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Chrystal 1 month ago
30143 No internet. Out more than it is on. Even with new equipment. Becoming a major problem daily

Jeff 1 month ago
No internet/tv cherry log mountain blue ridge 30513

Melvin 3 months ago
No internet jasper 30143

Julie Purcell 3 months ago
Internet has been out for 14 hours, no communication from ETC 30143

Connie 3 months ago
Internet has been down for hours. No commitment from ETC as to when it might be back. 30114

Tammy 3 months ago
No internet 30143

Mechelle thumma 3 months ago
No internet ellijay 30540

Damon Gabriel 4 months ago
Internet out for two hours now ellijay 30540

Joesiah Tucker 4 months ago
internet out since 5pm 07/20. jasper GA 30143

HeatherEGriggs 4 months ago
No power since around 5:00 pm Ellijay Ga 30540

Chelsie Christensen 5 months ago
Internet outage since 5:03 pm in Ball Ground 30107.

Denise Larzelere 5 months ago
Is internet down for anyone else? 30107 Ball Ground

brenda 6 months ago
Internet down yet again in Jasper

Debbie Brooks 6 months ago
My internet service is still down since yesterday. Blue Ridge, 30513

ETC Customer 6 months ago
Power pole caught fire earlier. Internet went down several hours later. 30513

Don 6 months ago
Internet has been down since about 9 PM last night at ZIP Code 30536

Kellie 6 months ago
30540 - No internet all morning. We had no power from 1:00 am - 7:30 am. Not sure if it’s related.

Vicky 6 months ago
I have had no Internet or cable since 11 pm 5/20/2023

Oscar Wyatt 6 months ago
Internet Outage 30107 Ball Ground, GA

Allen 7 months ago
Ellijay 30536 down since before 2:30pm and they still have no idea when it will be fixed


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About ETC Communications

ETC Communications is a US company that offers internet service within the states of Georgia and Tennessee. The cable internet from ETC Communications is made available to an estimated 75,000 customers, which makes it the 61st largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area. Outside of cable broadband, ETC also offers DSL internet service to approximately 46,000 people. They deliver service by utilizing the cable television lines that they are already running to customers homes giving them a cable modem or cable box from which customers can connect their routers.
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Reported outages on 04.12.2023:
There were a total of 1 outages at ETC Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Conyers
Reported outages on 03.12.2023:
There were a total of 9 outages at ETC Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Alpharetta, St. Petersburg, Ft. Pierce, Athens

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