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Common problems are:

Internet 87%
TV 9%
Phone 2%
Blackout 2%
TV everywhere 1%

Affected cities:

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About D&P Communications

D&P Communications is an American internet company that serves Southeast Michigan Residents with Cable, Voice, and Internet. D & P Communications serves residential customers throughout Southeast Michigan, providing modern services in cable, voice, and Internet services. D&P Communications offers the same internet service also in Ohio. The cable internet from D&P Communications is made available to an estimated 39,000 customers in both states, which makes it the 90th largest provider of cable broadband in the US by coverage area.

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Twitter Paulmcg9

@Paulmcg9 @barstoolsports Ah well looks like his head wasn't in it.not the same conor were used to looking at.time to hang th…

24.01.2021 06:09:55
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@Ibrahsoudy @NationAfrica Nani alipea huyu p.h.D jameni that University be investigated, its the Executive that execute govt po…

24.01.2021 06:09:47
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@SparkRay1997 RT @DoubleCreamed: C l o s e U p D P ✨

24.01.2021 06:07:49
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@moredigitsofpi 4 <-- d.p. 9489 of #pi

24.01.2021 06:07:44
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@ty310897 @DentonKane Who you think McGregor will fight next? & what’s next for D.P?

24.01.2021 06:05:28
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@G_d_P_ @SpectrumSN @AntDavis23 @JamesWorthy42 It's raining charges... @MarcGasol @ACFresh21 @Thortontucker #LakeShow…

24.01.2021 06:02:49
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@fesbees @AmariAurelius this whole thing reminds me of the time i got told it’s okay to still like p/ d/ p (this was a bit b…

24.01.2021 06:02:03
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@D_P_Mario @superpuppigal May try it tommorow if im feeling up to it cuz why not

24.01.2021 06:00:54
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@D_P_Mario @superpuppigal Sonado but both are trans

24.01.2021 05:55:51
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@D_P_Mario Idk why im saying this on twitter but i go by any pronouns (At least i think so)

24.01.2021 05:55:30
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@__M_D_P__ @EPone24 Nope. Never happening now

24.01.2021 05:54:24
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@ahoye2 Not Surprising at all, picked D.P., Conner overhyped, overated

24.01.2021 05:53:37
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@EPone24 @__M_D_P__ Yea he not getting that one no time soon

24.01.2021 05:51:58
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@__M_D_P__ I really wanted a Khabib Mcgregor rematch but thats dead

24.01.2021 05:50:59
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@D_P_Mario @DreamcastTurnip Tmw "dead luigi" is a trigger word lmao

24.01.2021 05:48:01
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@tweetmecahill "People do not yearn to be free, they yearn to be taken care of." -D.P

24.01.2021 05:47:39
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@D_P_Mario @GGalactigal Omg this is so cute

24.01.2021 05:46:57
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@ChazzHalkett38 Holy shit, lol D.P did it

24.01.2021 05:46:49
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@Anneke_d_p RT @LoadingMeerkat: @ufc Didn’t even take his coat off!

24.01.2021 05:45:55
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24.01.2021 05:45:51
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@__M_D_P__ Can’t do nun with them calf kicks tho

24.01.2021 05:44:49
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@_TreyB_ Damn D P! #UFC257

24.01.2021 05:41:56
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@GribbM @SJWWatchdog @Anneke_d_p @bammerforceone @BluskyeAllison @POTUS @JoeBiden I’m not sure it’s just low information vo…

24.01.2021 05:39:38
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@G_d_P_ When an historycal memo meets a new one #kaman and #BernieMeme Battle of memo

24.01.2021 05:38:45
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@BApplebelly @Less_HumbleTeej *ears perk up * D...P....????

24.01.2021 05:38:41
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@moredigitsofpi 1 <-- d.p. 9488 of #pi

24.01.2021 05:38:06
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@Dr_Eric96 @Bty_b00 @ComentaSan @Tomaqueleto Asere m botaron del tweet d p

24.01.2021 05:34:05
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@hetalianti RT @badhetafanfic: ALFRED JUST BROKE IN I'M GOING TO DIE I'M GOING TO D-/p p style="-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; outline: none 0px;…

24.01.2021 05:31:19
Twitter Anneke_d_p

@Anneke_d_p RT @NigelKellow: We’ve been living with this for over a year now. We’ve known most of the modifiable risk factors for nearly a year. Why ar…

24.01.2021 05:28:50
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@Anneke_d_p RT @NigelKellow: It must be nice to have a job where you have a guaranteed income, where you can stay at home, grow a large social media fo…

24.01.2021 05:27:36