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Corey Sorelle 5 months ago
Hi we made a payment at 6:10 pm today 4/5/23 We still have no internet service here in Kingsland Ga I've been on hold for 2hrs Same recording over n over. Agent will help please hold for next available teller. Please help 845-484-9721 Steve or Corey

Carolee Harkins 7 months ago
Fox channel 10 has been out for two days now. 29926 moss creek.

John 9 months ago
31069 Perry - internet out all day, xmas eve. Kids are going to be real upset when they cant update and play their new xboxes and such.

Fred Butts 1 year ago
29927 Tv out all day, no one answers phone or live chat, worthless

Stephen Field 1 year ago
29928 repeated loss of ch 11 CBS. Fix or I'm out

Joseph Voldness 1 year ago
29910 is having a massive outage that's not reflected on this shoddy website. Since 12/25/21, connections are heavily degraded if operating at all between the hours of 5p and 10pm without any explanation whatsoever from the ISP beyond them being aware of it.

Mike Wandell 1 year ago
Internet just went out. Hargray Tech. Came out last week and did a temporary hook up above ground. Said a contractor was to come out and hook it up correctly. But now just went out completely

BubbaNutt 2 years ago
29906 Internet outage 6/28. Hargray was doing system maintenance overnight but somebody done messed up and it's still out after their service window.

Tracy H 2 years ago
29906 went out (no known issues in the physical) after 10 PM. It's almost 12 and I'm about to do the second modem reset. I have wifi but no internet connection. This is about month #3 as it seems this happens every 3 months. Then I have to call in and tech support does whatever it is on the back end that they do. The map shows no outages but I don't believe it's correct. Service is not getting better and options are few.

Ronald Jones 2 years ago
29910 internet outage from 10:05 through present 10:40 AM (4/23/2021)

Mike Cross 2 years ago
29906 had internet at 630.. went off at 7ish.. reset 3x its not working


About Hargray Communications

Hargray Communications is an American telecommunications provider that is based out of Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina. It runs its services throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and the Savannah region of Georgia. They are a known provider for local cable Television, broadband Internet, and landline services. Hargray in the past use to resell their cellular phone service through the larger telecommunications company, Cricket. Hargray uses IPTV or QAM digital TV service over the more traditional coaxial cable. Their IPTV is handled via the Microsoft Mediaroom platform.
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Reported outages on 26.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Hargray Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Bluffton
Reported outages on 25.09.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at Hargray Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Charlotte

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