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Common problems are:

Internet 74%
TV 17%
Blackout 6%
Phone 3%

Affected cities:

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About Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications, LLC is an American company that provides fiber optic telecommunications services to communities, and small and medium-sized businesses in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The company offers Internet, digital cable television, phone, and home automation services. It focuses primarily on multi-family living environments, including gated and active adult communities, single family home developments, condominiums, student dormitories, and military housings. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquarted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Miramar, Florida; Far Rockaway and Halesite, New York; and Wynnewood and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Twitter SanbornJF

@SanbornJF @NYGovCuomo @Airbnb @Hotwire @kinsa .@bchesky - could you guys build a quick app allowing NYers to find the best ho…

31.03.2020 16:14:11
Twitter numberr2

@numberr2 @Hotwire I've been trying for 10 days to get a refund on a Hawaii car rental - when is that going to happen?

31.03.2020 16:04:57
Twitter SanbornJF

@SanbornJF @NYGovCuomo This is excellent! There are many tech co’s who could publish capacity info for patients to help…

31.03.2020 16:03:28
Twitter TrosinOne

@TrosinOne @BarstoolBigCat need a hand here.. booked @Hotwire car rental to work The Masters and rather than follow suit with…

31.03.2020 14:30:43
Twitter ronmersv

@ronmersv @Hotwire @Hotwire According to your self serve refund process my reservation starts with HNV and it do not qualify…

31.03.2020 13:25:20
Twitter ronmersv

@ronmersv @Hotwire According to your self serve refund process my reservation starts with HNV and it do not qualify for a ref…

31.03.2020 13:24:31
Twitter gethotwire

@gethotwire @samstfleur @Hotwire We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We do notice a few outages in SoFlo & our team is inve…

31.03.2020 10:58:19
Twitter CheapSeatsChat

@CheapSeatsChat Yeesh! Come on @Hotwire. Like damn.

31.03.2020 03:27:19
Twitter DeliveryWoes

@DeliveryWoes It's unfathomable to me the shady 🤬 companies get away w/ these days. Say u have a negative experience w/ @Hotwire?…

31.03.2020 03:20:59
Twitter TheLaurenSpears

@TheLaurenSpears @SgtRando @Hotwire omg SAME!! I just called and was told that since I got a confirmation they will follow through w…

31.03.2020 03:11:00
Twitter Marylaviola1

@Marylaviola1 @hotwire you advertise false words. Refunds regarding covid19. Cant leave NY/NJ. TOO BAD NO REFUND FOR YOU!…

31.03.2020 01:29:27
Twitter Marylaviola1

@Marylaviola1 No refund from @hotwire due to Covid19. Too bad. No money back. This is a company that NO ONE should use!…

31.03.2020 01:25:50
Twitter SgtRando

@SgtRando Last week I had a nice tweet about Hotwire for refunding me, now that they emailed to apologize for the confusion a…

31.03.2020 00:50:33
Twitter samstfleur

@samstfleur @gethotwire, bad time to have a community-wide outage in South Florida. It’s been 6+ hours with no internet. @hotwire #internetdown

31.03.2020 00:14:39
Twitter snhuddy

@snhuddy Hi, um, excuse me @Hotwire this was on March 7, 2020 and I have never received any further information thanks in ad…

30.03.2020 22:50:49
Twitter MackStokeCity

@MackStokeCity @Hotwire you would think they would refund or do a voucher just like Airbnb and Sun Country. Great customer service…

30.03.2020 22:50:17
Twitter MackStokeCity

@MackStokeCity @Hotwire I called to cancel my car reservation since no response happened when I emailed my confirmation number. I…

30.03.2020 22:47:33
Twitter EdKuehnel

@EdKuehnel @Hotwire Your refusal to give refunds to many whose travel plans were postponed isn't going to hurt my wife and I -…

30.03.2020 22:43:51

@SAADMMA @jarchmma @Hotwire Exactly! Such BS!! @Hotwire

30.03.2020 22:09:25

@SAADMMA RT @jarchmma: @SAADMMA @Hotwire Wth no way shame on you guys @Hotwire to take full advantage of people. We tax payers bailed you guys out l…

30.03.2020 22:05:10
Twitter kim_michelle

@kim_michelle And with today's money back from @JetBlue (and previous refunds from @hotwire & @hotelsdotcom), our NYC Spring Brea…

30.03.2020 20:44:45
Twitter Sauroang

@Sauroang @Hotwire Many thanks to @thriftycars for providing a resolution that Hotwire was unwilling to assist with. I’ll nev…

30.03.2020 20:11:19
Twitter jarchmma

@jarchmma @SAADMMA @Hotwire Wth no way shame on you guys @Hotwire to take full advantage of people. We tax payers bailed you…

30.03.2020 20:08:25
Twitter checktheloop96

@checktheloop96 @nationalcares @Hotwire will not refund my money for a rental car that I will never get to use cause I can’t leave…

30.03.2020 19:55:04
Twitter dsjwvu

@dsjwvu @Hotwire I was unable to change or get a refund for my car rental next week. I am not traveling to visit my 93-year…

30.03.2020 19:29:39
Twitter Sauroang

@Sauroang @Hotwire Fuck Hotwire, I hope you go out of business. Just called to cancel a car reservation that was made before…

30.03.2020 18:58:16
Twitter RussellJClay

@RussellJClay @hottsilk @Hotwire Is Hotwire the new limewire?

30.03.2020 18:23:26
Twitter hottsilk

@hottsilk I've been on hold with @Hotwire all morning and I've heard Sheryl Crow's "All I Wana Do Is Have Some Fun" 800,000…

30.03.2020 18:15:02
Twitter ryankoongie79

@ryankoongie79 @Hotwire you’re telling me I can’t get a refund for a rental because I booked a Hot Rate car even though all this i…

30.03.2020 18:02:57
Twitter hottsilk

@hottsilk Just making sure the universe knows that @Hotwire is the worst.

30.03.2020 17:33:15