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James 4 months ago
Reach out to @guardian_002 on telegram if you're still having issues just got mine fixed

TM 8 months ago
Email has been down since Wednesday, and have been unable to get status update. Message on trouble desk phone says they're working on it. 96705

Gem 8 months ago
Hawaiian telcom has major issues! I have faster speed in NC! Last week was electrical outages- often, last night land lines went down ( still down) & that doesn't seem awful- but when its with the internet & security system of a BUSINESS- u think they would get on it.... no. This is 5th time someone has had to stay at business, most less lost revenue bc lines are down! The internet glitches OFTEN and for as small as my condo is.... I lose signal if I go down the hall-- wth??? Someone else PLEASE come in and show them how to run this business. The wiring is OLD, so don't pay for extra speed that it cannot give u!! They are not rewiring the whole extention for just u!! This should be 99% underground ( years ago) and Fiber Optic. It isnt. So this is shaping up to be a 1-2 year black out like Puerto Rico if any major storms get to Oahu. They know this... its patch jobs- just like the roads...

ted 8 months ago
no dsl 50mbps all morning honolulu 96821

Sher 9 months ago
We've been calling several times about our slow speed internet supposed to be 100 mb but not close, Kaneohe are affected. Going be fixed, going be fixed soon. We signed up for the 500 mb but how can they give me that if I can't even get 100???? My trouble ticket pending, pending, pending............

Pixilations on all channels!!!!! One hour wait time to talk to someone??? 1 year ago
96701 Aiea

Pixilations on all channels!!!!! One hour wait time to talk to someone??? 1 year ago
96701 Aiea

Lorraine Von 1 year ago
Pixilations again! Three times in March, now in April. When is hawntel going to fix this issue. Spectrum is looking good everyday. Fiber optics is horrible. April 10, almost 4 hours now.

David 1 year ago
Thought I was the only one, felt like they giving me the runaround because their map shows no problem no outages in my area it’s all green so I yelled and complained everyday! It ruined March madness for me f!!! they saying those maps are not accurate it usually only shows huge outages this is only effecting 150 customers who have No internet service in Makaha, HI 96792 fix it NOW!!!! Or I’m switching but not to spectrum they suck had way to many problems which is why I switched to Hawaiian Telcom any suggestions who would be better?

Lei 1 year ago
No internet service since March 17, 2022, they said theirs an outage in makaha, 96792 effecting 150 customers, they waiting for parts to be delivered so they can fix the problem really why wouldn’t you have the parts here on Oahu makes no sense to me it’s been 5 days already! ever heard of overnight shipping! Time to switch company! Frustrated!

Keith W. Rushing 1 year ago
The HT vault on the sidewalk adjacent to 811 KOLU, Wailuku Business Center. It has been open for a week. I have been able to close it before, but now one of the doors is stuck and can't complete the closure. This could be quite dangerous for someone on a bike. sincerely yours, Keith W. Rushing Wailuku 96793

CV 1 year ago
Cable and internet/wifi down 96782. Over 5 hours now.

Trista 1 year ago
Internet out 96771

DR 1 year ago
Again same issues!! Trying to watch the playoffs! 96813! Come on HT!

Peter 1 year ago
Pixilating 96701 Aiea

Jim 1 year ago
Cable down 96825

DR 1 year ago
96813 TV is on and off- pixels

DR 1 year ago
96813 TV is on and off- pixels

Tollefson 1 year ago
Television down garbled picture/no sound 96815, Honolulu

RM 1 year ago
Cable and internet down in 96734


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About Hawaiian Telcom

Hawaiian Telcom, Inc., is the local exchange carrier or the main local telephone company, that serves the state of Hawaii. It's owned by Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc., and was founded in 2005 by The Carlyle Group, after it purchased the Hawaiian assets of Verizon Communications. Hawaiian Telcom gives its customers a wide range of consumer, business, wholesale communications choices and offers technology services. Their offerings include local phone, long distance, internet services (DSL and Fiber Optics), and television service, alongside wireless service such as a mobile virtual network operator using the leased capacity provided by Sprint and Verizon Wireless's CDMA networks.
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Reported outages on 02.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Hawaiian Telcom. The most frequently affected cities were: Honolulu
Reported outages on 30.11.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Hawaiian Telcom. The most frequently affected cities were: Honolulu

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