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Juan Avatar

Wifi has been down since wednesday of Nov 16/ 2022 76554, Little River Academy

1 week ago
Ron Avatar

78218. Internet down again. Company always blames the customer when outage maps show the problem is their network.

3 weeks ago
Ron Avatar

78218. Internet down again. Company always blames the customer when outage maps show the problem is their network.

3 weeks ago
Gina P Avatar

Gina P
What's going on? My internet has been out for 2 days. I work remotely and nothing is working. My friend here in Corpus Christi across town internet from Grande is working. Why? Do you know how long this going to take? I call Grande Asbound and first the recording said it will be up and working 11:30 pm. I checked no internet. I called again and the recording said 1:30 a.m. it will be up and working. No internet. I called and it said the internet will be up and working at 6:30 a.m No internet. Still no internet.. I have a job to report to.. Gina.

2 months ago
Userindenton Avatar

76209 denton tx. Literally one of the worst providers I've ever used. Internet goes out frequently no re way to communicate to company that its out and they rip you off when you sign up.

3 months ago
Jeriann Hix Avatar

Jeriann Hix
78414. Can get Netflix but no tv. When I go to the guide it is blank except for times at the top

5 months ago
Laurel Avatar

78240 astound outage wfh no internet

6 months ago
James Avatar

Corpus Christi, 78412 Cable out, internet still up

7 months ago
Jsr Avatar

78410 my internet has been down for over 24 hours. Supposedly there are no other outages here, but this only happened since it switched to Astound. Bill is paid...Astound sure made sure to take out for the bill...yet no service. I've reset the modem and router about 5 times already. What's the deal?!

7 months ago
customer Avatar

78240 tv down since last night broadcast image is blocking and distorted sound. recording says outage in the area started 8pm 4/24/22, got extended until 11pm, i guess they all went home repairs kept getting extended until 4/25/22 I got a recorded call problem fix and only a few channels are working, 174, 815, 15 128, 4 still blocking......I pay a small fortune for this service.... FIX iT....Grande im not astounded....glad I have internet with someone else....only cable with grande/astound

7 months ago
Patrick Weitzel Jr Avatar

Patrick Weitzel Jr
No internet service since 6:00pm 79707 Midland

8 months ago
Tm Avatar

76226 Cable not going to live tv for the last 2hours

9 months ago
Jon Avatar

We had an outrage for several hrs earlier this week. Now today- it's been out since around 6:30 a.m. When I initially called- the estimate to have it back on was 9 a.m. Each time I call for an update it's pushed back about 2 -2.5 hrs from current time. It's currently 3pm and estimated at 5pm. You cannot reach a tech support rep to find out what's going on. It just says nobody can help until after the outage is fixed. From previous experience- once it's resolved they basically blow you off. First a nationwide company that has no redundancy in their call centers is ludacris. For them to not communicate the outages whether planned or not to their customers is irresponsible. Paying for their highest level of service and having even 2 hrs downtown w/ no communication is beyond negligent. This is not a rural area- it is a prominent city. Frisco, TX 75034. What's worse is this is the only provider available in this complex- which means hundreds of people are without. Ad it not only costs $$ for those of us working remotely and need that internet for our jobs/businesses- but we're also not able to utilize any of the internet based services that we pay to use that are contingent on having stable internet. It is beyond infuriating. They should be responsible for lost income- lost usage of services and refunds to their own services which aren't being provided. One could understand a random outage- WITH SOME COMMUNICATION and a reasonable timeline to resolution. However, a semi-regular failure of service is simply not acceptable.

1 year ago
Kristina C.  Avatar

Kristina C.
Not sure if anyone else's internet came back on, but ours is still out at 78752. It's been out since yesterday early evening, but maybe it was from thunderstorm...

1 year ago
Customer Avatar

78240 San Antonio TV was down a couple days ago, now its down again on many channels, FIX IT PLEASE!

1 year ago
Marcina Avatar


1 year ago
Vicki Taylor  Avatar

Vicki Taylor
Odessa,tx 79761 Internet connection been down since yesterday

1 year ago
CP Avatar

79701 Internet down since 6:45pm

1 year ago
Basilisa Springer Avatar

Basilisa Springer
My internet has been down since 12:30am 78240

1 year ago
Jim Avatar

Internet has been down for hours with no ETA! Denton 76207

1 year ago


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Grande Communications is an American telecommunications firm, based out of San Marcos, Texas, who uses a fiber optic and cable network to offer its clients broadband services. The company was founded in 1999 when and got a large round of venture capital funding in Texas. They deliver internet access, local and long-distance telephone service and digital cable over its own network to nine different markets in the state of Texas. They are the primary provider of cable services for dormitories on the college campuses of Texas State University-San Marcos, University of the Incarnate Word, Baylor University and the University of Texas at Austin.

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