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Common problems are:

Internet 89%
TV 9%
Phone 1%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

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About Northland Communications

Northland Communications which was formerly known as Northland Cable Television is an American cable television, telephone and internet service company that provides its customers with cable systems in many parts of the United States. Northland Communications currently owns and operates smaller-market cable systems in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. They are headquartered in Seattle, Washington and have a divisional office in Statesboro, Georgia.

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@NZsculptor @2degreesmobile whats up with the northland outage, has been going on for ages

10.01.2020 07:49:49
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@NorthlandCAPS Want to learn more about @Northland CAPS? Join us for our info night on Tuesday, Jan 14th at 6:00 pm at Gladstone C…

09.01.2020 15:28:57