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Dillon 10 months ago
Outage at 12:45 pm in hot springs 71913 by the mt pine junction

Dillon 10 months ago
Outage at 12:45 pm in hot springs 71913 by the mt pine junction

Tosha 11 months ago
71901/71913: CHECK Y'ALL INTERNET.. MINE JUST CAME BACK ONLINE!!! finally!!!! 7:36 a.m. (Hot Springs, Ar)

Do 11 months ago
Back on guys

Larry's cum bucket 11 months ago
Listen I'm pissed off I haven't had internet for 6 hours and 23 1/2 minutes, I am beyond pissed but I'll tell you right now someone point me to who I need to have to give a handjob or two so I can get my shit up and running because I am beyond mad! Better believe that!!

SD 11 months ago
If they would run their cables underground we wouldn’t have these issues. We pay enough for services they should have plenty of money to upgrade.

Dee 11 months ago
Hot Springs 71913 Internet out at 12:30 am Still out at 7:15 am The most insulting part is there is no information from resort as to why it's out or when it may be restored.

Echo 11 months ago
Hey some of my girls specially the new ones don't know all the best oral techniques so they have to watch YouTube videos or whatever they can find we can't do that without the internet how am I supposed to have a money grossing brothel without professionals knowing how to give good old-fashioned oral and God damn Debbie cannot do that without watching a how to video on PornHub please help!

Dee 11 months ago
Hot Springs 71913 Internet went off around 12:30 am. Called and was on hold 30 min. Finally hung up. I'm sick & in pain. I need my TV on to occupy my mind. My earlier post is no longer on here, wonder why it wasn't rude! Anyway I'm going to call again but it makes me nervous listening to music, looks like they could record some information to give us. I'm so sorry for those who need their internet for work.

Echo 11 months ago
I run a fast paced brothel my girls need something to watch in the meantime

Tosha 11 months ago
71901/71913: Just called again (6:55 a.m.) and lady said there's still no estimated time of repair.. She said there's thousands of outages right now and they receive word from their business office. I guess business office ain't telling them anything either.. Resort, this is SO UNPROFESSIONAL!! Get it together! We should all be requesting some sort of compensation or discount from our monthly bill.. SOMETHING! This is crazy, and to those saying they have to work.. me too. It sucks and they're not telling us anything. I personally don't even think they have even started working on the issue yet. There's no telling how long our internet will be down! They should have some type of contingency plan in place for something like this.. There's no reason you have a corporation and are leaving your customers in the dark, as well as not correcting the problem in a timely manner. They act like a Mom and Pop shop, except most Mom and Pop shop's do better and treat their customers better than this! Mind blowing..

Fizygoat 11 months ago
71956, 6:53am still down. They shouldnt charge for downtime. This is ridiculous. Its been hours.

Tosha 11 months ago
71901/71913: Internet been down since 1 a.m. I was on hold with tech support for 2 hours, finally getting an answer around 3 a.m. Ms.NoInfo, Ms. Rude, Ms.Attitude, MRS. I'm-Ghettolicious lady said she doesn't have etr or anything with a straight attitude, and I asked; Are they at least working on it? She said yes.. But I feel at this point their probably not even going to start until they open at 7:30 IMO.. Calling again now, so will probably be on hold another hour or two. However, if I can actually get info from someone who is a little more professional at their job, I'll post another comment and let y'all know. This is beyond ridiculous at this point..

Shelly 11 months ago
6:40 Am, no update! The internet has been out since almost midnight and I have to work at 7! I work from home! There is always some bs with these guys! But what do we do? Will they give us credits for this massive FU?

I’m upset 11 months ago
6:30 and been out since midnight no updates nobody is saying anything I don’t understand ?

Darin 11 months ago
6:17 a.m. still no update. If you comment please consider including a time for those of us checking back here at this comment thread. Thanks. We're all in this together.

Rebecca 11 months ago
It's been hours and tech support certainly isnt answering would be nice to know what's going on.

Shelly 11 months ago
ETR was 4 am.. it is after 6 .. can’t get through to them. I have not seen a single truck or tech in my area! Hot Springs 71901

Donald 11 months ago
It’s been hours! Internet still down! I work from home and this is gonna be very bad! 71901 Hot Springs

Drew 11 months ago
What is going on ????


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Resort Cable TV is a small and local American telecommunications firm offering internet service solely within the state of Arkansas. The cable internet from Resort Cable TV is made available to an estimated 77,000 locals, which makes it the 60th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Their services have packages which include up to 267 Digital Cable channels with online access to 'Watch TV Everywhere', with speeds up to 50 Mbps so customers can stream movies, watch HD shows, or play vidoe games all at the same time.
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