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Common problems are:

Internet 79%
TV 18%
Phone 2%

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About Comporium Communications

Comporium Communications was formerly known as The Rock Hill Telephone Company, is a local American telephone, internet, cable and home security provider that mainly works in York and Lancaster counties in the North-central section of South Carolina. Their Corporate headquarters is located in the city of Rock Hill, South Carolina. In additiona, there are local cable channels which are owned and operated by Comporium such as, Cable News 2 (CN2), CN2 eXtra, and The Weather Channel's local Weatherscan for Rock Hill.

Live reports

Twitter TooFreshFraZ

@TooFreshFraZ @comporium Alexis told me it’s an outage in my area

05.08.2020 12:14:41
Twitter TooFreshFraZ

@TooFreshFraZ @comporium WiFi not working

05.08.2020 11:39:34
Twitter phlmth

@phlmth @comporium I only had to tweet for it to clear itself up. I am fine now.

04.08.2020 13:56:28
Twitter phlmth

@phlmth @comporium I have no Wi-Fi access in Fort Mill. Outage map shows that there’s an outage in North and South Carolina…

04.08.2020 10:54:00
Twitter MothersauceBoss

@MothersauceBoss @comporium any Internet outages in pisgah/brevard? Ours went out in storms this afternoon and hasn’t come back. Thx.

03.08.2020 22:46:17
Twitter kjbegamin

@kjbegamin @iamWoxii @comporium Yeah we just moved to an apartment not long ago and that’s the wifi we gotta use and it goes o…

03.08.2020 16:39:33
Twitter EquinoxInfoSys

@EquinoxInfoSys We appreciate the trust we’ve established with @comporium and are honored they relied on us for this latest project.

03.08.2020 15:58:28
Twitter iamWoxii

@iamWoxii @comporium @kjbegamin It’s always fucking terrible and then they send someone out and it’s still fuckin terrible bc…

03.08.2020 02:05:17
Twitter kjbegamin

@kjbegamin @comporium your wifi is ass rn dude

02.08.2020 17:20:14
Twitter JustTravise

@JustTravise @comporium what are you migrating? Every week I have to reset my TV because @hgtv keeps falling off the options- come on- 🙄

02.08.2020 03:00:59
Twitter locopirate

@locopirate @comporium laziest installation methods ever. A wall plate would sure look clean and nice.

31.07.2020 16:24:21
Twitter TracyLe23235186

@TracyLe23235186 @comporium I sent a message with my name and address. Thanks 😊

30.07.2020 19:25:18
Twitter Unique1toy

@Unique1toy @comporium I will be reporting you guys to the bbb

30.07.2020 17:10:43
Twitter Unique1toy

@Unique1toy @comporium terrible service , terrible customer service , horrible horrible I dont recommend this mess to anyone!! ever!!

30.07.2020 16:55:11
Twitter TracyLe23235186

@TracyLe23235186 @comporium My past due balance is 194 due to loss of my job since covid 19. I called to ask if I could pay half of…

30.07.2020 11:50:56
Twitter jaycall23

@jaycall23 @comporium @gmoneyy86 Im in lesslie area, yall don't fix the crap yall have now much less upgrade. For what I pay w…

30.07.2020 08:38:41
Twitter VictorG63261075

@VictorG63261075 @ROSAY_BOSS @comporium Same here

30.07.2020 02:23:52

@ROSAY_BOSS @comporium explain this too me, and its not just my ps4, its my xbox 1, phones, laptop, anything connected to yall…

29.07.2020 23:08:53
Twitter jeffreypterrell

@jeffreypterrell @comporium my internet service is nearly flawless. And yesterday I was upgraded to the 300mbps plan for the SAME pr…

29.07.2020 15:20:19
Twitter TheCigarStud

@TheCigarStud @comporium @cReativi_D_ Is there an outage in the Lake Wylie SC area now?

28.07.2020 15:50:48
Twitter cReativi_D_

@cReativi_D_ @comporium internet is out again. One is busy again. Trust me if I don’t get this remote job I have documentation f…

28.07.2020 01:49:24
Twitter robinson_drea

@robinson_drea @comporium @leethen3rd *DaveLyle

28.07.2020 00:43:01
Twitter robinson_drea

@robinson_drea @comporium @leethen3rd How about the Dave Lyke area 29732? I am currently out.

28.07.2020 00:42:44
Twitter HybridBink

@HybridBink @leethen3rd @comporium Same here

28.07.2020 00:37:43
Twitter leethen3rd

@leethen3rd @comporium any know outages in the Dave Lyle area?

27.07.2020 20:57:44
Twitter JMEllis2020

@JMEllis2020 @jeffreypterrell @jseck14 @comporium I don't know, but what makes you any better, you spent the same time to reply…

26.07.2020 00:26:37
Twitter jeffreypterrell

@jeffreypterrell @JMEllis2020 @jseck14 @comporium So they would owe him about $6. Who the hell spends their time whining on a Saturday night for $6 🤷‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

25.07.2020 22:14:12
Twitter JMEllis2020

@JMEllis2020 @jseck14 @comporium It really should work this way. If the internet goes down at any point then you should get that…

25.07.2020 18:35:30
Twitter jseck14

@jseck14 Hey @comporium , since my internet has been down for a couple of days, don't be mad if my payment is a couple days…

25.07.2020 13:58:58
Twitter Caffeinelover2

@Caffeinelover2 @Comporium needs to get itself together. Instead of putting out excuses, fix your internet for everybody. My family…

24.07.2020 23:20:12