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Common problems are:

Internet 77%
TV 20%
Phone 2%
Blackout 1%

Affected cities:

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About Comporium Communications

Comporium Communications was formerly known as The Rock Hill Telephone Company, is a local American telephone, internet, cable and home security provider that mainly works in York and Lancaster counties in the North-central section of South Carolina. Their Corporate headquarters is located in the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In additiona, there are local cable channels which are owned and operated by Comporium such as, Cable News 2 (CN2), CN2 eXtra, and The Weather Channel's local Weatherscan for Rock Hill.

Live reports

Twitter macbrindle

@macbrindle @comporium is the worst company on the planet

31.05.2020 18:13:43
Twitter aoi_kyun

@aoi_kyun @comporium do you guys have a looking glass page or something that lists areas with outages? Or any sort of notific…

30.05.2020 07:07:29
Twitter TedatACA

@TedatACA @ACAConnects member @Comporium is rolling out Stream TV, a new video product that will eventually replace its tradi…

30.05.2020 00:08:05
Twitter MATTatACA

@MATTatACA RT @TedatACA: @ACAConnects member @Comporium Launches Stream TV - Telecompetitor

29.05.2020 21:54:47
Twitter TedatACA

@TedatACA @ACAConnects member @Comporium Launches Stream TV - Telecompetitor

29.05.2020 19:12:52
Twitter Yomi89498149

@Yomi89498149 @comporium No thank you... your services are already outrageous enough for.piss poor service... The City of Rock Hi…

29.05.2020 13:39:58
Twitter igotgame

@igotgame @comporium Not interested... I just want a cable box I can turn on and watch TV...My parents who know nothing abou…

28.05.2020 20:26:59
Twitter miz_jade

@miz_jade @comporium can you tell me when will my internet services be restored? It has been down since this morning before 7am.

28.05.2020 18:56:07
Twitter Sufiness

@Sufiness @comporium @TravisBarkley We are restored now. Thanks.

28.05.2020 15:48:16
Twitter Sufiness

@Sufiness @comporium @TravisBarkley Hi @comporium , is Transylvania county still experiencing an outage. Your website says ev…

28.05.2020 14:59:51
Twitter TravisBarkley

@TravisBarkley @comporium I called around 6:30 this morning and was told there was an outage that should be repaired in about 30 m…

28.05.2020 13:38:38
Twitter teej213

@teej213 @comporium is internet down again in Wedgewood Subdivision in Rock Hill (2103 Cavendale Dr)

28.05.2020 11:48:01
Twitter ejkeebler

@ejkeebler @comporium issues in the whitegrove development?

28.05.2020 03:06:42
Twitter cn2news

@cn2news BACK TO BUSINESS: The final part of the series! In today's segment, we hear from @Carowinds, Southtown Wake Park, N…

27.05.2020 18:01:50
Twitter visityorkcounty

@visityorkcounty Hear from local attractions @NarroWayTheatre, @Carowinds, and Southtown Wake Park, as well as our president…

27.05.2020 17:33:02
Twitter cn2news

@cn2news So, what's going on in tonight's newscast? Be sure to tune in to @comporium Channel 102 every weekday night at 6 p.…

27.05.2020 14:47:17
Twitter _tylersays

@_tylersays @comporium man, .38 download.

26.05.2020 00:15:33
Twitter _tylersays

@_tylersays @agblackx3 Sorry. @comporium internet letting me down on every level today.

26.05.2020 00:03:53
Twitter treder_matt

@treder_matt Hey @comporium had your terrible cable service for four months now. Once a month this happens. Customer service is…

24.05.2020 19:12:22
Twitter Jones1965dj

@Jones1965dj @comporium My wifi off since 10:00 am- Indian Land area

24.05.2020 15:09:51
Twitter Laurbabes

@Laurbabes @comporium My internet is consistently down. We upgraded our router hoping that would help. Nope. We reboot it and…

24.05.2020 01:10:08
Twitter Valerie__Kerr

@Valerie__Kerr @kudosmyork @comporium Same.

23.05.2020 17:37:42
Twitter kudosmyork

@kudosmyork @comporium Just did. Thanks!

23.05.2020 15:13:48
Twitter kudosmyork

@kudosmyork @comporium Do you guys have an eta? In the Winthrop area and it's still down and I'm still WFH.

23.05.2020 14:58:41
Twitter RyhaskThorngood

@RyhaskThorngood @comporium It just came back up

23.05.2020 14:44:05
Twitter kalel72

@kalel72 @comporium When will Brevard see the new fire stick cable

23.05.2020 13:30:09
Twitter kalel72

@kalel72 @comporium So far so good

23.05.2020 13:29:20
Twitter packcodes

@packcodes @comporium All fixed. Thanks for your effort.

23.05.2020 13:05:31
Twitter enzolopez

@enzolopez @comporium Still down in Edgemoor. Any updates?

23.05.2020 12:36:26
Twitter beargaze

@beargaze @comporium Down in Edgemoor, SC still...

23.05.2020 11:52:35