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Common problems are:

Internet 80%
TV 17%
Phone 2%
Website 1%

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About Optimum (Cablevision)

Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

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Twitter servicesdown_

@servicesdown_ 🔔 #Optimum down? 🔗 Real-time status: 🔁 RETWEET if you are affected too. #OptimumDown…

24.09.2020 05:24:02
Twitter IAmKingOfSlack

@IAmKingOfSlack @optimum service has declined considerably since @AlticeUSA took over. #AlticeMobile coverage in the Hudson Valley is garbage.

24.09.2020 05:11:24
Twitter Raif220

@Raif220 @optimum the amount I get charged for in and out service and bad technical support is insane.

24.09.2020 05:03:32
Twitter Jeon97Clay

@Jeon97Clay @optimum @OptimumHelp Hello I need help please what is going on again for the nth time for the past 6 month pls??…

24.09.2020 04:50:54
Twitter RPMLuisD

@RPMLuisD @optimum @OptimumHelp why is your service so incredibly bad in Wayne, NJ?? 🤬🤬🤬🤬

24.09.2020 04:24:18
Twitter iBrooklynZoo

@iBrooklynZoo @optimum @optimum I've already explained everything on here. If your twitter support is like the customer service i…

24.09.2020 04:22:42
Twitter BBrettersonn

@BBrettersonn RT @Andrew_J_Wood: It really blows when you do everything you can to have a great stream and your ISP constantly fails to provide internet…

24.09.2020 04:07:04
Twitter Tiriq_Callaway

@Tiriq_Callaway @optimum @HBO @hbomax @RaisedWolvesMAX Been reaching out to your customer service for about a week! 4 techs have be…

24.09.2020 03:53:24
Twitter Hoodboss7

@Hoodboss7 @aka_JamesJLINY @optimum @AlticeUSA Put a dish on the roof and cancel optimum they will beg you to come back then you can get what you want

24.09.2020 03:40:38
Twitter bobmc98

@bobmc98 @optimum Wow! I've had your Altice service for less than a month and I'll be switching back to @verizonfios ASAP. I…

24.09.2020 03:11:31
Twitter _jalexander93

@_jalexander93 @ifSaimon @optimum @Verizon 😅😅 ima be honest with you bro optimum is trash

24.09.2020 02:57:24
Twitter Cokkkoo941

@Cokkkoo941 omg @optimum y’all so quirky for cutting off my internet an entire week before you were supposed to 🤪

24.09.2020 02:52:33
Twitter Tonisince1982

@Tonisince1982 @optimum internet is really a let down, it’s really time to find a more reliable isp

24.09.2020 02:34:31
Twitter Andrew_J_Wood

@Andrew_J_Wood It really blows when you do everything you can to have a great stream and your ISP constantly fails to provide inte…

24.09.2020 02:01:15
Twitter noesan319

@noesan319 @optimum get my bro back online ASAP thanks.

24.09.2020 01:56:56
Twitter aka_JamesJLINY

@aka_JamesJLINY @AJKendall7 @optimum @AlticeUSA That’s just for internet. No cable, no phone. They can fuck right off with that.

24.09.2020 01:50:24
Twitter AJKendall7

@AJKendall7 @aka_JamesJLINY @optimum @AlticeUSA $155 is Way too much!!! I'm bitching that YouTube TV is $75

24.09.2020 01:48:39
Twitter AtoZCustomFigs

@AtoZCustomFigs @optimum @OptimumHelp please tel me why I am paying for 300mbps speed and never even get 100???

24.09.2020 01:42:31
Twitter aka_JamesJLINY

@aka_JamesJLINY It’s funny, I called my Cable Company (@optimum) to get pricing on their new 1Gig service...and because I’m a 15+ y…

24.09.2020 01:38:04
Twitter skijoey

@skijoey @optimum The second year is 100 a month. Did they tell you that?

24.09.2020 00:35:43
Twitter GrinbergEmily

@GrinbergEmily Hey uh my internet literally goes out 2x a day @optimum get your shit together pls

24.09.2020 00:32:34
Twitter ashynappyhappy

@ashynappyhappy @optimum My wifi goes out every 5 minutes. What the hell am im paying all this money for when ya shit don’t even wo…

24.09.2020 00:25:18
Twitter nancyvone

@nancyvone RT @FCCFoundation: Calling all Fairfield County students in grades 6-12! Honor #HispanicHeritageMonth with @optimum & @univision by enterin…

24.09.2020 00:24:28
Twitter liz_villegas11

@liz_villegas11 @optimum you guys are the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with. 3 reschedules to install my inter…

24.09.2020 00:13:06
Twitter kreature246

@kreature246 @optimum how is it possible to get a display to call (888)705-7171 and when you do you can’t speak to anyone except…

24.09.2020 00:12:53
Twitter kreature246

@kreature246 @optimum @HBO @hbomax @RaisedWolvesMAX Not if your box has a display to call for assistance and the robot that answ…

24.09.2020 00:11:31
Twitter gewidaeslam

@gewidaeslam @yodaism Thanks for your input. @optimum you still suck

24.09.2020 00:03:06
Twitter gewidaeslam

@gewidaeslam @far_eg @optimum @optimum you suck and don’t tell me to call customer service because they don’t help or answer. @verizonfios where you at?

24.09.2020 00:00:08
Twitter yrchmonger

@yrchmonger .@optimum Our service has been out for six hours and your customer service line won’t let us speak to a human being…

23.09.2020 23:44:04
Twitter ShadzDaBaws

@ShadzDaBaws @optimum I hate you so much. All day no internet. Haaaaaaattttteeeeeee you

23.09.2020 23:41:44