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Common problems are:

Internet 75%
TV 17%
Blackout 4%
Phone 3%

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About Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications, LLC is an American company that provides fiber optic telecommunications services to communities, and small and medium-sized businesses in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The company offers Internet, digital cable television, phone, and home automation services. It focuses primarily on multi-family living environments, including gated and active adult communities, single family home developments, condominiums, student dormitories, and military housings. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquarted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Miramar, Florida; Far Rockaway and Halesite, New York; and Wynnewood and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Twitter adder_analytics

@adder_analytics We spend thousands travelling with @hotwire and @expedia every year. Yesterday, @FlyFrontier wasn't at their counte…

31.05.2020 12:52:59
Twitter lainalocz

@lainalocz Don’t ever book with @Hotwire , they are literal trash me and my husband had reservations and they canceled them ,…

31.05.2020 00:33:40
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @Hotwire You literally are a sham company. Worst “customer service” in recent memory. They refuse to return money t…

30.05.2020 05:08:14
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @deivitaylor @Hotwire Do yourself a favor and avoid this sham company at all costs. @Hotwire is profiting off off the misfortunes of others.

30.05.2020 05:07:29
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @Gumpyandfriends @jamaicanhot @Hotwire @Hotwire is literally a sham company profiting off of the misfortunes of oth…

30.05.2020 05:05:00
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @jamaicanhot @iMarketingAd @Hotwire Hell yes.

30.05.2020 05:01:11
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @Hotwire @karenski Such a canned we-don’t-give-a-shit-about-customers response. @Hotwire should be ashamed of themselves.

30.05.2020 05:00:15
Twitter mlodot916

@mlodot916 @Hotwire You literally are a sham company. Worst “customer service” in recent memory. They refuse to return money t…

30.05.2020 04:58:57
Twitter TB12____GOAT

@TB12____GOAT @davidwarfle @Hotwire Good luck. Horrible company with horrible customer service

30.05.2020 02:30:12
Twitter TB12____GOAT

@TB12____GOAT @macbrazel @GeneralBrnovich @SixtUSA Really shady company. I booked a rental car in San Antonio through Hotwire. Du…

30.05.2020 02:27:37
Twitter LBethgonegirl

@LBethgonegirl @odavrog @0DegreesCelsius @Hotwire I am shocked. Hotwire is pretty hard core.

29.05.2020 19:13:39
Twitter 0DegreesCelsius

@0DegreesCelsius RT @odavrog: Remembered to call @Hotwire to Process my refund for Districkt Hotel #Pittsburgh lady was super nice handling the refund , w…

29.05.2020 19:08:15
Twitter roe216

@roe216 @JoeSerna @Hotwire seems like this is happening to a lot of @Hotwire customers. Hopefully the @bbb_us will respond

29.05.2020 13:13:05
Twitter JoeSerna

@JoeSerna RT @TB12____GOAT: @SixtUSA Stay away from this company. I booked a rental car in San Antonio through Hotwire. Due to my job (Military) we a…

29.05.2020 13:02:49
Twitter JoeSerna

@JoeSerna @roe216 @Hotwire Same thing is happening to me. The car rental company says they can’t refund directly but they wil…

29.05.2020 13:02:35
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin Seaside Grill #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir…

29.05.2020 12:15:04
Twitter JoeSerna

@JoeSerna @HungThrottle @Hotwire Same thing here. Will never use @Hotwire again.

29.05.2020 11:54:28
Twitter pakman198

@pakman198 @dabit3 I'm a frontend developer from Mexico 🇲🇽. Moved to the States last year. I'm currently working with @reactjs…

29.05.2020 06:08:23
Twitter RahulSi30036685

@RahulSi30036685 @Hotwire let us book the hotel in Boston MA when there is a strict rule that only essential workers can check in. T…

29.05.2020 03:35:01
Twitter ManilaFitz

@ManilaFitz @Hotwire I am no longer using #Hotwire! Terrible, horrible, customer service! I am no longer recommending #Hotwire…

29.05.2020 00:38:11
Twitter gamine_sf

@gamine_sf It’s an honor to be nominated for #technology #pragency of the year. Congrats, @hotwire! #sabreawards @Provoke_News

28.05.2020 23:24:41
Twitter Provoke_News

@Provoke_News #SABREAwards Winner: TRAVEL & TOURISM - Make It A Quickie — @Hotwire with @CitizenPR

28.05.2020 23:15:03
Twitter joshneuroth

@joshneuroth @bgurley Also will never use @hotwire or @Expedia again after they screwed me on a covid booking and wouldn’t refund.

28.05.2020 22:29:39
Twitter StefanoniFelipe

@StefanoniFelipe @AceRent @Hotwire Worst companies to work with ever. If you can, don't use their services. Run away!

28.05.2020 17:27:08
Twitter BlueEyedShorty0

@BlueEyedShorty0 @Hotwire out of all of the reservations that that my friend had to cancel due to a pandemic for her son's wedding i…

28.05.2020 16:28:57
Twitter davidwarfle

@davidwarfle @Hotwire how do I reach a customer service rep that’s not through chat? Been waiting over 40 days for a refund.

28.05.2020 15:59:04
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin Thai Spice #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir…

28.05.2020 11:27:58
Twitter surfer0720

@surfer0720 @Hotwire I can't BEGIN to tell you how dissatisfied I am with you. I booked a 4-night stay in Florida. The hotel i…

28.05.2020 06:22:33
Twitter emroddz

@emroddz @Delta @hotwire my graduation was cancelled due to covid-19 and my parents booked flight and hotel. Why can’t they get a refund?

28.05.2020 02:27:30
Twitter RevolutionCall2

@RevolutionCall2 @Hotwire Please do the right thing! Cancel and reimburse everyone that has requested it. People are sick, people h…

27.05.2020 21:23:53