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Jeff Sanders 3 months ago
Internet outage in Cheney since this morning. 99004 (Cheney)

Jake 3 months ago
Internet has been out for 24hours now 99004 Cheney

Isa 3 months ago
WiFi is out Cheney, Wa

Dustin birkland 4 months ago
Service in deer park 99006 is out

CullenL 5 months ago
Internet in and out in Cheney WA since yesterday

Dawna 6 months ago
No internet since yesterday afternoon. Called this morning and was told that they are having issues with upstream provider with no ETA of restoration.

Luke 6 months ago
Very spotty internet access since yesterday evening. Deer Park, WA (99006).

Michael 6 months ago
Mead 99021 Ptera down again for 18 hours. No courtesy emails on being down, problems or service restoration. They need to change their blurb to "Ptera, unreliable service and no customer appreciation"

Sandi Nicol 6 months ago
Very spotty to no internet at all since yesterday afternoon 99005

Karen 6 months ago
Extremely slow, intermittent internet since yesterday. 99003

Dustin Birkland 6 months ago
No Internet since yesterday in 99006 area

Sherri 6 months ago
99212 No internet for 14 hrs now.

Facebook 7 months ago
They posted on FB that a fiber line was cut and they are fixing it. That was about 3 hours ago

Just Call Them 7 months ago
There's a service outage effecting all customers. Call them at 509 927 7837 as they do not check this site...

Nathan 7 months ago
No Internet for hours now.. 99005

Hoffnagle-Miche 7 months ago
Spokane 99217 Internet has been down for hours, please send information about the problem and how it’s being resolved. Why hasn’t there been an email sent?

Michael 7 months ago
No service, no notice from provider on issues or when service will be restored. Mead 99021

Patrick 7 months ago
Mead - 99021: internet down for last 2 hours

Sharon 7 months ago
Spokane 99208. Having issues with outage since about 11am.

Isaac H 7 months ago
Cheney, 99004. Internet has been out for near 3 days. Internet has been on 2 times once at 4 am Friday and once this morning around 7.


About Ptera

Ptera is a known internet service provider, dedicated to offering stable and reliable internet connectivity solutions to its customers. While Ptera strives to maintain an uninterrupted service, certain challenges related to technology and network infrastructure are sometimes inevitable.

Potential Network-Related Disruptions with Ptera:

1. Intermittent Connectivity: There might be occasions where users face unexpected service breaks, leading to a temporary loss of internet access.
2. Bandwidth Constraints: During peak usage times or unforeseen spikes in traffic, the bandwidth might be stretched thin, resulting in slower internet speeds for some users.
3. DNS Issues: Problems associated with the Domain Name System (DNS) could prevent users from accessing certain websites or online platforms.
4. Elevated Latency: Higher latency or ping can adversely affect real-time online activities, particularly for gamers or those engaged in video conferencing.

Tips for Ptera Subscribers:

1. Stay Informed: Regularly check Ptera's official communication channels or website for updates on any ongoing outages or known issues.
2. Invest in Reliable Hardware: Using a high-quality modem and router and keeping them updated can significantly improve connection stability.
3. Regular Restarts: Periodically restarting your modem and router can help rectify minor connectivity issues and rejuvenate your internet connection.
4. Contact Support: If you consistently face connectivity challenges, it's advisable to get in touch with Ptera's customer support for professional help and recommendations.

By staying updated and being proactive, subscribers of Ptera can ensure a smoother and more dependable online experience, even when faced with occasional network disruptions.

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