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Common problems are:

Internet 85%
TV 11%
Website 2%
Phone 1%
E-mail 1%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

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About Eagle Communications

Eagle Communications is a US firm that offers internet access in the states of Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. The fixed wireless internet provided from Eagle Communications is madde available to an estimated 6,000 people. In addition to fixed wireless broadband, Eagle also provides cable and fiber internet service to approximately 73,000 people, making it the 63rd largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area, and they offer their fiber service is available to approximately 55,000 people. Eagle also owns and operates 28 radio stations in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska; and 59 cable systems in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado.

Live reports

Twitter aftershock_tv

@aftershock_tv @eaglebroadband I am starting to get annoyed with this! This is the 4th time today. The internet keeps dropping !!!

13.11.2020 20:15:29
Twitter MATTatACA

@MATTatACA Thank you @eaglebroadband for all you do for our #Veterans!

11.11.2020 15:44:35
Twitter WengerJeffrey

@WengerJeffrey Thanks to Eagle broadband I'm getting 211 Mbps Down and 15.26 Mbps upload Check out my Speedtest result! How fast i…

02.11.2020 22:40:19
Twitter Gigabyte6969

@Gigabyte6969 @eaglebroadband I hear you are coming to Westlake, La and have bought vyve. There was a Hurricane and all internet…

22.10.2020 22:02:32
Twitter gordonrichy

@gordonrichy Hey @eaglebroadband you ain’t slick throttling speeds at night just to save bandwidth costs

20.10.2020 04:54:47