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Thomas Strommer Avatar

Thomas Strommer
Internet out 28304

1 month ago
Michael West Avatar

Michael West
Wifi out since 5pm Crawfordsville In

1 month ago
David W Baumgartner Avatar

David W Baumgartner
50105 - Gilbert Iowa. Spotty marginal service over the last 12 hours. (download 0.26 Mbps/upload 0.49Mbps)

2 months ago
Stephen M Avatar

Stephen M
60543 - been on and off for about 2 weeks now. Today its a hard out - been out now for 5 hours and no sight or ETA on fix

2 months ago
Ken Wickelgren  Avatar

Ken Wickelgren
On and off for past week, 55901.

2 months ago
Christine Avatar

Out in 50323 Urbandale for last hour or two at least.

3 months ago
Crys Avatar

Internet down since about 1 am Normal, IL 61761

3 months ago
Julie Andretz Avatar

Julie Andretz
48912 Lansing mi We have had no Wi-Fi since 4 o’clock approximately today I have rebooted my devices I unplugged and let’s set at least 30 minutes the router three times nothing happens I get a error message that says there is issues with the server ‘

6 months ago
Travanti Jones Avatar

Travanti Jones
Fayetteville, NC 28314 interent out again on 10Jan22 12:35am. We just had an issue less then 5 days ago where internet was out for 24hrs

8 months ago
A.L Avatar

Fayetteville, NC - internet had been out since 11:20 pm 1/6/22 and lost hours at my job because of internet being out. Was just going to make them up Friday thinking it would be on by then, but it still isn’t. I understand stuff happens but I feel a widespread email NEEDS to go out with information regarding this widespread issue.

8 months ago
Chris  Avatar

28304 fayetteville nc. It is now 2:15 am on January 7th. And still no internet. Internet has been out since around 10 am on January 6th. And they told me the same exact thins as other have said 8 hours ago. That they were working on the 2nd splice it's ridiculous and metronet should compensate everyone effected! And hire people that know how to actually do their job in a timely manner!

8 months ago
Josh Avatar

28304 fayetteville Internet been out since around 10am. I called a few times and at 5:47pm i talked to a person saying one line was cut that serviced 3 cities and that eta was one hour. Its been past 2 hrs and still nothing. Calling tech support now tells you a canned message with no options.

8 months ago
Andre S. Avatar

Andre S.
Fayetteville, NC 28304 Just got home and seen my internet was still out. Called Metronet and the lady was very helpful. Apparently the line was damaged or cut at 2 different locations. 1 location has been fixed and they are now working on the 2nd location. She stated it looking like they were actively working the problem but are still waiting on another person to get to that location. While she couldn’t give me an eta. She did at least give me that info consider I called earlier and got no information like other comments I’ve seen.

8 months ago
Mark A Avatar

Mark A
Fayetteville NC. 28304 Internet and phones out since 10:30 am. It is now 6:00 pm and they can not even give an estimated repair time. Trying to run a business with no phones and no internet or email sucks!

8 months ago


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