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Common problems are:

Mobile internet 46%
Phone 30%
Blackout 12%
Bad Signal 6%
Website 4%
Text messaging 2%

Affected cities:

Los Angeles, Philadelphia

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About metroPCS

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) is a prepaid wireless service carrier that operates a selection of smartphones and data plans in the United States. Previously known as MetroPCS, the company merged with T-Mobile USA’s LTE and 4G network in the year 2013 to become the company it is today. The original company, then known as General Wireless Inc., was established back in 1994. The PCS in its name comes from the term Personal Communications Service.

MetroPCS had a subscriber base of about 9 million users, which when merged with T-Mobile’s 32 million, became the fifth-biggest mobile operator in the country. Metro was rebranded as Metro by T-Mobile in 2018 when they introduced brand new unlimited pricing plans, along with several new features such as Amazon Prime bundles and Google One storage options.

Metro by T-Mobile is aiming high at making itself an established provider in the market. They announced their intention of becoming the first prepaid service to offer incredible 5G speeds by the year 2019.

Regional availability

Metro by T-Mobile provides internet service in 5 states of the U.S. Their largest subscriber base spans across Texas, Michigan, and California. The current subscriber count for Metro is at 54.3 million, which places the company sixth on the list of residential mobile internet service providers. Though Metro service is limited to small pockets across the country, the company has several expansion plans in the pipeline.

Errors / network problems

Metro’s LTE network has often met with criticism due to its old infrastructure. Though the network is based on 4G tech, the speeds from the provider were found to be in the range of older 3G services. However, for users that only need basic data usage, the service comes with an attractive no-contract feature that is quite useful.

The current Metro network relies on a combination of LTE services with 3G and 4G, which means that the services are down very often. With the rapid integration of the older MetroPCS network with T-Mobile’s larger coverage, we could soon see an immense improvement in services.

Metro by T-Mobile’s website contains a dedicated page for Support and FAQs, which has a detailed list of problems you can come across while using their service. The top 10 questions section especially is very relevant when facing common service outages.

Troubleshoot yourself

When your internet goes down with a ‘no data’ or ‘unable to connect’ message, the first thing to try is a restart of your mobile device. Some other things to check for are the mobile data settings to verify it’s turned on, software updates that could fix the outage, and also verifying that you are within the Metro mobile coverage area.

If you are unable to connect to a hotspot service with a device that is enabled to do so, check that the device hotspot settings indicate the service is turned on. Restarting the device also fixes the issue at times.

For issues with apps on your smartphone, first, check that the device is within the network area. Secondly, check your device settings to verify that it has storage space available to run apps.

For problems that still persist, you can visit the nearest Metro store or simply call Metro’s customer support line at 1-888-863-8768.

Live reports

Twitter SquirrelMoose59

@SquirrelMoose59 @FCC It didn't keep me connected last night, everything went down. Go talk to @MetroPCS

31.03.2020 15:09:30
Twitter mar_cellus

@mar_cellus @MetroPCS My phone isn't supposed to be off until April 15, 2020. Can a bill paying citizen get some service or wha…

31.03.2020 13:16:32
Twitter mar_cellus

@mar_cellus @MetroPCS What is up w/my service? Did a satellite fall or what?

31.03.2020 12:37:14
Twitter MinnieMazzerati

@MinnieMazzerati A "RESPECT!" SHOUT OUT to @boostmobile .... that company cares for their customers, and have paid the phone bill o…

31.03.2020 11:30:27
Twitter stephsteph048

@stephsteph048 @melllllyxo @MetroPCS The internet was lagging!!!

31.03.2020 11:06:23
Twitter marcjack845

@marcjack845 @SenKamalaHarris I swear @ATT @sprint @verizon @MetroPCS @GetSpectrum have all been silent and obviously plan on co…

31.03.2020 08:06:03
Twitter RaidersChatter

@RaidersChatter RT @Cerimau: What's going on @metroPCS ?

