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Sam 1 year ago
Fitzgerald Ga. Internet down since 12:40am. I'm now missing work due to no internet

Sam 1 year ago
Days like today make me miss AOL dial-up!

Quandale Dingles Uglier sister Jamal 1 year ago
My asshole hurts when I do dis is dat normal. Anyways santa I want a new ps5 for chrima and I want a fortnite minigun irl also my birtday on janurary 1st and dats when My momas and fathers play tap dance on the bed someone help me Im being slapped by a wet spagetti noodle please buh bye

Haley 1 year ago
50009 Altoona F*** mediacom. Entirely and genuinely. This entire year we have experienced the WORST g****** service we could ever imagine. We purchased one of the most expensive packages because in my household we have two gamers and streamers with several devices that connect to our Wi-Fi each. We can’t even get a decent f*****g connection through Ethernet. We can’t connect to any multiplayer game without being disconnected less than 30 minutes later. We can’t even watch a f*****g 25 minute show without interruption. I’ll wake up each morning and play on my phone for the first 15 minutes and will IMMEDIATELY be kicked from my internet within that amount of time. My only current means of money is streaming, and I haven’t been able to do that in over 6 months. My boyfriend comes home from a 10 hour shift and can’t even decompress on a game without being kicked 47 times in one night. You people owe us the biggest f*****g refund and we’re changing services as soon as absolute possible. Trashiest internet/cable company in the f*****g world.

Steve 1 year ago
Sadly this company sucks the dk of the politicians here in iowa making it impossible to have ANY good and reliable internet companies in the area. Talk about a monopoly of the worst shit imaginable. This makes Qwest look like heaven.. because for them it's their cheap equipment, for mediacom it's their expensive internet. They can't even keep their own homepage up. How's that for trash talk?

Diana 1 year ago
This is the crappiest internet company on the planet.. outage every 3 days for extended periods. I swear they purposely cause outages to keep their 'people' hired.

Oliver pugh 1 year ago
Mediacom is always going off worse service I have ever seen Brewton Alabama 36426

Oliver pugh 1 year ago
Brewton Alabama 36426

Becky West 1 year ago
Springfield, MO

Becky West 1 year ago
Internet works except for my company software and Microsoft Outlook.

Harrison 1 year ago
No internet Milton,Florida 32570

Leslie 1 year ago
19966 area has no cable it went out at 8 pm last night.10/3/22 and hasn't came on since. PLEASE Please have someone look into this.This happens way to often.

Claire 1 year ago
32583 Milton. Poor connections, dropouts and slow speed throughout Avalon Beach area. As usual.

Alyssia 1 year ago
Our tv and internet has been down since 1:30pm this afternoon here at 56230 here in Danube,mn

Oliver pugh 1 year ago
Stupid Mediacom off again and they won't fix it i wish brewton Alabama would let another company come in here

Matt Craig 1 year ago
Service is horrible. Down for most of today. Pissed I'm stuck with this shitty provider

Cory Ludwig 1 year ago
52240 Iowa City I’ve lived in 3 different states now and have had a few different providers including Viasat and spectrum, and mediacom is incomparably the worst provider. The internet constantly goes out when I’m working, and if a technician needs to come here it takes minimum 2 weeks every time for them to flip a switch that somehow gets turned off.

Joe Spalding 1 year ago
Service is terrible I pay for high speed internet, Hell I have trouble getting even any speed internet, this has been going on for years, worse internet supplier I’ve ever had.

Sally 1 year ago
32425 bonifay internet out since yesterday morning

Oliver pugh 1 year ago
Mediacom internet is always going off in the 36426 area of South Alabama


About Mediacom

MediaCom Communications Corporation is a telecommunications provider based out of New York. It is a relatively new company, founded by Rocco B Commisso in the year 1995. MediaCom is said to be the first-ever company to introduce an AI-powered system into its customer service module. The system allows users to interact with a virtual customer support technician via a messaging service. The company won an award for this cutting-edge AI tech at the Cablefax Technology Awards in 2019.

MediaCom has gained popularity with the telecommunications customer base rapidly over the years and even won several awards for its efficient service. It was named the best ISP and cable operator in 2018 by TMT Magazine.

MediaCom also takes its social responsibility seriously, providing low-cost internet plans to homes that have school-going children and are in the K-12 range. The company aims to bridge the gap in the digital economy and provide easy internet access for children to learn and grow.

Regional availability

MediaCom has been a top cable operator especially in the smaller towns and areas within the states. It has become the largest internet operator in the state of Iowa and has a heavy concentration of customers in both the Southeast and Midwest regions.

MediaCom currently provides services in 22 U.S. states, including regular service in the outlying areas of the Florida Gulf Coast and Minneapolis. As of 2018, MediaCom enjoys a loyal customer base of over 13 million, making it the fifth on the list of cable companies in the country. Owing to MediaCom’s 1 Gbit initiative, Iowa was named as the state with the largest number of homes having high-speed broadband access.

Errors / network problems

MediaCom operates an on-demand help center called MediaCom Communities, where almost all types of errors and problems are listed along with discussion forums. This makes it easy to find solutions to your specific issues.

The MediaCom MobileCare app is an ideal way to check for outages in the area that may be causing your services to go down. Additionally, the app has an in-built troubleshooting system that can assist with several common network problems or errors.

Troubleshoot yourself

In instances where your digital TV service is down, you can perform a few basic checks before resorting to customer support. Check the cable cords at the back of the device are connected securely; check that the switches on the remote control or A/B switch is in the ‘Cable’ position and the VCR is set to ‘TV’ mode; check the remote-control batteries to see they’re still working; and lastly check that the power is functional in other electrical devices in your home, if not this might be a power issue.

If the MediaCom internet network is facing an outage, the trouble could be with the wireless router or with your line to MediaCom. First check to see whether other devices in your home are receiving the Wi-Fi signal, like a mobile phone. If yes, try resetting the router to refresh the signals. If you are able to connect to the network but not to the internet, it may be an issue with the MediaCom modem. Try connecting the modem directly into your device. If the issue is still not fixed, reach out to MediaCom at 1-855-MEDIACOM, available 24/7.

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Reported outages on 22.02.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at Mediacom. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 21.02.2024:
There were a total of 2 outages at Mediacom. The most frequently affected cities were:
Reported outages on 19.02.2024:
There were a total of 3 outages at Mediacom. The most frequently affected cities were: Omaha, Santa Claus
Reported outages on 17.02.2024:
There were a total of 5 outages at Mediacom. The most frequently affected cities were: Indianapolis, St Louis, Omaha
Reported outages on 16.02.2024:
There were a total of 1 outages at Mediacom. The most frequently affected cities were: Omaha

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