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Internet 38%
TV 38%
Blackout 25%

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About Charter Communications

Charter Communications, a mass media and telecommunications company in the USA, is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. The timely acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks transformed Charter Communications into a quick-growth company.

The company’s services are branded under Spectrum and it delivers what it calls ‘the spectrum advantage’- a combination of TV, Voice, and Internet. Charter Spectrum or Spectrum figures among the top five telephone providers. It ranks third where Pay TV is concerned and is one of the top providers for residential phone services.

Spectrum Internet offers high-speed Internet with powerful Wi-Fi and Spectrum TV provides instant access to HD TV channels. Spectrum Voice caters to more than 10 million voice subscribers, offering unlimited long-distance and local calls. Spectrum Mobile offers a smart network to mobile users while Spectrum Business delivers Internet and Ethernet solutions to small businesses.

Regional availability

Charter Spectrum’s coverage is extensive- it reaches important metros on the west and east coasts and is available in suburban and urban areas. It also offers fiber internet to businesses across many states.

Spectrum’s internet service extends over 46 states and caters to 102.5 million residents. It uses optical fiber and coaxial cable to deliver the services. New York, California, and Texas have the most extensive coverage. Digital TV and phone bundled services are also very popular with Spectrum’s subscribers.

Error codes / network problems

Error codes can occur anytime- while watching TV, connecting to the Wi-Fi or even while inserting a SIM card. Sometimes errors occur when users connect to the Spectrum Mobile data network. Spectrum outages could result in networks being down as servers could experience problems.

Network errors are very often an offshoot of a tardy internet connection. So the first thing to do would be to ensure that the internet is in good working condition. Sometimes the Spectrum app is the culprit. Re-installing it might help.

If that doesn’t work, users need to get in touch with Spectrum support staff. Inform them of the problem and mention the error code seen. An account reset brings things around.

If the network is down because of a faulty server, then wait for the server to be up. If nothing works, use the Reimage Repair tool.

Troubleshooting yourself

TV Troubleshooting
  • Check cable and TV connections and whether the TV is on the correct input
  • Reset the power cycle. Remove plug from the receiver, wait for some time and then replug it
Internet troubleshooting
  • Sign in to your Spectrum account
  • Select Internet services and select the modem you’re using
  • Opt for ‘reset equipment’
Wireless troubleshooting
  • Remove the battery from the wireless device after pulling out the power cord
  • Wait for a while and then insert the battery and then reconnect
  • In case you’re using an ethernet cable or an adapter- disconnect from the power source, wait for a while and then restart

If there is an outage, check the status to see when it’s cleared

Of course, in case none of this works, then users need to contact Spectrum Support and get in touch with a tech rep.

(Including Bright House Networks and Spectrum formerly Time Warner Cable)

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24.10.2019 01:41:27
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@mjdolce @IMeMine1324 @ATT @Charter Took them 4 days to reply to the direct message they requested I send... 🙄

23.10.2019 16:20:48
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@kristie_charter if someone would care to enlighten me on this whole situation that would be fantastic :(

23.10.2019 03:46:04
Twitter kristie_charter

@kristie_charter i might never be able to play volley for college :( and that’s some heartbreaking stuff

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@Jason_Brown_ @neilwinton1 @BBCNewsnight @Charter @Ofcom What kind of questions or things should they say?

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@kristie_charter tell me why >:(

20.10.2019 19:10:02
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@mjdolce @IMeMine1324 @ATT @Charter We'll see what @ATT has to say. But I'm really tired of dealing with them at this point.

20.10.2019 17:59:29
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@IMeMine1324 @mjdolce @ATT @Charter I haven’t had a bad experience with Charter yet. They usually have the best customer service.

20.10.2019 17:51:58
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@mjdolce I'm so tired of @ATT. They used to have the best customer service in the business. I'm thinking it might be time to…

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@Charter_yt RT @jeongpapi: i recorded this part!! seeing mina happy like that made my heart whole :(

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@rriv_14 @Charter is by far the worst cable tv service. Overpriced, equipment antiquated, wish I had another choice. #junk #charteroverpriced

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@palegorgeous @whiteteefteens @jup1tersangeI i did thrifted it :( i’m rly sorry! BUT the tag shows it’s from Charter Club hehe

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@carolinefiennes @jvolmink Jimmy: the link on that page to your sparkly new charter doesn't work :-( Looks like you want this link:

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@CP_LATN I guess on @GetSpectrum @Charter u won't have ESPN for the rest of the week & counting

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@bear_charter Sadly, it appears he is using a form letter as I received the exact same response :(

16.10.2019 18:08:35
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@NikaDragomira @MarilynLouiseH1 @fordnation I'm so sorry :( I pray every day that things will change. I don't understand why more…

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@zackery_wood @GetSpectrum @Charter Charter, your scare me sometimes.

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@owenstiffler @charter fucking up for anyone else right now?

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@jsholt1 @Cricketnation thank you for having a dependable and reliable connection to the Internet. @GetSpectrum…

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@ivanmcruz32 Thanks @Charter @GetSpectrum

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@mitchy5280 @ChrisMarlowe @AltitudeTV @CenturyLink @Charter Thanks for explaining Chris.

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@stricklandclay1 @charter fuck yalls WiFi

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@Cthalacker @ChrisMarlowe @AltitudeTV @CenturyLink @Charter Most of us live in areas where these providers don’t offer service

10.10.2019 17:50:01
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@alwaysbleedred @Spacenerd1776 @ChrisMarlowe @AltitudeTV @CenturyLink @Charter Or the Caste Rock area (Douglas County).

10.10.2019 15:19:03