31.03.2020 07:57:52
Twitter KarenMyVoice

@KarenMyVoice RT @Sabrina_Ann_83: Hey anyone having issues with @MetroPCS everyone in my house just lost internet #metropcsoutage #internetoutage

31.03.2020 05:58:15
Twitter YoursTrulyRina

@YoursTrulyRina @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Yup my father in n law has Metro and it was out. I have T Mobile and it was out too.

31.03.2020 05:56:58
Twitter RogerBlumberg

@RogerBlumberg @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Same here, last 30 mins, SF. MetroPCS T-Mobile outage map 3-30-2020 10:45pm pacific

31.03.2020 05:56:52
Twitter Sabrina_Ann_83

@Sabrina_Ann_83 @C_LivinLyfe @MetroPCS Mine came and left again 🤦🏾 let me restart

31.03.2020 05:54:13
Twitter eatgordaeat

@eatgordaeat @_OvO_89 @TMobile I miss @MetroPCS I dont remember having any issues with them.

31.03.2020 05:53:20
Twitter DPenman18

@DPenman18 @MetroPCS @MetroByTMobile what’s going up with you guys?? What happened? #internetshutdown #ihavenosignal

31.03.2020 05:53:06
Twitter FelipeA56009232

@FelipeA56009232 Metro pcs so like you gon tell us what happened or you gon stay silent like you always have @MetroPCS

31.03.2020 05:52:04
Twitter C_LivinLyfe

@C_LivinLyfe @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Scratch that, LTE is BACKKK

31.03.2020 05:48:55
Twitter melllllyxo

@melllllyxo Mines is back @MetroPCS

31.03.2020 05:48:14
Twitter C_LivinLyfe

@C_LivinLyfe @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Mines switched to H+ i do not have LTE and tbe other phone cant get a connection at all 🙄

31.03.2020 05:48:03
Twitter Sabrina_Ann_83

@Sabrina_Ann_83 @pey_tin @MetroPCS Ours too!!!

31.03.2020 05:47:54
Twitter gabbiesaurus

@gabbiesaurus @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS i was watching youtube and it started buffering out of nowhere and then i saw my data was off..

31.03.2020 05:47:51
Twitter High_TimeZs

@High_TimeZs Metropcs Down In Boston ma

31.03.2020 05:47:02
Twitter pey_tin

@pey_tin @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS omg same !! Mine just came back on

31.03.2020 05:46:36
Twitter gabbiesaurus

@gabbiesaurus @MetroPCS @MetroByTMobile my data got turned off suddenly at 1:15am est what's going on?

31.03.2020 05:46:16
Twitter KeepNitreeel

@KeepNitreeel sickening @tmobile @metroPCS where's my data!?

31.03.2020 05:46:09
Twitter RyanHHilliard1

@RyanHHilliard1 RT @Sabrina_Ann_83: Hey anyone having issues with @MetroPCS everyone in my house just lost internet #metropcsoutage #internetoutage

31.03.2020 05:45:55
Twitter imcrystal99

@imcrystal99 Never has a problem with @MetroPCS but I need this fixed! No internet come on!

31.03.2020 05:45:18
Twitter BlondJohnb

@BlondJohnb @metropcs I guess this is why they call it T-Maybe #metropcs metro pcs

31.03.2020 05:45:15
Twitter Choco_Barbie_

@Choco_Barbie_ @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Yes. I'm freaking out. This is why I hate Metro.

31.03.2020 05:43:33
Twitter High_TimeZs

@High_TimeZs @Metropcs wats going on

31.03.2020 05:43:32
Twitter FelipeA56009232

@FelipeA56009232 @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS I thought i was the only i threw my phone now i made unnecessary cracks

31.03.2020 05:43:16
Twitter Roosvelt22

@Roosvelt22 @Sabrina_Ann_83 @MetroPCS Same here smh in Philly

31.03.2020 05:42:25