hour period. Now it has started again.

Kurt stevens 2 years ago
My internet act so odd, Its keeping on and off many times for few weeks so annoying. Well I can't playing video games online of that. I don't appreciate that. Please fix it. Sunbury, PA 17801

Debbie 2 years ago
Tv or internet isn't working today Blackstone Va 23824

Jim 2 years ago
Multiple channels displaying “problem with the signal on this channel. Trying again. V53”

Jo 2 years ago
Coopersburg 18036 without internet since yesterday afternoon????

Angie 2 years ago
Wilkes Barre, our internet goes in and out all multiple times a day. It is not the router. I wish another isp would move in! We don't get the speeds we pay for as it is, let alone the constant drops offs.

Dan 2 years ago
Hazleton, 18201. Internet has been dropping on an off last two days. What's the problem?

Sarah 2 years ago
19518 Our Wifi has been wonky for days. The kids are doing school on Ipads and constantly are unplugging the router to try to get it working again.

Diane 2 years ago
Since IDA we have had spotty coverage or complete outage, which is to be expected. It came back on for awhile on Thursday, but went out last night and still out this morning (Friday). Hopefully they have staff to get things back on track today.

Alex Sanchez 2 years ago
18015 Bethlehem. The internet service is up and down since a couple of days. Service Electric don't have any report of problems with the service. Service Electric again.

Sylvia lantz 2 years ago
Internet service has been up and down frequently during the past 5 days. Dorneyville Cetronia area 18104

Jim Salvatoriello 3 years ago
The tv signal keeps getting worse programs get interrupted every few minutes

Barbara Basile 3 years ago
18031 Breinigsville - my cable has been pulled down and totally disconnected maybe by tall vehicle?

Startzel 3 years ago
Easton 18040 We are in Kesslersville, Northampton Co PA and no TV or internet since 4:30 pm Friday!! We pay $200 a month for this service!!!

RJ 3 years ago
Internet keeps dropping for brief periods. This has happened a couple times within the past couple months. Definitely an ISP issue. (07419 - Hamburg)


About Service Electric

Service Electric is more officially known as Service-Electric Cable TV, Inc. or SECTV. It is a cable television company which covers the Eastern Pennsylvanian and Western New Jersey area using three local affiliates. Service Electric offers its customers broadband Internet and telephone services through two of their partner companies: PenTeleData and Ironton Telephone. They cover Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Hunterdon and Warren counties in New Jersey and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities in Luzerne County.
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There were a total of 2 outages at Service Electric. The most frequently affected cities were: Oklahoma City
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There were a total of 2 outages at Service Electric. The most frequently affected cities were: Philadelphia

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