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JP Avatar

JP 1 month ago
Down in Cheney 99004

Christina  Avatar

Christina 1 month ago

Jairus Avatar

Jairus 1 month ago
Down in cheney 99004

Patricia Cox Avatar

Patricia Cox 1 month ago
Down in Cheney 99004

Gural Avatar

Gural 1 month ago

Grant Avatar

Grant 1 month ago
Down in Cheney

KC Avatar

KC 2 months ago
Unplugged router and reset, but still no internet.

Risa Avatar

Risa 2 months ago
Super Slow speeds and keeps shutting off in DeerPark 99006

Jess J Avatar

Jess J 2 months ago
Internet is down in Cheney WA

Sam Avatar

Sam 3 months ago
99004 Cheney

Maddy Avatar

Maddy 3 months ago
No internet Cheney

Cullen L. Avatar

Cullen L. 4 months ago
No Internet Cheney WA 99004

kyle cotten Avatar

kyle cotten 4 months ago
83814 internet out now and intermittent last couple weeks

Pissed off day trader Avatar

Pissed off day trader 5 months ago
Cheney internet down for over 24 hours now. They deleted my support ticket without commenting, no follow up, no call. Real professional let me tell ya.

amber Avatar

amber 5 months ago
99223 internet out since 7am

Lori Chuba Avatar

Lori Chuba 5 months ago
99023 Mica WA internet down

Matt Avatar

Matt 5 months ago
Internet down 99004 Cheney

Zach Avatar

Zach 5 months ago
Clayton is down, 99110

Cullen L. Avatar

Cullen L. 5 months ago
Internet is down in Cheney WA as of 6:30 AM, 12/14/22

D Avatar

D 11 months ago
99021 internet speed is intermittent 6/7/22


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Ptera is the most reliable and fast internet service provider in Eastern Washington. Ptera has received renowned awards for its phenomenal work. One can take up the speed test via the tool available. Ptera’s high-speed internet plans start at just $45.

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Reported outages on 26.05.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Ptera. The most frequently affected cities were: Spokane