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Chris 2 months ago
Internet down 72762 Fayetteville/Tontitown borderline.

Dylan 4 months ago
West fork 72774. Internet cutting out intermittently

Wyatt Dean 6 months ago
72704 no internet 12/3/23

Andrew 1 year ago
No internet 72762 Tontitown

Stephanie 1 year ago
Out of internet 72753

Renee 1 year ago
Down 72717

Anon 1 year ago
Down in 72766

Eric 1 year ago
Internet is down 72762 tontitown

Brock McIntosh 1 year ago
Internet is down 72773

Polly 1 year ago
72701 Fayetteville streaming services aren’t working

Billings 1 year ago
My TV signal is down 16512Malico Mountain Road 72774

Cosmos 1 year ago
Internet keeps disconnecting randomly.

Julian b clark 1 year ago
Fayetteville ark 72701. None of my streaming services are working. Includes Netflix. Paramount prime and hulu


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OzarksGo is an internet service provider located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. OzarksGo is basically a telecommunications subsidiary of Ozarks Electric Cooperative and currently offers all-fiber gigabit internet, TV and telephone services at a reasonable price. If any issue keeps ongoing one can directly report the outages.
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