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Common problems are:

Internet 73%
TV 22%
Blackout 3%
Phone 2%

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Hotwire Communications, LLC is an American company that provides fiber optic telecommunications services to communities, and small and medium-sized businesses in the states of Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. The company offers Internet, digital cable television, phone, and home automation services. It focuses primarily on multi-family living environments, including gated and active adult communities, single family home developments, condominiums, student dormitories, and military housings. The company was formed in 2000 and is headquarted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania with additional offices in Miramar, Florida; Far Rockaway and Halesite, New York; and Wynnewood and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Twitter ChezMcTau

@ChezMcTau @Hotwire It has now been a week with no refund after my prepaid rental car reservation was a complete failure becau…

24.01.2021 00:28:44
Twitter AilsaForshaw

@AilsaForshaw RT @AilsaForshaw: Luxury hotels under $99 #ad #HotWire @Hotwire 🇨🇦 #Canada Hotwire Homepage! Yay!…

23.01.2021 21:59:31
Twitter TheCentryst

@TheCentryst @Hotwire I will.

23.01.2021 21:39:56
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Thai Spice #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsget…

23.01.2021 19:23:05
Twitter TheCentryst

@TheCentryst @Hotwire well the disabled need not do business with this company. They took my nieces money booked the wrong date…

23.01.2021 19:17:22
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Hutchinson American Kitchen #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @VISITFLORIDA…

23.01.2021 19:14:55
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Texas Roadhouse #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @VISITFLORIDA @Hotwire…

23.01.2021 19:14:51
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Seaside Grill @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsgetaway @ch…

23.01.2021 19:05:04
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: SoFloDinings Vlog review of Seaside Grill via @YouTube @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity…

23.01.2021 19:02:55
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Sands Patio Bar & Grill #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapA…

23.01.2021 19:00:19
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Pet Peeves Promo via @YouTube #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @…

23.01.2021 18:57:26
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: SoFloDinings Vlog review of Siam Cuisine via @YouTube #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK…

23.01.2021 18:56:58
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Pet Peeve Part 1 via @YouTube @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @g…

23.01.2021 18:51:48
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Lilo's Streetfood & Bar @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsge…

23.01.2021 18:49:13
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: SoFloDinings Vlog review of Nauti Dawg via @YouTube @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @…

23.01.2021 18:47:21
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Pet Peeve Part 3 via @YouTube @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @g…

23.01.2021 18:43:28
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: Sea Watch on the Ocean @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @CheapAir @girlsget…

23.01.2021 18:41:14
Twitter eboysterous

@eboysterous @Hotwire 3201324031 which allegedly is not a real number according to four people I've spoken with. The rest of our…

23.01.2021 18:27:35
Twitter eboysterous

@eboysterous You what sucks? When you make a car rental reservation, have to cancel, get refunded, then the third party decides…

23.01.2021 16:55:05
Twitter joshthomasmtv

@joshthomasmtv @Hotwire after nearly 6 hours of being on hold your agents tell me the people that deal with refunds and cancellati…

23.01.2021 16:51:52
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood .@Hotwire still sucks!!!!

23.01.2021 12:10:35
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire wants me to pay for a rental car to go see my deceased grandmother (who died before the trip, but too far…

23.01.2021 01:45:34
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood “I'm sorry, the link you have sent is considered as invalid. We can only accept it if the death happens two weeks b…

23.01.2021 01:27:02
Twitter Oh_So_Gucci

@Oh_So_Gucci I received the portrait I won from the #TakeMeBackHotWire Giveaway?The Artist: @queenbemonyei Did An Amazing Job!…

23.01.2021 00:49:54
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire @Hotwire would like to have a behind closed doors conversation with me. Just process my refund DUE TO DEAT…

22.01.2021 23:30:40
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire @hotwire talks to customers crazy... And hide behind the “chat with us” feature. In real life...companies…

22.01.2021 23:26:39
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire Been discussing my itinerary and jumping through hoops for the past 2 hours Jenny @Hotwire

22.01.2021 23:20:56
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire SUCKS!!!!

22.01.2021 23:02:53
Twitter hargrowfood

@hargrowfood @Hotwire SUCKS!!!!!

22.01.2021 22:18:35
Twitter StudioAdmin

@StudioAdmin RT @StudioAdmin: My Big Fat Greek Restaurant #traveling @TraveIings @Expedia @KAYAK @travelocity @trivago @Ch…

22.01.2021 11:34:51