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Internet 83%
TV 14%
Website 1%
Phone 1%

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Optimum is a subsidiary of Altice NV, and is an American cable television provider/multiple system operator that serves areas surrounding New York City, and in 16 other states through its independent subsidiary Suddenlink Communications. Outside of Suddenlink, they are the fifth-largest cable provider and ninth-largest television provider in the United States, with most of its customers living in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area, and also parts of Pennsylvania. They offers high-speed Internet connections, digital cable, and VoIP phone service.

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Twitter FOREVERamon

@FOREVERamon @emilytedeschii @optimum @OptimumHelp oh damn go to verizon then 😭

11.07.2020 04:47:13
Twitter emilytedeschii

@emilytedeschii RT @TheRealChadB: @optimum are you guys refunding ? Because I have a issue too 😒

11.07.2020 04:35:24
Twitter LoneWolfMethod

@LoneWolfMethod @gamingcosplaye1 @optimum I popped into MsFreddy's earlier and saw crazy lag, so I know what you mean even more see…

11.07.2020 04:25:04
Twitter TheRealChadB

@TheRealChadB @optimum are you guys refunding ? Because I have a issue too 😒

11.07.2020 04:23:43
Twitter mew_fn

@mew_fn @optimum worst provider bro WiFi hasn’t connected it’s been 2 hours bro

11.07.2020 04:23:32
Twitter emilytedeschii

@emilytedeschii I’m a healthcare worker- I don’t have time to chase this company anymore. Calling first thing Monday to cancel…

11.07.2020 04:16:06
Twitter emilytedeschii

@emilytedeschii @JanteKKataw @optimum Lol 😂 such bs

11.07.2020 04:12:18
Twitter emilytedeschii

@emilytedeschii @FOREVERamon @optimum @OptimumHelp I did!!!! They tweeted at me. So I dm’ed them, and they never responded.

11.07.2020 04:11:55
Twitter FOREVERamon

@FOREVERamon @emilytedeschii @optimum try reaching out to @OptimumHelp hopefully they’ll get back to you

11.07.2020 04:11:15
Twitter emilytedeschii

@emilytedeschii Guys. I have attempted to chat with optimum via customer service online, over the phone, and on twitter. And they h…

11.07.2020 04:06:00
Twitter DarkAngel8526

@DarkAngel8526 @gamingcosplaye1 @optimum I’m sorry to hear this ... what a damn shame. @optimum it’s 2020 not 1920 get with the times!

11.07.2020 03:50:03
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks 4 days and counting with no service. Using @Verizon Mobile Hotspot to work from home. 4 days with no response from…

11.07.2020 03:42:10
Twitter Theclairrock

@Theclairrock @OptimumHelp You can help by letting your corporate offices know that @optimum should have a system in place to tak…

11.07.2020 03:39:15
Twitter jbonanca

@jbonanca @gamingcosplaye1 @optimum Imagine paying full price for something & not getting the full product in return. It's li…

11.07.2020 03:32:23
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks Hey @optimum @OptimumHelp @AlticeUSA Quarantining in my home so I can do this all night WHILE I WAIT ON HOLD FOR A…

11.07.2020 03:29:46
Twitter p3akhow1f33l

@p3akhow1f33l Just as predicted. @optimum service is out again in #thebronx This has to be the 4th-5th time. I better get a cred…

11.07.2020 03:28:55
Twitter nia_shortt

@nia_shortt @optimum why is your WiFi so bad? 👀👀

11.07.2020 03:27:11
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks TV, internet an phone out since Tuesday and no end in sight. No one is even trying to figure out what's wrong!!! O…

11.07.2020 03:24:54
Twitter HerDemeanor


11.07.2020 03:12:08
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks Actually using our Verizon Mobile Hotspots to work from home because @Optimum @OptimumHelp @AlticeUSA hasn't respo…

11.07.2020 03:06:01
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks Seriously considering this! @optimum @OptimumHelp @AlticeUSA Look how fast Verizon responded but still waiting for…

11.07.2020 03:03:50
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks You can't get anyone unless you first reset your modem and then wait at least an hour while they tell you there is…

11.07.2020 03:00:02
Twitter Fiireburner

@Fiireburner @ProZD i am in the exact same situation with optimum, it sucks SO much.. i literally am physically unable to stream. :(

11.07.2020 02:58:03
Twitter OptimumLISucks

@OptimumLISucks Why is it that NOBODY @optimum @OptimumHelp can tell me what's causing the outage since Tuesday. Nothing to due wit…

11.07.2020 02:47:33
Twitter AWesker1976

@AWesker1976 @gamingcosplaye1 @optimum I’ll start a go fund me for your move.

11.07.2020 02:25:02
Twitter steveo163

@steveo163 @denisboring @OptimumHelp @optimum Too many outages no cable internet and phone the whole day in the Bronx still not back on

11.07.2020 02:10:01
Twitter LULUMADI321

@LULUMADI321 @optimum - the service you offer in Butler, is a step up from useless. Slow internet, WiFi drops multiple times a d…

11.07.2020 02:04:47
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @Oskino_3 @optimum Oscar, we'll be happy to assist you here with any service issues you might be having. Please sen…

11.07.2020 02:01:36
Twitter OptimumHelp

@OptimumHelp @mrsmeade36 @optimum Hi, Charlene! We are truly sorry for the delayed response! We can definitely assist and look i…

11.07.2020 01:54:05
Twitter gamingcosplaye1

@gamingcosplaye1 After the hassle with my ISP. My internet is not fixed. Thanks again @optimum only other option I have right now is…

11.07.2020 01:53:39