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Common problems are:

Internet 81%
TV 17%
Phone 2%
Website 1%

Affected cities:

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About Optimum (Cablevision)

Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

Live reports

Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @SarahJGreenberg @optimum @hbomax @OptimumHelp Also I see you are a twitch streamer so they’re fucking…

24.01.2021 04:24:19
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @SarahJGreenberg @optimum @hbomax @OptimumHelp They literally replied to other people and completely ig…

24.01.2021 04:22:00
Twitter RichPito123

@RichPito123 @MatthewNanop51 @optimum Managers are always in meetings. Lol

24.01.2021 04:18:08
Twitter bers3rk_tv

@bers3rk_tv @SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @optimum @hbomax @OptimumHelp So all day today every 5 to 15 min connection drops. T…

24.01.2021 04:17:29
Twitter RichPito123

@RichPito123 @Cg84492932 @optimum They have the same standard reply. Always DM us.

24.01.2021 04:14:55
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax @OptimumHelp Yes. They always tell me it’s probably because my device is…

24.01.2021 04:11:06
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax @optimum @OptimumHelp explain why you guys just say to DM you to help…

24.01.2021 04:05:43
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Through it again. Then after I said can you check on your end for the…

24.01.2021 03:58:56
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax They outsource their call centers outside of the US, the last time th…

24.01.2021 03:53:29
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Just inexcusable. I’ve been waiting for a customer service rep for 45 mi…

24.01.2021 03:40:47
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax No I’m in Brooklyn, but no fios. Some areas have it, but not mine unfortunately.

24.01.2021 03:39:05
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Just the reports from customers on going right now on just this site.…

24.01.2021 03:38:39
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax town of Brookhaven I’m guessing? They have it so they are the only ch…

24.01.2021 03:37:15
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax That’s the problem. Optimum is the ONLY option in my neighborhood.

24.01.2021 03:35:08
Twitter FakeAccount_01

@FakeAccount_01 Why is @optimum so baddddddddd

24.01.2021 03:33:19
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @SarahJGreenberg @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax The problem is on your end and we can’t connect to your modem. This m…

24.01.2021 03:31:56
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Just reports from customers today on just one website. This one and many others have h…

24.01.2021 03:31:52
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Here’s just one website that shows how bad their service is. Reports come directly fro…

24.01.2021 03:31:48
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg RT @Nicolempearson: @optimum I fucking hate you

24.01.2021 03:26:49
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax Absolute worst. Can’t watch live sports. This is my connection right now.

24.01.2021 03:22:53
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @OptimumHelp @optimum why do I pay $127/month for this?

24.01.2021 03:19:47
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior @bers3rk_tv @optimum @hbomax They literally don’t care at all. Internet is down all the time, I have had no interne…

24.01.2021 03:10:12
Twitter lacexwarrior

@lacexwarrior RT @JayLColon: @optimum My internet is out, your technical support is horrible... on top of that you are trying to charge me $80 to fix a p…

24.01.2021 03:05:58
Twitter SarahJGreenberg

@SarahJGreenberg @optimum you are trash that ruins everything.

24.01.2021 03:01:07
Twitter JamieDee_3

@JamieDee_3 @optimum Sorry my WiFi cut out. We changed provider, thanks!

24.01.2021 02:41:55
Twitter YaBoiDeweyy

@YaBoiDeweyy @llKevi @optimum yeah bro my shit from optimum is fucked too, they won’t cross the hudson with fiber lines so i’m stuck without it

24.01.2021 02:25:07
Twitter Cg84492932

@Cg84492932 @kim8092 @optimum Same here!! Tech went went to the wrong house after I stayed home all damn day 10-8 now I have to…

24.01.2021 02:14:16
Twitter servicesdown_

@servicesdown_ 🔔 #Optimum down? 🔗 Real-time status: 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #OptimumDown…

24.01.2021 02:14:05
Twitter Cg84492932

@Cg84492932 @optimum y’all have the WORST customer service !! Waited all day (10-8!!) for a damn technician just to be told at…

24.01.2021 02:11:56
Twitter blasianFMA

@blasianFMA yall... @optimum how are you all going to be the internet provider and your website doesn't work? You all are the F…

24.01.2021 00:43:31