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DJ 4 months ago
Internet out since around 6 PM. Cannot reach website, get 504 error message. Decatur TX 76234

Laura 4 months ago
76633 China Spring Down

Colt 4 months ago
Been down off and on since last night. Justin/Northlake 76247. Unacceptable service for $130/month. Waiting for Starlink to get here.

Jeff 4 months ago
internet in and out. started around 6pm going on for last hour or more. Azle, 76020

Colton 4 months ago
Down since 6:00 pm ish. Support line said 3rd party fiber issue. Stephenville, 76401

Tim 4 months ago
76043, internet out again. People work from home, this is our income. Its upsetting how we cant get an eta, if its a 3rd party company communicate with them and get this fixed asap.

Des B 4 months ago
Internet been off and on. Works for a bit then shuts off. Been doing it for like an hour now ???? Eastland, Tx 76448

Bob 4 months ago
N Fort Worth, TX down, works for 2 minutes at a time or out for an hour.

Kristy 4 months ago
Off and on since 6. 75144 Kerens

Cuttertech 4 months ago
No internet. Ponder

Storm Skinner 4 months ago
Outage in Lorena Tx 76655

Hannah c 4 months ago
76020 azle . Off and on but mostly off

Nathan K 4 months ago
Nextlink website is not working . Error 504

JohnnyRock 4 months ago
Netflix is WAY overpriced for having outages so often. $100 per month is outrageous! Fix your crap!

Nathan K 4 months ago
Internet down in Venus 76084

Bobby 4 months ago
Internet at Lake Palo Pinto is on for 3 minutes, and goes out for 4 minutes continuously since 6PM. Palo Pinto, 76484

JN 4 months ago
Down in Santo Tx. 76472

Kristie 4 months ago
Nextlink internet down in Sulphur Springs/Arbala Tx 75482

Kathy proctor 4 months ago
Internet going off and on but it’s off more than it’s on! Powderly, TX

Bedroom Bully 4 months ago
9/28/2023 went down at 6pm. West comma Texas 76691 I could probably go outside with a kite and key and get better internet.



NextLink is a mobile and internet network provider currently operating in the states of Nebraska, Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The company was founded in 2012 and has since expanded its offerings, catering to business and residential customers, government institutions, and K-12 groups. Their network runs on a fixed wireless technology along with fiber-optics. NextLink is a trusted brand due to its dedication to improving networks and delivering the best service to customers.

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Reported outages on 21.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at NEXTLINK. The most frequently affected cities were: Reno
Reported outages on 19.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at NEXTLINK. The most frequently affected cities were: Houston, Austin
Reported outages on 18.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at NEXTLINK. The most frequently affected cities were: Austin
Reported outages on 17.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at NEXTLINK. The most frequently affected cities were: Lake Zurich

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