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Internet 81%
TV 16%
Website 2%
Phone 1%

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About Optimum (Cablevision)

Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

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Twitter venikotik

@venikotik @eddies04 @optimum @OptimumHelp wait you were able to get a hold of someone on the phone? The system keeps telling…

01.06.2020 02:49:29
Twitter l0_raine

@l0_raine Fucking @optimum suck all the money you pay and cant even get a customer service! Really need to switch my service

01.06.2020 02:30:58
Twitter AfricanDollXoxo

@AfricanDollXoxo I’m so infuriated with @optimum right now. In the last 12 hours I have called for support no less than 20 times and…

01.06.2020 02:26:11
Twitter delaneyehowe

@delaneyehowe @optimum why are you such a terrible internet provider?

01.06.2020 02:23:57

@DETAILZZBTW @optimum @OptimumHelp I pay for optimum 300 and recently I have not been getting what I'm paying for! This is compl…

01.06.2020 02:22:15
Twitter StarrKatz

@StarrKatz @optimum @OptimumHelp Terrible customer service. Terrible Wi-Fi connection on a daily basis. Wish we had more opti…

01.06.2020 02:17:14
Twitter keanotto

@keanotto very convenient time for @optimum to be having both an internet AND tv outage at the same time.. 🧐

01.06.2020 02:16:37

@DETAILZZBTW @theDVSgneeus @optimum Right with ya brother!!!!

01.06.2020 02:12:14
Twitter HighSierraMan

@HighSierraMan @showbiz411 @optimum @AlticeUSA @HighSierraMan I'm not usually the early adopter but in this case I cut the cable c…

01.06.2020 01:58:28
Twitter showbiz411

@showbiz411 Just so you know, it worked out okay cutting the @optimum cord. Cable box died, no place to go to swap it out, 6 da…

01.06.2020 01:50:35
Twitter jahochen

@jahochen @optimum I just upgraded to 400mbps and still only get around 200mbps

01.06.2020 01:29:07
Twitter Trini_Delight

@Trini_Delight OKAY @optimum !!! Tomorrow y’all gonna hear it from me cuz this is ridiculous !!!

01.06.2020 01:19:00
Twitter Poetic_Legacy

@Poetic_Legacy @optimum Altice is trash. Connections is constantly dropping, that new box they’re putting now is garbage. Half the…

01.06.2020 01:15:51
Twitter eddies04

@eddies04 (1/2) Can you please help me @optimum or @OptimumHelp . I didn't leave the house for 10 hours today because I was…

01.06.2020 01:14:56
Twitter see_jeff_tweet

@see_jeff_tweet I can’t send enough contempt to @OptimumHelp @optimum . It is my son’s birthday tomorrow and all he wanted was to…

01.06.2020 01:13:16
Twitter SarahRo98046220

@SarahRo98046220 RT @toolbox512: @optimum @OptimumHelp you guys are no help at all. We have had problems at our house for months and still no one has come t…

01.06.2020 01:09:23
Twitter mjadalhack

@mjadalhack @Lydia_Jac @gkostis45 @hag16 @optimum As an update for anyone who reached out to @optimum @OptimumHelp regarding th…

01.06.2020 01:06:03
Twitter SergRangel

@SergRangel @tmmyx @optimum @verizonfios I kept losing connection. Verizon has been smooth AF.

01.06.2020 01:04:18
Twitter dgoldfeder14

@dgoldfeder14 @optimum we have no WiFi for two days please can you help

01.06.2020 00:53:17
Twitter Sherlin_

@Sherlin_ @Seriouz_ANT @optimum That’s why I switched. Lol

01.06.2020 00:36:14
Twitter thesportstyle

@thesportstyle @optimum @OptimumHelp It’s utterly ridiculous that I’ve had an internet outage EVERY DAY when I pay my bill early.…

01.06.2020 00:32:41
Twitter WilliamDeclan

@WilliamDeclan @OptimumHelp @optimum @verizonfios Hey @optimum why did @verizonfios respond sooner ? Looks like they got a new customer

01.06.2020 00:09:05
Twitter athan29

@athan29 @AlticeUSA @optimum DO NOT GET ALTICE. I promise you. You will regret it. Service is horrible. Internet never wo…

01.06.2020 00:02:52
Twitter Ewearghuhvajay1

@Ewearghuhvajay1 @king_daddy1015 @optimum @FrontierCorp Dont do it. Pick anyone else. They are shit

01.06.2020 00:02:35
Twitter Jim74656

@Jim74656 @optimum @OptimumHelp Why do your all in one boxes have so many issues? I got internet service but can't access my…

01.06.2020 00:00:29
Twitter OldManSo1

@OldManSo1 @optimum everyday i pray your buisness goes bankrupt and every employee & owner commits suicide! The hatered i have…

31.05.2020 23:46:10
Twitter Saharacon87

@Saharacon87 Hey, my internet isn't working. Go figure. Still donating my money to @optimum. Posted via Cellular data as usual.

31.05.2020 23:38:35
Twitter dbunthank

@dbunthank @optimum You need to focus on current customers and stop disconnecting when there is a service outage.

31.05.2020 23:36:11
Twitter RomanxPMF

@RomanxPMF RT @optimum: Get Optimum’s Altice Mobile and stay connected with unlimited data, talk & text on a nationwide network with 99% coverage.

31.05.2020 23:27:58
Twitter KZWZUZ

@KZWZUZ @optimum @OptimumHelp please help, need to schedule an installation in Brooklyn, thanks!

31.05.2020 23:14:58