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SacUser 7 months ago
Internet has been for several hours in Antelope, CA. Support hasn't said anything useful as to when services will be restored.

NCal 7 months ago
Internet has been out since around 9pm PST in Antelope, CA, 95843. Confirmed outtage due to equipment failure. Confirmed voa call and they just sent a tech out about 35 minutes ago. Yikes! That's why they need a twitter page for outages so they can verify outages faster.

Matt G 8 months ago
Manchester, NH 03103 Fidium internet has been down since about 3:20pm. As of this comment it is now 4:10pm and it is still down...

Rae C 11 months ago
Yelm 98597. Internet service out for 12 hrs 20 min yesterday, no warning, no explanation. What a lovely way to treat your customers, Consolidated. I'll be switching providers ASAP. Good riddance!!!!

Bill 11 months ago
Our city (Yelm) has been out of internet and phone for 15 hours. NOTHING from consolidated. Nothing on social media. Not available by phone.

Irritated Customer 1 year ago
Jaffrey NH 03452 - Constant outages, tech came to assess and told me the lines are 30+ years old and it wasn't a problem with my house wiring or router- however they have charged $100s every time they come out. They put new lines in but if you want to be hooked up to them your bill goes up grossly. Their coverage and dependability is non-existant, the only positive thing I have to say is the last tech that come out 2 times said he wouldn't log being there because of their felonious charges. This conglomerate internet provider is a prime example of why HUGE corporations should NOT be able to monopolize, as of now the only provider you can get in the area is Consolidated and it SUCKS. I work from home often and find myself sitting in my Chevy using the truck's wifi- which I only pay $20 a month for and it is available and dependable EVERYWHERE. Customer Service is also absolutely horrendous. People need to start pushing back on these companies that control so much because it's only going to get worse and more expensive. WORST. COMPANY. EVER.

Amy 1 year ago
Been 3 days with no internet or phone. When can I expect restoration? 04938.

Fuck yoi 1 year ago
12062 Day 3 of no internet. 3rd straight week of outages.. INCLUDING on Thanksgiving... now its xmas eve and we STILL have no internet and tech support is LITERALLY a2hr hold time. You people should be arrested for theft

MM 1 year ago
All I want to do is report an outage and know it is being corrected. I don't need any BS questions. 03598

Jack 2 years ago
03037deerfield. Correctly dialed number starting with 1603 repeatedly results in message number must start 1 and area code...

Jack 2 years ago
03037deerfield. Correctly dialed number starting with 1603 repeatedly results in message number must start 1 and area code...

Katelyn Parker 2 years ago
Called to report problems with internet 8-5 then on 8-11 then lost internet connection on 8-13-21, lost a day of work. Called 8-14 and 8-15 they do not have any answers. Time to find another internet service!!

Fred Anders 2 years ago
Valatie, NY 12184. Was watching the Olympics in the evenings on TV channel 13, but several nights ago that channel went blank. Will it return soon?

Daniel R Cantley 2 years ago
In West Haven VT 05743. On July 12 reported no dial tone. Not fixed! Its July 28 and still no dial tone. For about twenty years this has been caused by rain getting the wires wet. I am considering taking my phone number to a cellphone provider.

Snappy 2 years ago
Nashua NH, lost internet on 7/4 before noon and called custom support and said work on it asap. called custom support on 7/5 and said work on it asap. called custom support on 7/6 and said work on it asap. Got same answers in 3 days and none knows the progress and no ETA.

Sid Ceaser 2 years ago
A portion of Nashua NH 03060 has been down since Sunday 4th around noon-time. Multiple people in my area are reporting no internet and multiple confusing phone calls with Consolidated. As of today, Tuesday July 6th, I read on a local town Facebook group that they have figured out the issue but have no ETA as to when things will be back up.

KCVIEW 2 years ago
No cable service g ping on day three in Overland Park, KS. 66223 No explanation from Consolidated.

dc 2 years ago
Penacook, NH 03303 I am DSL customer. I had good Internet service but I received 2 dead air calls at 11:26A, EST and 1:53P, EST in 6/16/21.There is no outage reported with neither the Internet nor the telephone. What could have contributed to two calls like that? Early in the morning there were no issues to receive or dial number, last call received at 8:49 A, EST.

tom 2 years ago
internet is off and on for months now no customer service to speak of email them and get NO ANSWER

John Weston 2 years ago
I sent a message 3 hrs ago and it says 1 second.


About Consolidated Communications

Founded in the year 1894 as the Mattoon Telephone Company, Consolidated Communications is today one among the top 10 fiber network providers in the country. The company is an amalgamation of smaller acquisitions including SureWest Communications and FairPoint Communications among others.

Consolidated Communications offers customers a myriad of services that meet the requirements of both business and residential customers. Business users receive internet, data, voice, cloud, hosting and IT services, while residential users can avail TV, internet, phone, and home security systems.

The company recently launched 1 GB broadband services in the New Hampshire residential area, which uses the new FTTP technology that greatly improves internet speeds. This launch gives better streaming, broader service options and better use of cloud services to over 86000 residential and small business users in the area.

Regional availability

Consolidated Communications operates in 23 of the U.S. states, including California, Florida, New York, Washington, and Texas among others. The acquisition of SureWest in 2012 and FairPoint in 2017 added a large number to their existing user base. This propelled them into the top 10 fiber providers list, with a fiber route availability of 36000 miles.

DSL services from Consolidated Communications are currently being utilized by about 4.6 million users, while the fiber network is available to about 1.1 million customers. Their largest user base is grouped in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

More than 2 million customers use the SimpliSafe home security system from Consolidated Communications. SimpliSafe is a fully functional system that fits right into the house, with built-in safeguards against internet issues or power outages.

Errors/network problems

The Consolidated Communications website has a detailed support page that lists out several common problems you may face. The FAQs are sorted by the type of service and also have a search option to look for specific concerns. If you still have trouble with services being down, you can always reach their customer support at 1-844-YOUR-CCI.

During the months of February, March, September, and October, users may face some tiling or freezing of their screens due to a sun outage. This lasts for only about 15 minutes or so, after which the satellite signals are back on.

Troubleshoot yourself

Here is a list of some common problems you may face while using the internet, TV, and phone services from Consolidated Communications. We’ve provided some simple solutions as well that could help you fix it yourself.

  • Web pages not displaying correctly – this could be due to a lag in the browser. More often than not, a simple restoring of defaults in the advanced browser settings solves the issue.
  • Internet down or speed issues – turning off the modem and router for about 10 seconds and then turning it on can usually fix this.
  • Black, blue or green screen on your TV – reset the set-top box to reboot your TV system. This can take up to 10 minutes.
  • Static on the phone line or no dial tone – unplug all the cords that go into your phone line one at a time. Listen for a dial tone before unplugging each equipment to identify the one does not have a dial tone.

If these basic troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem, your last resort is to contact customer care or visit one of the Consolidated Communications stores.

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There were a total of 1 outages at Consolidated Communications. The most frequently affected cities were: Sacramento

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