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L Alea 2 years ago
33496 Boca Raton. TV is down.

Smit 2 years ago
Grand oaks Charleston SC 29414 Worst interest service ever. Internet down time is more than it works. They have big outages not like hours they have like days and days. Please think twis before having them.

T R 2 years ago
What's worse about this trash internet being down, is that I live in a community where this is the only provider I can get. All others are banned. Thank you for not only giving me trash service, but also having to deal with this being my only option. 33122

Liz Schoonmaker 2 years ago
32159 lady lake water oak community. Internet is out more than it works!!

Dennis Salazar 2 years ago
There has been very frequent interruptions of the television signals. Going on for the last 7 hours since I first found out. Location is Journey’s End Community, zip code 33467. I also found the lid of the cable box outside the house was removed.

Jacinda 2 years ago
Our internet has been down since around 8:30am today. We received a text from your customer service team stating y’all have been made aware of the outage around 9am and that y’all are working on it. So my question to you is how much longer do you plan on not having internet?? My husband and I both work from home and are unable to without the internet. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

Matthew 2 years ago
32092 St Augustine

Ericka Deal 2 years ago
33616 Internet is not working again

Tina Tritsch 2 years ago
Miami internet down again or slow

Judith Lankau 2 years ago
Stuart Florida 34997 Voice remote not working. Also, trying to call their #800 results in the call not going through. Of course, no chat ability on the weekend. Very unprofessional and unreliable.

Nathan 2 years ago
33131 Miami Internet is out

BA1100N 2 years ago
34951...seems to be trend in service being down recently. Good for month's then BAM! Down regularly

Dee 2 years ago
34951 no service all day ! Working on it supposedly!

Dee 2 years ago
Service continually is down. They say their fixing it but each time it goes out for days!

Ende 2 years ago
33498, Boca Raton Internet has been down all day. Part of HOA dues so not a billing issue

Melissa Ann Neely 2 years ago
Internet keeps going out every day

Robert J Lubinski 2 years ago
33908..internet gies down almost every night fir the past 3 weeks

Antonio Rivera 2 years ago
My bills are paid, so that rules out the possible disconnect via default. Tried hard resetting the router, internet is still down!

ID10T 2 years ago
33437 all down . yes your local wifi does show up BC its working.

Sandra 2 years ago
Television and computer internet connection is down. 33437 Boynton Beach


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Hotwire Communications, LLC is an American company that provides fiber optic telecommunications services to communities, and small and medium-sized businesses in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The company offers Internet, digital cable television, phone, and home automation services. It focuses primarily on multi-family living environments, including gated and active adult communities, single family home developments, condominiums, student dormitories, and military housings. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquarted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Miramar, Florida; Far Rockaway and Halesite, New York; and Wynnewood and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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