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Capnkk 6 days ago
84721. Sorry, ment to say it is now 12:29 pm on thursday!

Capnkk 6 days ago
84721 internet went out yesterday at 8:21 am. Came back on at 12:15 pm. and stayed on until 7:00 pm. Went out again at 7:00 pm. and has been off since then. It is now 12:29 pm on Wed. Cedar City.

Nielson 1 week ago
InfoWest did publish updates on their website around midday, which was appreciated. Since 12:15pm it's been all good in Bloomington 84790.

Raynard Waites 1 week ago
84757 New Harmony back in service.

Lisa 1 week ago
Still out in St. George has anyone else's come back on yet?

Kaitlin 1 week ago
I have a work from home job that I just started and the wifi has been out all morning in Cedar City, so tired of this

Jade 1 week ago
Infowest is a huge sack of shit recently, small outages almost every other day! 84790

Nielson 1 week ago
Came back on in Bloomington around 10:00, now it's gone again. 84790

Holly 1 week ago
Outage in Bloomington 84790. Changing my service they never pick up the phone during these outages and they easily could put a message on Facebook to let customers know.

Debra 1 week ago
Out on Cedar City all morning. 84721

Hannah 1 week ago
Internet has been down for 3 hours now. North Bluff Street, St. George

Billy 1 week ago
Internet is completely down and all of their phone lines are not working so theres no way to even contact then right now. Veyo Utah 84782

Nielson 1 week ago
No Internet for almost an hour now. St George 84790. Supposed to be working remotely. X(

Chris W 1 week ago
No service past 1 hour - across from university - 84770

Sruss 1 week ago
Outage business line downtown Stg. 84770. Been off for about 30min or so. Infowest site shows no outages...

Clinton 1 week ago
We just made the switch, but this isn't looking good. The outage is all over ST. GEORGE! 84790, 84770

Hayden 1 week ago
Outage 84737 hurricane ut

Jean 1 week ago
Our internet is down again. It’s getting tiresome! 84721 Cedar City

Cody 1 week ago
Outage in Washington City Utah 84780

Scooby 1 week ago
Horrible service 84720


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InfoWest is an internet service provider based in Southern Utah. Established in 1994, InfoWest offers high-speed wireless internet, DSL and Fiber-optic broadband services. Their business internet package works great for small as well as medium sized business establishments. The user has to sign a term contract to get their internet package.
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There were a total of 1 outages at InfoWest. The most frequently affected cities were: Meridian

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