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Crystal 8 months ago
Services out in my entire area. 72143

Kristi 1 year ago
72112 weldon Been off since around noon today. No way to inform company. Thought it was just me for most of the day.

Kimberly Clark 1 year ago
Internet is down and there’s literally no down wires or anything plus no number to call what the …. Tupelo Ar 72169

Ambrynne ward 1 year ago
Internet is out and have no tech support to call that’s available. Shouldnt have to pay for something that doesn’t work. Tupelo, Ar

Cynthia 1 year ago
Internet has been out since 12:30 the night before last, called yesterday and they said they had to get a part and it would be today. It's 5:07 pm and now they can't get in touch with the people who own the tower, y'all are not open on Sundays. 63876 Senath I would love to know how long it's going to be?

Darrell feemster 2 years ago
Grubbs ar 72112 Internet not working at all reset everything still nothing

Martha Mortinm 2 years ago
72472. You do not allow to leave a message unless you know the extension. My internet comes off the Bay tower. My internet has been off over an hour.

Jeremy 2 years ago
I had hbw installed last Thursday and it worked great most of the day and then it stopped. It has not worked since. 72521 cave City


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Hillbilly Wireless stands for a wireless broadband solution for remote regions. The main goal is to provide a constant and fast connection. However, users may experience intermittent network unavailability or Internet outages.
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