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Lou Ann 3 days ago
My internet has gone on & off for an hour in Blanchard, Ok. It’s so frustrating to pay a fortune each month for unreliable internet service. I’ve had trouble since day one:(

Archi 3 days ago
73010 out from 12am-2+

Doug 2 months ago
Woodward 73737 Get the full gig fiber and in two days time it went down, why is it so hard to find good internet these days, thought pioneer was the option but maybe I should keep looking…

Curtis Wilson 5 months ago
Internet out again

Sandra Thomas 6 months ago
580 Cannot call out or receive calls on my cell phone with pioneer.

Hannah 8 months ago
Pioneer is literally the worst internet providers you can get. You have a better chance at getting service from a rock in the middle of bum nowhere than from them. Horrible service and I’m convinced the owner doesn’t even have brain cells.

Bmcdevitt 8 months ago
No internet after storm. Comanche. 73529

shawn 8 months ago
had severe rain & lightning in area now internet down. 73766 pond creek,Ok

Ron Taylor 9 months ago
No service Clinton Ok

Joe 9 months ago
Fort Cobb, 73038 - Unable to place cellular calls. No connection.

Joe 9 months ago
Unable to place or receive cellular phone calls. Can receive/send texts.

Kin 11 months ago
Says wifi is connected, but when trying to use nothing is available. Unplugged and plugged in. Weatherford, OK 73096

Don h 11 months ago
My internet in Canton ok. 73724 has Always been slow. Pioneer dug up yard and put a box on house without my knowledge. After all that, the internet is sketchy. Everyday there is a problem. Keeps losing connection. I am Not getting my money's worth.

Joe 1 year ago
No incoming or outgoing cellular calls on 10/29/22 at 73038, Ft. Cobb, OK

Jerry Swart 1 year ago
No tv or phone 73718 ames


About Pioneer Telephone Cooperative

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is a recognized internet service provider (ISP) that delivers a range of communication services to its customers. As with most ISPs, certain disruptions in their services might arise from time to time, potentially impacting the quality or accessibility of internet connections.

Potential Network-Related Disruptions with Pioneer Telephone Cooperative:

1. Service Interruptions: Unplanned outages can take place due to technical glitches, routine maintenance, or unforeseen circumstances.
2. Slowed Internet Speeds: During peak traffic hours, users might experience speeds that are slower than their subscribed rates.
3. DNS Issues: Problems related to DNS can prevent websites from loading accurately or may cause delays when accessing online platforms.
4. Connectivity Drops: Users could experience sporadic connection drops, which may require them to reboot their modems or routers.

Guidance for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Users:

1. Stay Informed: Regularly visit Pioneer Telephone Cooperative's official website or their communication channels to get updates on service status or planned maintenance.
2. Maintain Equipment: Ensure that your modem, router, and any connected devices are functioning properly and have the latest updates.
3. Monitor Your Speed: Use trusted speed test tools to ensure you're getting the internet speeds you've subscribed for.
4. Contact Support: If persistent connectivity problems arise, get in touch with Pioneer Telephone Cooperative's customer support for troubleshooting and assistance.

By staying updated and adopting a proactive approach, users can reduce potential disruptions and enjoy a consistent online experience with Pioneer Telephone Cooperative.

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Reported outages on 20.02.2024:
There were a total of 5 outages at Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. The most frequently affected cities were: Sapulpa, Oklahoma City
Reported outages on 18.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Pioneer Telephone Cooperative. The most frequently affected cities were:

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