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Common problems are:

Internet 72%
TV 23%
Blackout 3%
Phone 2%

Affected cities:

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About Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications, LLC is an American company that provides fiber optic telecommunications services to communities, and small and medium-sized businesses in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The company offers Internet, digital cable television, phone, and home automation services. It focuses primarily on multi-family living environments, including gated and active adult communities, single family home developments, condominiums, student dormitories, and military housings. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquarted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Miramar, Florida; Far Rockaway and Halesite, New York; and Wynnewood and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Twitter ECUpirateNehlly

@ECUpirateNehlly @Hotwire #TakeMeBackHotwire to the beach! #Giveaway

27.11.2020 02:27:47
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: GG's of New York @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsgetaway…

26.11.2020 21:28:24
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Thai Spice #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsget…

26.11.2020 21:26:40
Twitter DesertFocks

@DesertFocks @Hotwire @lucilaperini_ @Hotwire awful experience. 600 dollars later no car. How are you still in business?

26.11.2020 17:39:22
Twitter DesertFocks

@DesertFocks @Hotwire awful experience. 600 dollars later no car. How are you still in business?

26.11.2020 17:39:05
Twitter adrichakraborty

@adrichakraborty @Hotwire Please provide me your DM handle

25.11.2020 01:06:01
Twitter adrichakraborty

@adrichakraborty @Hotwire @Hotwire I have tried. A complete lie about car booking rules. Rude customer service. And been provided a…

24.11.2020 23:46:13
Twitter adrichakraborty

@adrichakraborty @Hotwire.... u are such a fraud.

24.11.2020 22:27:50
Twitter danielhaas

@danielhaas @Hotwire I booked my Christmas flight home and all I get is, “Sorry Your booking is still in progress. Please go to…

24.11.2020 20:11:10
Twitter JulieisintheUK

@JulieisintheUK @bocaalerts Thanks for replying but it was my entire building. @Hotwire. Fixed now.

24.11.2020 03:45:22
Twitter Hey_Trini_Girl

@Hey_Trini_Girl @Hotwire does Hotwire offer any Bollywood/ Indian channels?

24.11.2020 00:24:49
Twitter readysetjetset

@readysetjetset Supporting Locally-Owned Businesses in Austin and Beyond | Ready Set Jet Set @Hotwire

23.11.2020 19:48:45
Twitter moerenforth

@moerenforth @Hotwire is making MILLIONS off of covid with their bullshit policies

23.11.2020 19:37:21
Twitter tychach12

@tychach12 @Hotwire does not respect protocol to covid.. unreal

23.11.2020 01:56:54
Twitter kristinnnnnx

@kristinnnnnx @Hotwire you guys have the worst customer service in the entire world. Trying to get a credit for canceling a renta…

22.11.2020 23:50:59
Twitter tychach12

@tychach12 @Hotwire Hello @Hotwire I’m here to cancel my car rental because of covid. I’m in a red state going to a red stat…

22.11.2020 23:48:04
Twitter jillian_slade

@jillian_slade Just a public service announcement for everyone: @Hotwire doesn’t care at ALL about you or COVID-19 precautions. Th…

22.11.2020 23:26:49
Twitter SupastarBar

@SupastarBar Imagine booking a 4star #hotel from @hotwire & they give you a @Marriott hotel. Once u checkin u see a roach in you…

22.11.2020 07:46:32
Twitter jolene588

@jolene588 RT @KathyKolla: Check out my film "Plastic Daydream" airing Nationwide Sun. Oct. 4 at 3pm and 6pm on @DIRECTV (573) AT&T U-Verse (1789) @go…

21.11.2020 01:47:23
Twitter Oh_So_Gucci

@Oh_So_Gucci @Hotwire Thank you sending message now 😀

20.11.2020 21:29:13
Twitter Jailisse

@Jailisse @Hotwire We are not looking for a refund, we just need a vehicle, use the money we already paid!

20.11.2020 20:21:16
Twitter Jailisse

@Jailisse “Some car companies might have restrictions on car leaving the state”.... they will not tell you until reservation…

20.11.2020 20:19:40
Twitter Jailisse

@Jailisse Way to go @Hotwire thank you for screwing us! I can’t believe you are not willing to help us and now I’m going to loose almost $400!

20.11.2020 20:17:58
Twitter BWPremierAlton

@BWPremierAlton RT @Hotwire: GIVEAWAY 🎨 We love your vacation pix. We’d love them even more as prints designed by artist, Queenbe Monyei. To enter to win h…

20.11.2020 19:16:34
Twitter Mrs_Stough

@Mrs_Stough @Hotwire #TakeMeBackHotwire Marco Island, Florida. One of the most beautiful places on earth. #giveaway

20.11.2020 03:10:51
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Nick's New Haven Style Pizzeria & Bar #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @tr…

19.11.2020 21:58:01
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Island Fish Company #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir…

19.11.2020 21:51:19
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Rum Row at The Gates Hotel #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @Che…

19.11.2020 21:45:10
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Lilo's Streetfood & Bar #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @VISITFLORIDA @H…

19.11.2020 21:42:56
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: SoFloDining Vlog of Alabama Jacks via @YouTube #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelo…

19.11.2020 13:25:39