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Common problems are:

Internet 80%
TV 17%
Phone 2%
Website 1%

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About Optimum (Cablevision)

Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

Live reports

Twitter FatherOfTears

@FatherOfTears @DanielWClarkDWC @IMPACTWRESTLING @optimum @verizonfios Hell yeah man you got to love that!!

24.10.2020 23:25:54
Twitter jodimichelle82

@jodimichelle82 @optimum you suck! We have had no internet since Tuesday. Tech ran a temporary line which was supp to be buried wit…

24.10.2020 23:25:47
Twitter DanielWClarkDWC

@DanielWClarkDWC @FatherOfTears @IMPACTWRESTLING @optimum @verizonfios They even show the event's graphic and everything! As Garfiel…

24.10.2020 23:25:02
Twitter thismyshow

@thismyshow Dear @optimum you absolutely suck. Have now had a repair guy come out and my internet is still dropping out?

24.10.2020 23:24:32
Twitter FatherOfTears

@FatherOfTears @DanielWClarkDWC @IMPACTWRESTLING @optimum Done and done! @ImpactWrestling on @verizonfios they never let me down!…

24.10.2020 23:04:23
Twitter DanielWClarkDWC

@DanielWClarkDWC Are you ready for @IMPACTWRESTLING's #BoundForGlory2020? Well, then GET Ready!! I'm ready! #BoundForGlory…

24.10.2020 23:00:56
Twitter mikelarkin44

@mikelarkin44 @pauldegnan @OptimumHelp @optimum @AlticeUSA Dude- Ive tried everything short of making threats that come with jail…

24.10.2020 22:40:54
Twitter pauldegnan

@pauldegnan @mikelarkin44 @OptimumHelp @optimum @AlticeUSA You might want to consider letting them know you’ll switch to Verizo…

24.10.2020 22:25:13
Twitter Kevindividual

@Kevindividual @murloft @optimum shouts to long island

24.10.2020 21:49:16
Twitter themann512

@themann512 Anybody else pay $150 for ONLY internet or am I getting ripped off by a monopoly??? #baitandswitch @optimum is awful! Can we get them out?

24.10.2020 21:34:52
Twitter themann512

@themann512 @optimum how can you get a gigabit connection without upgrading my cables??? #bringinverizon #fios please come to my town! @verizonfios

24.10.2020 21:26:01
Twitter themann512

@themann512 @optimum this is not what I was told and to top it off, your gigabit connection is barely 600 mb. #FALSEADVERTISEMENT #bait&switch

24.10.2020 21:24:40
Twitter themann512

@themann512 @optimum @OptimumHelp I’m being told if I cancel tv, I lose my “lifetime” promotional rate for internet. It costs the same to keep tv...

24.10.2020 21:22:24
Twitter themann512

@themann512 @optimum @OptimumHelp is the absolute worst. Tricked into setting up tv with my internet- I was told I could cancel anytime and now...

24.10.2020 21:21:11
Twitter Chimi_Chaney

@Chimi_Chaney @murloft @optimum Internet issues are worse than solo queuing RL honestly.

24.10.2020 21:18:26
Twitter mikelarkin44

@mikelarkin44 This is meant without any degree of hyperbole. The worst customer service on the planet is @OptimumHelp @optimum…

24.10.2020 21:02:44
Twitter mrwheels12

@mrwheels12 @LouVitulli @optimum Service sucks. Been told they sent me 2 remotes that never arrived. They are full of crap they were never sent

24.10.2020 20:19:43
Twitter mrwheels12

@mrwheels12 @optimum @HBO @hbomax I wish I could but my remote is not working and i have called twice and both times told a new…

24.10.2020 20:18:23
Twitter okthatwasrude

@okthatwasrude @optimum what a garbage service you have fucked up for the last time we are DONE

24.10.2020 20:14:03
Twitter kpkpkp

@kpkpkp @optimum now what? I've tried this in my phone and laptop and it's like the page is incomplete

24.10.2020 18:40:48
Twitter dmjewell

@dmjewell @OptimumHelp Optimum changes their app and even if you have their Premier package you now have to pay an additional…

24.10.2020 18:21:16
Twitter garfoto

@garfoto Waiting with bated breath for @OptimumHelp call back after week of 1hr calls/hold time, bad network/no internet, no…

24.10.2020 17:57:13
Twitter mrwheels12

@mrwheels12 @optimum horrible service. called twice and was told new remote was being sent and nothing has arrived. Called bac…

24.10.2020 17:48:11
Twitter DefreeseKrista

@DefreeseKrista @NBoogie93 @optimum I despise optimum with a passion, they were here this morning trying to get us roped in & I sai…

24.10.2020 17:35:09
Twitter GODJ2

@GODJ2 @AlticeUSA worst service on the planet with @optimum

24.10.2020 16:56:26
Twitter ouroarorourore

@ouroarorourore @sowhatnoziti @optimum counting down the days till i can switch

24.10.2020 16:02:54
Twitter _xTiNa_83

@_xTiNa_83 @mog1717 @optimum i’m going to cut my TV service with them and get YouTube TV. they’re ridiculous

24.10.2020 15:44:31
Twitter Grolier1

@Grolier1 RT @Nadia47964401: @optimum Shame on #Optimum! A frontline provider slammed with a 30$ late fee due to being unable to reach their costum…

24.10.2020 15:39:02
Twitter Grolier1

@Grolier1 RT @nicolecampbeII: @optimum We need a class action lawsuit against #Optimum @AlticeUSA #dextergoei #altice They are NOT providing internet…

24.10.2020 15:37:01
Twitter Joe_Cardinale4

@Joe_Cardinale4 It’s Saturday 10/24 and @optimum @OptimumHelp is still the absolute worst. Now scheduled to arrive AFTER the 3 hou…

24.10.2020 15:28:16