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Internet 81%
TV 17%
Phone 2%
Website 1%

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About Optimum (Cablevision)

Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

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Twitter RevLoveMusic

@RevLoveMusic @optimum horrible customer service as usual. How much more of my time should I waste on the phone with you with no results?

18.01.2020 16:13:55
Twitter EleneRavitz

@EleneRavitz Anyone else fed up with shitty internet service from @optimum @OptimumHelp? Went thru weeks of issues, multiple tec…

18.01.2020 15:49:28
Twitter hollygofreely

@hollygofreely @optimum very frustrating customer service. Called five times in two weeks because a manager was always going to ca…

18.01.2020 15:40:58
Twitter NBA_Chants

@NBA_Chants @optimum @OptimumHelp will optimum get AXS TV channel at any point? @AXSTV

18.01.2020 14:53:53
Twitter LauraAHas

@LauraAHas Another reminder how much I hate @optimum & their Altice One. @verizonfios please come to my town. I'll never be me…

18.01.2020 14:29:27
Twitter applejackNY

@applejackNY @optimum still persistent speed and connectivity issues following an upgrade a 8 weeks ago. Slow responses, ineffec…

18.01.2020 13:45:31
Twitter AlexUnmuted

@AlexUnmuted I want @optimum to tell me why I have to turn my WiFi off to use the internet on my phone. Then I want to know why…

18.01.2020 13:37:58
Twitter towngirl772

@towngirl772 RT @DanielleCC10: Livestreaming and learning! $344 still needed. @DonorsChoose @gma @Target @NBA @NFL @Walmart @AmazonStudios @Apple @amazo…

18.01.2020 12:54:49
Twitter MoEfDaddy

@MoEfDaddy @optimum altice is trash since they have taken over the brand my internet service is trash and I'm tired of this shit

18.01.2020 12:13:54
Twitter MoEfDaddy

@MoEfDaddy @optimum no we dont want useless credits that dont help no we dont want that garbage ass all In one box cause we go…

18.01.2020 12:13:21
Twitter MoEfDaddy

@MoEfDaddy @optimum this is getting out of hand! The internet used to never go down now it's happening several times a day for…

18.01.2020 12:12:07
Twitter MikeFerrari13_

@MikeFerrari13_ Optimum has the best customer service super fast and helpful @optimum

18.01.2020 06:57:20
Twitter CBDWeb

@CBDWeb @awscloud Actually it's only one ISP rejecting our server's emails, it's @optimum…

18.01.2020 06:29:28
Twitter Dy5function

@Dy5function Sorry guys. @optimum continues to fuck us. Fios in 10 days though.

18.01.2020 03:57:26
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @kpradhyum @optimum Hi there. We can definitely go over the account and see how you can save on your monthly plan.…

18.01.2020 03:54:09
Twitter kpradhyum

@kpradhyum @optimum @missbubblez7 I miss CableVision

18.01.2020 03:31:32
Twitter kpradhyum

@kpradhyum @optimum @OptimumHelp Why don't you give your customers the freedom to buy the fiber gateway and use our own modem…

18.01.2020 03:29:09
Twitter kpradhyum

@kpradhyum @optimum @OptimumHelp Every year you increase the cost of broadband and treat your customers like garbage. You've b…

18.01.2020 03:24:39
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @Yosantana_ @optimum @verizonfios Hi, Rene! We would be very sad to lose you as a valued Optimum subscriber! Please…

18.01.2020 02:03:35
Twitter Nicolee108

@Nicolee108 @OptimumHelp @optimum I’ve dm’ed my phone number associated with my account and have explained the issues numerous…

18.01.2020 01:40:11

@NYROYALKING @realDonaldTrump hey @optimum cheddar channels unwatchable give us @OANN

18.01.2020 01:39:42
Twitter J_GarciaNYC

@J_GarciaNYC @Yosantana_ @optimum @verizonfios @verizonfios hook my boy up or else 😒

18.01.2020 01:02:21
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @IamMoniqueIR @GeorgeFame2 @optimum @AlticeUSA Hi! We can definitely assist you! Please DM us more information alon…

18.01.2020 01:00:49
Twitter CloneNic

@CloneNic My guide is missing all kinds of stuff and I don’t know if it’s a @TiVo problem or an @optimum problem but, either way, I’m annoyed

18.01.2020 01:00:03
Twitter Yosantana_

@Yosantana_ Looking at a new cable provider @optimum y’all gotta go @verizonfios soon come

18.01.2020 00:52:17
Twitter ITsENNYbaby

@ITsENNYbaby I have been looking forward to this long weekend since the last long weekend. Christmas! .. I have plans to stay up…

18.01.2020 00:47:11
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @killathakid1 @optimum Hi, Akilah! We are here for you and happy to help! Please DM us more information along with…

18.01.2020 00:24:19
Twitter IamMoniqueIR

@IamMoniqueIR @AlticeUSA @optimum How about solving my problem with your service! After 3 years of service, I paid 2 twice as muc…

18.01.2020 00:21:09
Twitter IamMoniqueIR

@IamMoniqueIR @optimum My resolution was to pay less for bad services. I pay twice as much as your new customers and now after 3…

18.01.2020 00:18:02
Twitter IamMoniqueIR

@IamMoniqueIR @optimum Awful customer service! Your clerks act like I am stealing their money! After 3 years I am cancelling beca…

18.01.2020 00:13:22