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sheldon Hefner Avatar

sheldon Hefner 5 months ago
no internet cable box will not turn on aug 11,2022 8:04 pm

Muc Avatar

Muc 6 months ago
My internet is not working over 24 hours. I’m someone who works from home and now we don’t have internet. They said they can’t fix it until Monday. 84532, moab

Chris Avatar

Chris 9 months ago
No internet - 84532 Moab; Red service light on Modem out of the blue…

Tyler foy Avatar

Tyler foy 9 months ago
My internet has been down for the past 24 hours, has anyone else been having issues the past day, in moab 84532, by desert rd.

Janice Avatar

Janice 11 months ago
Our cable is down. ????

Nicole Barber Avatar

Nicole Barber 1 year ago
Hi I live in Orangeville utah and my internet has been down for the last few days. Please fix it. Thank you

Kim David Chen Avatar

Kim David Chen 1 year ago
Is the internet connection to Entrada at Moab, 84532 down? No wifi since early this morning.

Oscar Avatar

Oscar 1 year ago
The internet was great a year ago. The last couple months it’s gotten terrible. I can’t watch movies, I can’t play video games nothing. It works for about 5 minutes and cuts off kicking me out of everything. I pay $90+ For the internet to not work. I feel as though I’m being robbed. Fix the problem.

karolyn romero Avatar

karolyn romero 1 year ago
My phone isn't working correctly because of the internet, what's wrong that it keeps dropping my service HELP. 84511 Blanding

Robbie Avatar

Robbie 1 year ago
Internet is going downhill for the last couple months. Not happy with that.

Micheal A Martin Avatar

Micheal A Martin 1 year ago
Paying for 1Gb fiber, and getting nothing but speed issues this morning, I have reset the modem, and my router, and still slow speeds.

Kirsten  Avatar

Kirsten 1 year ago
By far the worst $70 dollar internet I've ever had. Its not worth that much. Half the time its down, the other half its so slow. Its a rip off.


About Emery Telcom

Emery Telcom is a US telecommunications company, which provides Phone Service, DSL Service, Cable TV and Cable Internet to much of Eastern and South eastern Utah. Emery Telcom was founded in 1950 as a Cooperative in Orangeville, Utah, and since its joined a consortium with four other Utah independent telephone companies to form Western FiberNet. They offer various media bundles to their customers in state.

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There were a total of 1 outages at Emery Telcom. The most frequently affected cities were:
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There were a total of 1 outages at Emery Telcom. The most frequently affected cities were: Salt Lake City