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Monroe 1 week ago
Internet service is not working. It’s been down for the last 3 hours in zip code 10002.

Jw 9 months ago
Frequent outages 60712 for the last month. No notifications

Stephen Nadas 9 months ago
No internet since sometime between 340PM and 530PM est and now (825PM). Cable modem can't connect. Arlington, MA 02476

S.M. 10 months ago
18103 Allentown, PA I just lost internet a few minutes ago. I think the road crew in the development (Clearview Manor) may have gotten too close to a line.

KC 11 months ago
RCN Down at Skokie 60076! No Good :-(

Andriy 1 year ago
No internet in Naperville, 60565, several hours already.

Jay 1 year ago
RCN is having frequent outages in Naperville area 60564, ranges from few minutes to hours. Since transfer from WOW, the reliability has gone down significantly. Fix it or loose the customers..

L 1 year ago
What caused RC outage in Naperville 60564 on July 21, 2022?

Bob 1 year ago
RCN took over for WOW! last month and it has been TERRIBLE!!! Internet was completely out for a week. They blamed customer equipment, but it was a DHCP and possible IPv4 setup on their end. I still see errors for DHCP reply containing invalid info along with other errors that I never had with WOW!. The the cable TV started acting up and now is digitizing all over the place. Digitizes more with programs with movement like action movies. Now I also see that internet speeds vary based on web site. Do they throttle the speed based on web site? Certain sites get priority? They are either deliberate or incompetent or both. Mount Prospect IL. 60056

Kazan 1 year ago
60563 Naperville. All services, internet, cable TV, phone, down multiple times since Astound merged former WOW customers. Total blackout again since May 31, 2022, 3 days in a row with no services. Other neighbors are affected but Astound says it's not their problem & can't send a tech until June 8!!

Bill 1 year ago
Wow internet phone down for over a week customer service non existence no one can help lots of finger pointing never had this problem with wow

sharon p. 1 year ago
Internet is still down in Brooklyn, 11201. Customer support tech said this area is still affected, not sure why it's saying here that there's no known outages, because there is one still at 2am on 4/27.

sharon p. 1 year ago
internet down since 8pm in 11201 (brooklyn nyc)

Mike 1 year ago
Persistently unstable internet all evening, Washington D.C., 20005

Richard 1 year ago
RCN internet down in 60614.

Jordan 1 year ago
RCN internet down in Chicago 60657

Chicago 1 year ago
RCN down in Chicago

Stephanie 1 year ago
Internet keeps dropping intermittently all week. RCN reps claim is a city wide issue and dont know when problem will be fixed. Do reach out to RCN to provide credit ($15) if you are being affected by outage. Chicago 60653

Rachel Massay 1 year ago
Internet been down for two hrs. Now! They keep saying it’s an outage in the area

Tiandre Osborne 1 year ago
Internet is down for no apparent reason! Washington DC 20020


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RCN offers broadband internet, TV and phone services. RCN has customers in Boston, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Washington, DC and Chicago. RCN (Residential Communications Network) was originally founded in the year 1993 by Developer David McCourt and Peter Kiewit Sons Inc., Omaha Construction Company.
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Reported outages on 27.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at RCN. The most frequently affected cities were: Chicago
Reported outages on 26.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at RCN. The most frequently affected cities were: Bethlehem
Reported outages on 25.09.2023:
There were a total of 2 outages at RCN. The most frequently affected cities were: Oklahoma City, Chicago
Reported outages on 24.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at RCN. The most frequently affected cities were: Brookline
Reported outages on 21.09.2023:
There were a total of 3 outages at RCN. The most frequently affected cities were: New York, Indianapolis, Evanston

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