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Internet 74%
TV 23%
Phone 3%

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About Comporium Communications

Comporium Communications was formerly known as The Rock Hill Telephone Company, is a local American telephone, internet, cable and home security provider that mainly works in York and Lancaster counties in the North-central section of South Carolina. Their Corporate headquarters is located in the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In additiona, there are local cable channels which are owned and operated by Comporium such as, Cable News 2 (CN2), CN2 eXtra, and The Weather Channel's local Weatherscan for Rock Hill.

Live reports

Twitter quadad4

@quadad4 @GScibs @comporium Never WiFi, Ethernet only for streaming

18.02.2020 22:21:52
Twitter WinthropLive

@WinthropLive RT @Winthrop_MBB: Clutch down the stretch 🔥 Hunter Hale is the @comporium Player of the Game.

16.02.2020 02:12:12
Twitter TreSumOfficial

@TreSumOfficial RT @Winthrop_MBB: Clutch down the stretch 🔥 Hunter Hale is the @comporium Player of the Game.

16.02.2020 00:11:16
Twitter Winthrop_MBB

@Winthrop_MBB Clutch down the stretch 🔥 Hunter Hale is the @comporium Player of the Game.

15.02.2020 23:54:27
Twitter apraxiadad

@apraxiadad @Winthrop_MBB @1041TheBridge @comporium Is there a delay of some kind

15.02.2020 21:16:16
Twitter PeteMcCole

@PeteMcCole @comporium this is unacceptable. More than a year it’s been like this....

15.02.2020 01:50:42
Twitter snpoW_

@snpoW_ Shout out to the worst internet provider in the United States @Comporium

15.02.2020 01:27:16
Twitter darris76280594

@darris76280594 @GetSpectrum please come to rock hill SC so we can get rid of @comporium and there terrible outdated service!! I’m…

14.02.2020 16:14:05
Twitter Dragonknight554

@Dragonknight554 @att would love to have your internet service but apparently that’s not it option. Guess I’m stuck with slow ass @comporium internet

14.02.2020 04:56:31
Twitter thats_soRAVEN19

@thats_soRAVEN19 @comporium internet has now been out for over 1 hour 😡😡😡

14.02.2020 02:07:12
Twitter thats_soRAVEN19

@thats_soRAVEN19 @comporium I swear you’re a freaking headache. How can it be 30 minutes before someone picks up the phone!!!!

14.02.2020 02:06:15
Twitter TW_10_

@TW_10_ @comporium Is there an outage in Indian Land SC? I suddenly started having major issues with my devices connectivity

14.02.2020 00:49:44
Twitter mhowerton

@mhowerton @comporium Excellent experience this AM with the technician dispatched to my home. Hopefully the equipment upgrades…

13.02.2020 17:12:28
Twitter YorkPrepAcademy

@YorkPrepAcademy Math & Science Night on March 5th from 5:30-8:30 pm is an interactive FREE event for K-12th grade families to spark…

13.02.2020 15:01:20
Twitter Heckroth

@Heckroth Hey @comporium your customer service team is worthless and extremely unhelpful. Maybe educate them some more instea…

13.02.2020 13:58:01
Twitter FortMillPost43

@FortMillPost43 I want to thank Comporium @comporium for being one of our 2020 corporate sponsors! Go online or give them a call fo…

12.02.2020 20:33:37
Twitter mhowerton

@mhowerton @comporium I’d note the local Comporium server used for speedtests isn’t available this morning. In addition, numer…

12.02.2020 14:06:19
Twitter RoysOnlySon

@RoysOnlySon @comporium internet goes out once a week. I cant wait until @Ask_Spectrum takes over the area...

12.02.2020 13:37:55
Twitter MaggieK68979399

@MaggieK68979399 @comporium @GarlandVoltz Good morning, seems a lot of us are without cable. Will nor bother to reset/reboot anythin…

12.02.2020 13:26:53
Twitter RobFischer14

@RobFischer14 @comporium is there a problem with the cable in ft mill no channels are working

12.02.2020 13:24:01
Twitter RevTHill

@RevTHill When you just want to watch the news, but @comporium is out again ... do they pro-rate bills? They should!!

12.02.2020 12:45:33
Twitter GarlandVoltz

@GarlandVoltz @comporium my box is saying "No signal detected. Please check your cable connection." Well I've checked everything…

12.02.2020 12:43:49
Twitter SailerRenie

@SailerRenie @comporium our cable is out in Indian Land SC. Any idea of when it will be back on?

12.02.2020 12:26:10
Twitter EddieErobinso

@EddieErobinso @comporium my cable is out 1303 Norman dr rock hill sc

12.02.2020 10:17:25
Twitter mhowerton

@mhowerton @comporium Thanks. CSR will send a tech to identify why download speeds are decreasing at night. The CSR remotely c…

12.02.2020 03:18:48
Twitter snpoW_

@snpoW_ @JustFlint_X @comporium Prayers

12.02.2020 01:57:05
Twitter JustFlint_X

@JustFlint_X @snpoW_ @comporium A power line adapter with xfinity

12.02.2020 01:56:26
Twitter snpoW_

@snpoW_ @JustFlint_X Bro i have poopoo ass @comporium what do you have 😂

12.02.2020 01:31:01
Twitter mhowerton

@mhowerton @comporium Still awaiting a DM. My speeds in the evening are actually deteriorating of late. This is contrary to th…

12.02.2020 00:46:46
Twitter Marybenti1

@Marybenti1 @comporium why am I getting calls that are using my name and phone number on caller ID

11.02.2020 21:53:51