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RM 2 years ago
Cable and internet down in 96734

Anne 2 years ago
No internet in Waikiki 96815

JB 2 years ago
Down in Haiku, 96708

William Pearsall 2 years ago
My internet down 1212 kinau st makkiki, 96814

dr. william c. foulk 2 years ago
We have not had internet for two solid days in 96740, yet of course nothing shows as wrong on their maps.I know there was a wildfire the burned down the phone lines, so one coudl guess that is the issue - but no-one will say anything is wrong or how long to repair.

Viv Yonehara 2 years ago
Aiea 96701 No tv signal

Kate 2 years ago
No internet or TV service with Hawaiian tel. Call back time well over an hour just to report it. Live chat with me on hold for 5 minutes and then disconnected me twice. And yet this website and another one reports no problems 96734

James Taguchi 2 years ago
There is a down line on the sidewalk at 1853 Ala Noe Place, Moanalua Valley, 96819.. I called to report, but no response.The message said that employees are working from home, but will check messages.

Michael Schenk 2 years ago
Is internet down? I'm in Kula 200, 96768 Thank you


About Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom, Inc., is the local exchange carrier or the main local telephone company, that serves the state of Hawaii. It's owned by Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc., and was founded in 2005 by The Carlyle Group, after it purchased the Hawaiian assets of Verizon Communications. Hawaiian Telcom gives its customers a wide range of consumer, business, wholesale communications choices and offers technology services. Their offerings include local phone, long distance, internet services (DSL and Fiber Optics), and television service, alongside wireless service such as a mobile virtual network operator using the leased capacity provided by Sprint and Verizon Wireless's CDMA networks.
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